Cancer October 2019 | Tarot Reading | Are my Wishes Coming True?

By | September 16, 2019

hello dear cancers welcome i’m tarot
moon light and this is your october 2019 tarot reading are my wishes coming true
well let’s see the cards that we have here are three of cups the lovers nine
of swords knight of wands knight of Pentacles page of wands justice four of
wands ten of springs and nine of summers you probably know what the nine summers
is probably because you can read it so that’s why I’m saying wishes well it’s
obviously your wishes are going to be coming true because of the nine of
summer’s and celebration card and with the fear of cups comes time with family
and friends happy moments if you were stressed out in September and you’ve
been waiting on things or you couldn’t decide on things and you’re finally
making that decision and it leads to some kind of celebration and it also
it’s gonna tie you to maybe these two cards but I will get into it later and
so be proud be thankful be grateful that all these wonderful things that you just
decided on is coming to light so celebrate with the family and friends
and those who are closest to you we have the lovers and like I said this reading
is not the cards are not no particular order so there’s the decisions that
needs to be made you have a number of choices if you have two partners or more
well you’re lucky if you have more no I’m just kidding you need to decide on
who you’re gonna want to choose because no love affair is needed this time
because only one partner is important and you have to decide on who that
partner will be and to me like that life love
triangle there’s some kind of try to go there that needs to finally make a
decision on you can’t keep continuing with this kind of behavior because it’s
not gonna help you and the reason why it’s not gonna help you it’s gonna lead
to sleepless nights worries stress all because of that nine of swords and with
the nine of swords it’s all about nightmares anxiety grief depression so
with these decisions and choices that you have you need to decide and it’s not
it’s gonna help you if you don’t he’s just gonna get you more depressed and
and if you can decide you now it’s gonna be much easier in the end and don’t
worry it’s gonna be a good one you’re gonna decide on the right thing and with
the nine of swords as well just be take care of yourself watch your health get
some sleep get regular sleep practice meditation
and just don’t let things bother you you make that quick decision that you need
and just move forward with the night of once there it’s a card about movement
and moving forward and so basically you have probably given an opportunity at
work to relocate or move to another office or maybe to move to another
country city or province or whatever it is you state and so that’s gonna be
another decision that you need to make you can have a number of places where
you can have some different opportunities of where you can really
relocate to so what you gonna need to do is travel and check out the places
because this is a very very very big decision and it’s something that you’ve
always been wanting as to the reason why the wish cart so anything that you’ve
wished for in regards to work is all coming true and be happy and
just just don’t make any fast decisions because this is whatever you commit to
and whatever decision you make that’s gonna be your commitment for the time
being until you need to make another change or something like that but think
long and hard and write the pros and cons down and don’t let things stop you
it’s only you who is the one that can make that decision and with that once
it’s also about moving in with somebody if you’re in a relationship I think
Aries Leo Sagittarius that you might be starting a relationship with also
there’s a Taurus Virgo Capricorn that you may be in a relationship and once
again this is also Aries Leo Sagittarius and like I said there’s a love triangle
going on and I how do I explain it if you’re married it looks like there
possibly may be some kind of divorce and it’s gonna have to cause you to move in
a way so you’re kind of separating you’re relocating to another location
but I’m also finding just how do I explain this
so thanks coming up I just find it like just say it’s your partner they got an
opportunity and then you guys have to move but you don’t like the idea of
moving and but some of you may decide to go with it anyways but are you happy
about it and there might be some kind of a tension there between that because
you’re not ready for it to happen but in the end I do see you moving but
this is if you’re still married and not divorced or getting a divorce but the
other thing what I said was if you if you are in a process of divorce than
you’re moving but to me I still think that you’re not ready to move but you’re
gonna have to move because it’s for your partner it’s something that they need to
do and you have to respect it and you have to support them because it’s very
crucial for them and it’s something that they always want it and just be
supportive in the end you’ll get something back in return that’s the only
thing you can do with the knight of Wands like I said it’s always about
movement things are moving forward you made that decision and now you can move
on to whatever what it is that you decide on and just enjoy right and with
the knight of Wands these people are free-spirited type of people Todd
they’re very creative I think these people that you’re gonna be meeting
they’re in some kind of arts and musicians of some sort they’re good with
their hands I find it but I think musically something with the music
playing guitar singing in the band so they’re moving around a lot and to me
there are free-spirited type of people so they’re not like that type of people
that have a nine-to-five jobs they need to move around so if you can if you’re
comfortable with that and sure yeah your wishes are coming true
you got that partner that you’ve always wanted so but that’s what the night of
ones and those are Aries Leo and Sagittarius the knight of Pentacles is a
different type of energy of people the Taurus virgos capricorns and they’re
very reliable type of people they’re patient they’re hard-working and these
people like to stick to nine-to-five jobs so if you have two people who are
different types of energies in those fields or whatever then you’re gonna
have to decide on who you want and are you gonna be happy with that so you have
to really think long and hard about that before you decide on and like I said
here with justice it’s all about balancing so you have to wait things so
what’s good for me what’s not good for me is it gonna work for me or is it
gonna work not work for me you write the things okay why is this not gonna work
for me and as you balance things out you will be able to decide better and then
