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By | August 13, 2019

We have to tap to reveal at the same time. Ok. So, on three, two, one. Go! Twelve hours. Yeah, twelve hours. Ok! Bit, um… Yeah. Bit short. It is a bit short, isn’t it? Right, so using these, it slurps up all your
reactions, yeah? It builds up a complex profile. Mm-hmm. Every crazy thought you’ve ever had, all your
dreams and your weaknesses and- And your mad theories. Yeah, like, everything in your head. Right. Right, so if it’s everything in your head – does it have thoughts? All right, so now you’re gonna say: “What if that’s us and we’re stuck in a simulation?” Well, how would we know? Prior to pairing day, you have been allocated
a short farewell period with an individual of your choosing. A farewell period? Like, I get to say goodbye
to someone? That is correct. Data shows this can help provide psychological
closure. Frank, I choose Frank. Your choice has been registered. Hey. Can I uh… Should I not? I was just gonna ask if I could
buy you a drink. I’m sorry. Oh, God. Yeah. I’m so sorry. Don’t be. You know it’s different in the game. No! You got to get that shit out of your head. It ain’t coming out, man. No! It’s burrowed right in there. No, fuck you! Burrowed right in there, man. I know it, you know it. Hey. It’s buried in there, huh? Maybe we can get rid of it like that! Don’t push me, man! Oh, you a big man? What you gonna do? Don’t push me! What you gonna do?! Captain! I was thinking maybe you could take me alone. As science officer, I need to learn the ropes,
and I could use your close attention. Good. There are thousands of images, this could
take a while. So, your answer is no? I’m afraid so, sir. Yeah, you know it’s really important for people
to feel like they’re in control of their own destiny. And, you know, that means having the confidence
to be who you wanna be. And you danced your little dance! Fuck, Catherine. Who stood, making sure the lights stay on
you? Oh, you can go fuck yourself a thousand fucking
times, Catherine, I fucking hate you! I fucking hate you! Sit down! No! Because I don’t have to listen to you anymore! But you will sit down. No, I won’t. Yes, you will. Ashley Eternal is the most accurate and versatile
holographic performer in history. It’s important that we do this. You’re gonna be fine. You stay away from my daughter. Uh, I don’t know what- Sara. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You stay away. OK, she’s- She is 15, you junkie piece of shit! You want the cops in on this? I didn’t do anything. I will show them what you did. OK, you stay away from her, or I will show
them this! OK? You still got that system? Yes, I have it! So whatever she sees, I see, and I am watching
you! You watched me. No, I honey. Honey You watched me with him. I…no, I didn’t mean to. Give it to me. Give it! I was trying to protect you! I was trying to keep you safe! How do you turn it off? Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you! Honey, I love you- Can everyone be quiet for a moment? Thank you. How’s Pancakes? He’s hilarious. Such a funny cat. Just the best. You’re still at Hoddicker? Mm-hmm! Yeah. It’s going pretty great. Good to hear. So what brings you back here- New job, first day. First day? At Blankman-Harper. Whoa! Top floor! That’s… Well, good luck. I know, right? I don’t know how long there is. And I can’t. I wasn’t prepared for you. For wanting something- I’m gonna say something crazy. Okay. Wanna marry me instead? There is no you. You are an image voiced by a comedian. An alleged comedian, more accurately. If I’m not real, why you talking to him? And
by him I mean me, knobber! From…”The Agency”? Yeah, listen. Waldo may be the perfect political figurehead. Waldo The Bear. The bear, people like. The fact he’s a bear is an assist. An assist? It helps. Right. If you were preaching revolution, well that’d
be something, but you’re not! Because that would require
courage and a mindset. And what have you got? Who are you? What are you for? I’d rather not get myself- Yeah, but I’ll gift it to you. The full twelve, I’ll gift it. Because we’re so out of our minds with desperation,
we don’t know any better. All we know is fake fodder and buying shit. That’s how we speak to each other, how we
express ourselves, is buying shit. Folks with no coverage signed up for free
health care in exchange for consenting to occasional experimental treatments. I worked for the guys up top. What? My accent? I’m not fucking British! Computer says you’re awake. Congratulations. You’re a pioneer. What the fuck did you do? It turns out that it is possible to transfer
a fresh consciousness inside a virtual one. Hello? Hi. I’m Matthew, I’m from Smartelligence. My job is to explain what’s happening to you
as best I can. Oh, my God! Am I dead? No, no. Hey. Better? This is my body. Let’s not get into that again. I’m not a good man. A good man who’s done bad things? You can tell me about it. I’ve done stuff in my life I’m not proud of. I can’t pretend I haven’t. Don’t move. Don’t try to get out. I’ve got the child lock on and they’ve got
real guns out there. We start struggling about, they could hit
either one of us. Was it over some boy or her course or the
state of the world or me? Was it something I did? I want you to listen to me! Just fucking listen
to me. I’m listening. There’s no one else here. Okay, Chris? It’s just it’s you and me. Happy Birthday.

