Bi-Weekly Horoscope Astrology ARIES NEW MOON Forecast March 2014 KG Stiles

By | October 12, 2019

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology.
This is your bi-weekly astrology forecast for March 2014 and includes the Astrology
for the Virgo Full Moon on March 16th and the Aries New Moon on March 30th. This is
a general forecast for the current astrological trends affecting everyone. If you have personal
planets within 1-3º orb of an aspect then you will have a more direct personal experience
of the celestial event. I’m your host metaphysician and intuitive
astrologer KG Stiles. You can get a copy of my new Amazon Kindle
book “2014 Horoscope Predictions (ONLY $2.99), a direct order link appears below. Hope you
love it! Please give a good review if you do.
Currently during the first week of March you are in a significant transition as your personal
and social planets shift into new positions. On March 1st Mars the planet of action, energy
and drive stationed retrograde at 27º Libra. You’ll be reviewing and changing your habitual
habit patterns in relationships over the coming months until July. Your masculine drive for
action can awaken you to a new way of relating with others. Watch my Mars Retrograde 2014 video to find
out what Mars Retrograde in Libra means for you. On March 2nd Saturn the planet that gives
structure to your life and supports your success in life stationed retrograde at 23º Scorpio.
You may feel a sense of relief as no new tasks or issues surface needing to be addressed.
Now you can relax into doing the actual work of implementing plans and making changes in
the area of your life where Saturn is located. Do the work required and by the time Saturn
moves Direct in July you’ll be reaping rewards for all your efforts. On March 5th Venus moves into Aquarius, lightening
your emotions and helping you to feel more objective and detached from the emotional
high drama that’s been so prevalent. On March 6th Jupiter stations direct at 10º
Cancer. Jupiter has expanded your worldview about the area of your life where Cancer is
located. Jupiter’s trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and trine to Saturn in Scorpio is
helping you wade through your emotions and clear out any old beliefs or structures that
do not support your expansion and realization as a spiritual being in human form. The intensity of your emotions subsides with
Jupiter’s station Direct and you feel more calm. Jupiter Direct also frees up the flow
of good fortune in your life. Matters related to self nurturance, home, family and real
estate prosper now. On March 8th we have the First Quarter Moon
at 17º Gemini. It’s International Women’s Day and the celestial vibes are harmonious
and supportive for releasing anything in the way of realizing your plans set in motion
at the Pisces New Moon as the Gemini Moon is trine to Mars in Libra and Mercury in Aquarius. On March 10th Mercury at 23º Aquarius squares
Saturn at 23º Scorpio. You want to break free of an old structure. There could be a
disagreement or breaking of a contract that supports who you are becoming. On March 13th the Sun at 23º Pisces trines
Saturn in Scorpio. Your dreams in the area of your life where the Sun is located are
given support and a viable structure for their realization. At the same time Mercury at 26º Aquarius
is trine to Mars in Libra. You’re supported to take action on your visions and ideas for
their realization. Mercury trine Mars is exact on March 14th. After the initial transition and shift in
energies at the start of March you’re supported in an easy flow to the 26º Virgo Full Moon
on March 16th. Virgo is the original healer and modern astrologers have assigned Chiron
(the wounded healer) as its modern ruler. The Virgo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces
is sextile to Saturn bringing fulfillment and completion. The Pisces Sun is trine to
Saturn. On March 17th Mercury ingresses into Pisces
and your thoughts become more fluid and dreamy for the next few weeks. On March 18th Venus at 11º Aquarius sextiles
Uranus in Aries. Again the celestial forces support the realization and completion highlighted
at the Virgo Full Moon. There can be a sudden unexpected fortunate event. You could meet
someone who you feel a strong attraction to or something could occur to inspire you to
have new visions for higher possibilities in your life. On March 20th the Sun enters the sign of Aries
and crosses the Vernal Equinox when Day and Night are balanced at 9:57am PT. Happy New
Year and welcome to the 2014 Astrological New Year! On March 22nd Mercury at 6º Pisces conjuncts
Neptune. Your thoughts and imagination are united as one. Your ideas are dreamy and focused
on higher ideals. This is a great aspect for meditating and creative writing. It’s perfect
for the dreaming phase of a project though not very practical. Your dreams may be very
active and colorful now. On March 26th Mercury at 11º Pisces trines
Jupiter in Cancer representing expansion of your spiritualized ideas and healing of your
higher mind and heart. Transcendent and healing energies are available to open and heal you. The very next day on March 27th Mercury at
13º Pisces conjuncts Chiron and sextiles Pluto at 13º Capricorn. Again there’s powerful
healing potential available for your mind, emotions and to the established structures
in your life. Healing the subconscious mind and what has been hidden or secret is highlighted. At this time Jupiter is moving to exactly
oppose Pluto one final time in April. Jupiter will expand and expose was had been hidden
beneath the surface, revealing secrets about established systems for healing to occur. The day before the 9º Aries New Moon on March
29th Venus the planet of love at 22º Aquarius trines Mars in Libra and squares Saturn in
Scorpio. This represents an opening to act with love in your relationships and break
through old established structures that have previously blocked you from behaving in balanced
and harmonious ways in your relationships. Then on March 30th we have the 9º Aries New
Moon at 11:45am PT. The Aries new Moon is the first new moon in the astrological New
Year when impulses for fresh starts, growth and change are supported. The Aries New Moon is exactly opposite to
where Mars (the ruler of Aries) stations direct on May 19th. So, what you set as your New
Moon intentions now will have a tremendous boost when Mars stations direct on May 19th. The Aries New Moon is conjunct to Uranus and
square to Jupiter this combination of planetary aspects can produce sudden, seemingly magical
results and opportunities as your visions for yourself expand. It is an explosive unpredictable
energy, so stay grounded and be reflective before taking action. The Aries New Moon is square to Pluto in Capricorn.
Pluto is slowing down to station retrograde April 15th the day of the Libra Total Lunar
Eclipse. Pluto’s slow down indicates a loss of power for the established order or status
quo in your life and in the world’s governing systems and corporate structures. Individual
freedom, fairness and justice are being elevated to a new position of authority for bringing
balance to what has been out of balance. You’ll see clear indications of imminent changes
in your world and the world at large. Well those are your bi-weekly horoscope predictions
for March 2014. It’s a pretty mellow month though certainly eventful. It’s a great month
to make plans and prepare your self for the extraordinary astrological events to occur
in April. My next Bi-weekly Horoscope Predictions will
be for April 2014 with astrology highlights for the 25º Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
on April 15th. Thanks so much for joining me! Until next
time…relax and enjoy your life. I’m your host Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer
KG Stiles

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