you’re gonna decide on who you’re gonna want to choose and guess what like I
said none of summer’ wishes come true dreams are fulfilled and magical time of
your life all you have to do is just believe in it and think deep down in
your heart what is the best thing that it works for you and let life happen
just move forward right you decide once don’t go like with the triangle
thing going back and forth back and forth don’t go for too long once you
decide you decide and commit to the decision that you decided on because you
can’t keep going and changing things around you’re just gonna make it worse
then you have sleepless nights worries depression you just have to be strong
enough to make that decision so these people are like finance type of people
office work nine to five jobs and kind of I would say majority of you this card
will be more capricorns that you’re gonna meet let me know in
the comments if it is a Capricorn that you meet or know of
I just want to tell up and see if I was right about the
caplets this Capricorn keeps popping up in my head with the page of ones here
you’re gonna be hearing some messages and you’re getting anything that you’ve
been hoping for and wanting to hear about it said you know wishes are coming
true so get ready in October positive news positive
messages anything that you’ve been hoping for you’re gonna hear about it
soon a page of ones is also someone who is younger than you and they’re Aries
Leo Sagittarius but they’re very young and naive but they still need to learn
and grow compared to you and it doesn’t make it easier if they’re
not as mature as you are and that’s what’s gonna hold you back so now you
have to decide do I need the mature one the one that’s almost the same age as me
right with the Knights or do I need somebody who’s younger than me but there
is a lot of young people who are more mature and wiser but in this situation
it’s more like you’re much more mature than what they are so a lot of
communication is needed if you are the situation and things are not working out
with your partner talk to them first before you decide on anything any firm
like I said there’s going to be some messages about work you may be moving
offices you may be moving forward in your career and that you’re just waiting
on that opportunity that phone call letter email or maybe with school or
something anything that you’ve been waiting on it’s coming through any kind
of form of electronic or paper so be proud be happy because it’s gonna be
some celebrations for you good news waiting good news wishes are coming
through in a cause for celebration and justice here is like causing
as well it’s also about balancing also there could be some legal notices that
you might need to decide on and think about it’s gonna kind of disrupt disrupt
your mood a little bit you’re gonna be tired you’re gonna be worrying you’re
gonna be it’s not a thing to worry but there’s something with legal that needs
to be done but you need to commit to it so that it could be done quicker and
over with so that you don’t need to worry any more justice is also as
well.when win situation so you’re in it you’re stuck in a situation where am I
going to win nah yeah I probably believe a little win
right but so it’s just like a back and forth back and forth can’t sigh on
things but you will be able to decide on things but make sure if you are on the
love triangle that you don’t lose both of them if it was a fair or some sort
yeah that can come back slapping right at you and or to them so there is
something going on there that’s the love triangle I do not like but your choice
your decision and yeah you decide whether it is you need oh I forgot also
with that night of ones it’s also about deciding to moving in with your partner
so this now that this card down here it’s a more serious committed
relationship when you do move in with your partner so and with the four ones
it’s all about commitment celebrations homecoming family friends celebration
time turkey time so you’re gonna be busy with Thanksgiving
if you have a big family you’re gonna be going moving around a lot and back and
forth and yes you’re gonna be tired but don’t worry just sit back and enjoy it
your wishes are coming true and you want to celebrate with those who you love and
care for and also it could be marriage it could be an engagement it could be
some sort where you can be celebrating with your family and also it’s about
reunions so get ready start losing weight now so
that you’re going to be able to eat all that turkey or pumpkin pie or whatever
it is that you guys eat for Thanksgiving let me know in the comments what do you
do for Thanksgiving alright so when you’re going through all these stresses
and you can’t decide ask for help from others all work and no play being
weighted down by too many responsibilities so like I said make
that decision of what you need to release and so that you don’t need to be
worrying about that anymore and when you do that more it’s much easier for you
and you’re able to think more easier and then you’ll be able to make that
decision the right decision that is needed so and with that Tenace Springs
it’s like so much burdens as well you got too many choices but you have to
choose one so what is it gonna be well you can only do what you can do but
guess what your wishes are coming true so no more rings once again take your
time in making that decision trust in your heart I know I’m telling you your
wishes are coming true but don’t make that decision because that wish may not
come true because you’re you’re choosing that because I’m telling you the wishes
are coming true only you know deep down in your heart and as you weigh things
out then beside the right decision alright my
friends so this is your October 2019 tarot reading and I hope everything goes
well for you let me know in the comments if you have any decisions that you need
to make and you’re stuck on something I’ll be happy to assist you
and yeah and then tell me what do you guys eat for Thanksgiving what do you
guys do for Thanksgiving with my family we just usually go up to our little
cabin and we have our last final family get-together there and then we close
down one for the season so Happy Thanksgiving
and good luck with everything and I’ll be there if you have any kind of
celebration think of me I’ll be praying for you as well and I think I’m gonna
come if you have a party so please do leave me your address and I’ll see you
then I’m just kidding I would love to be at your party because I love parties but
oh ho well how about you just contact me and get to we’ll get to know each other
then and let me know how things are thank you my friends and make sure you
hit like subscribe and share and thank you again remember to live love believe

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