100 thoughts on “Black Mirror Episodes By Horoscopes | Netflix

  1. El Lee Post author

    0:08 virgo
    1:11 scorpio
    2:02 gemini
    2:47 aries
    3:26 capricorn
    4:25 leo
    5:12 pisces
    5:52 sagittarius
    6:36 taurus
    7:14 aquarius
    7:53 libra
    8:41 cancer

  2. love4dolphins Post author

    audibly said "yes bitch" without thinking when I got San Junipero. My favorite episode, I've seen it so many times and I relate with it hardcore.

  3. GingerBrad Post author

    Aries! I get the only episode I can't fuckin stand

  4. Nicholas Benik Post author

    As an Aquarius, I was expecting "Playtest" because of how easily I was able to relate to the main character and his fears but I'll take "Black Museum" too.

  5. Angelica France Post author

    Aww smithereens was one of my faves ♋️

  6. Glenda Johnson Post author

    Why y’all do me & my fellow CAPRICORN like that? I hate that this is true???

  7. blushandcannabis89 Post author


    Oh damn, this is coo—


    Edit: I’m so disappointed lol my sign is an episode I don’t even like ???‍♀️

  8. Yo Heavy Post author

    Okay I’m kind of scared literally white Christmas is my fav and I watched it like a thousand times already

  9. Johnathan Harris Post author

    Oh my god….I am Leo and seriously, I am that kind of type of main character..Jesus, I am amazed

  10. plxnet astro Post author

    I knew I was going to get Nosedive. I spiritually identified as that episode.

  11. Juliana Noelle Jones Post author

    I’m a aries March 28 baby yeah yeah all in your face all in your face take it take it yeah ?

  12. Eliza Camille Post author

    wow… i’m a pisces and san junipero is actually the 1st black mirror episode i’ve seen!

  13. s m r t Post author

    I'm a leo and Nosedive is my least favourite episode…

  14. Alan Barbosa Post author

    NICE! lets see what I would get
    Gets smithereens
    ugh now im really depressed, im a total SHIT apparently

  15. ArianaGrandeVideos Post author

    Aries Ashley O !!!! Yessssss ???????

  16. Patricia Wallace Post author

    damn mine really was the last one >:(

  17. Anneli Sears Post author

    You did Sagittarius mad dirty. You did me mad dirty. Bruh I literally love every single fucking episode except for that one. :/

  18. (´。• ω •。`) Post author

    Of course Gemini gets the best episode hahaha ?

  19. K. C. Post author

    Apparently my three defining traits are loyal stubborn and materialistic

  20. uıʌɐp sɐloɔıu Post author

    Of course Striking Vipers gets chosen for Scorpios ?

  21. Jessica Y. Post author

    Okay damn I'm a scorpio but my favorite episode would be Arkangel

  22. sorry_sundays Post author

    I’m a Capricorn and I actually really liked that episode

  23. isabella try hard Post author

    the ONLY episode i haven’t watched is my star sign… of course

    i’m sagittarius

  24. Em Mc Post author

    Oh my god literally I got the episode I hate the most and I love 99% of the show it’s just this one episode that sucks.

  25. Irene Catarina Post author

    OOOOOO YAS how can they guess my fave ep is white christmas lmao

  26. so fresh Post author

    ok i'm satisfied, black museum is definitly one of my favorite episodes.

  27. cindy chesso Post author

    whattt?? we got Jesse Plemons as the star aries.. i'm not ok with it.

  28. Alexia Ayala Post author

    Omg Pisces are so dramatic (im pisces btw)

  29. Sarah A. Post author

    So I am a Capricorn and my name is Sarah ??‍♀️

  30. Sarah Maine Post author

    they really did cancer dirty by giving us hands down the worst episode of black mirror ever made

  31. regina Post author

    i thought san junipero was going to be the sagittarius one and the we got the worst one ? they did us dirty i hated that episode and i’m a sag

  32. saba marie Post author

    i’m aquarius and my favorite episode is black museum OMGGGG

  33. trustan tristan Post author


  34. Amanda Pans Post author

    My favourite episode is Shut up and dance but I’m pretty glad none of the signs got that lol

  35. Amanda Temporini Post author

    I think hang the DJ would be more Libra. I'm libra btw

  36. Awesome Edits Post author

    Yo wtf im a leo and got my least fav episode but ig i can be surprised this is how ppl think every leo is-_-

  37. gothalicious w cheese Post author

    san junipero SCREAMS libra, and that's that on that

  38. Doyinsola Folayan Post author

    When are we getting new episodes please

  39. kayla koller Post author

    love how they all have 3 good traits and leo just doesn’t

  40. JaedaWaeda Post author

    I’m a Scorpio and that is my favorite black mirror episode I’m DEADDDDD?

  41. Veysel KAPLAN Post author

    I want Fifteen Million Merrits , Nosedive ,White Christmas or White Bear.
    But unfortunately Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.This was completely disappointing.Nothing worse than staying trapped in the worst part.Aries wtf.
    I am very unlucky

  42. Diana Romero Post author

    I'm so Virgo, I loved that episode and love BM ?

  43. TreVon M Post author

    this video WOULD pop into my recommendations on my birthday ?

  44. ALDC Overload Post author

    the only episode i’ve ever watched is the one i am

  45. Lisetta Van Der Poel Post author

    Okay I thought this is just not it. And then Aquarius came and they showed my all time favorite episode… damn as an Aquarius stelium I feel like this is too accurate. Have seen that episodes many times now and always show it to others

  46. Lyric Hudson Post author

    Virgo definitely should have been Entire History of You ?

  47. Ronnie Rivera Post author

    Im a leo and that episode was rather sweet and sad at the same time

  48. Julia Reste Post author

    I havent seen black mirror but this makes me want to watch SO BADLY

  49. Dante S Post author

    Not only an I an Aries, but "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" is my favorite episode.

  50. Dasa Games Brawl Stars Post author

    Season 5 sucked in my opinion And only had 3 episodes

  51. Oderah4life!! !! Post author

    What a coincidence, so I'm a Leo and when I started to watch black mirror was episode nosedive(S3E1) crazy I think this horoscope with show fit well with other zodiac signs

  52. N Post author

    Yay I’m a Virgo and Hang the DJ was my favorite episode ♡

  53. Ralph the bunn Post author

    why is gemini THAT one. It’s my last fav episode?

  54. Mama Moeh Post author

    Can someone recommend a good episode of Black Mirror?

    I have watched these episodes:
    The National Anthem
    Fifteen Million Merits
    The Entire History Of You
    Shut Up And Dance
    White Bear
    Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
    San Junipero
    Hang The Dj
    Striking Vipers

  55. Cami Zhang Post author

    daamn I got my fav one, hang the dj is one of the best

  56. Jen Ye Post author

    Loyal, stubborn, materialistic, put in foodie too and that would sum me up pretty good. Yeah we get 5 Million merit!

  57. snatchadams69 Post author

    Hang the DJ one of my favorite episodes and I'm a ♍

  58. fatima garcia Post author

    Virgo here, I didn't know what I was expecting but it wasn't hang the dj lol kinda ironic since it wasn't a very notable episode for me(i did like it though)

    i should watch it again 🙂

  59. Shreya Sinha Ray Post author

    Um okay White Christmas is my favorite episode but donno how I feel about it being related to Libras lol

  60. lilly - Post author

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (i’m a leo)

  61. SkepticalWitch Post author

    I’m probably the only demisexual or asexual Scorpio out there


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