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hey cancer welcome to your August 2019
who’s my future partner reading this is Lauren with the clarity cure welcome
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cancer so we’re gonna jump right in not gonna waste any time here and let’s see
what we have going on for you for the month of August definitely need to do
some soul searching I’ll tell you that much
you know you’re gonna be in your glory here although this could be another
water sign coming into your life three of swords bottom of the deck oh alright
so you know threes are kind of always scary to see especially the three swords
because this is you know feeling hurt this is healing some pain that maybe
needs to be looked at that maybe you’ve been avoiding maybe at one point there
was a third party situation here but threes are all about growth and
expansion so you know feels like for the month of August you’re going to be
healing and getting some communication here you’re moving into kama waters and
there could be some communication to help move the process along what’s under
the 303 of Wands okay so two threes yeah here you go this you know this is a huge
growth opportunity for you cancer no matter how you slice the pie I feel
personally this is about you seeking personal empowerment okay in
other words having to go inside and come to terms with whatever has been
bothering you okay or what might disappoint you during the month of
August so heads up so there is a water sign who is my future partner is the guy
two cups and this is my knight in shining shining armor I feel there’s
going to be an invitation from possibly you know the water Sun coming in an
offer is going to be made to you and I think you’re going to feel like finally
I can move forward I’m moving on from difficulty right because maybe there’s
been pain in the past maybe you’ve been cheated on and now you can focus towards
the future and looking ahead you know the bullet boat is pointed in the right
direction here so sixes are always nice they’re about harmony and balance and
being able to move to peace of mind here okay this is also kind of being in
between so maybe you’ve been in between relationships you know you’ve been hurt
and you haven’t met anybody in a while or you just recently be starting this
new relationship with this person right they’re coming in so you’ve been kind of
in between and now you’re gonna be able to move forward now your first
impression of this person is the nine of swords so you see this person as having
a lot of concern or maybe this person could be a negative Nelly or there’s
some regret and despair or perhaps they’re projecting too far into the
future which creates anxiety here they’re coming and quick you’re gonna
feel like whoa you’ve got two messengers here you’d have the knight of cups in
the knight of Wands and I think it’s kind of cool in the sense that you know
you’re you’re coming together maybe at a time look at
this there they’re like kind of facing the horses yeah they’re facing each
other here you know side by side hmm two offers you’re gonna feel like they came
in like gangbusters and they’re gonna come from like a very romantic place but
there’s something here that maybe this person is just really in their head
maybe they’re they’re really nervous because this is about taking action
maybe they’ve been hesitating taking action to move forward with you but
they’re coming in so give the person a chance here because I feel like they’re
they’re coming from a great place and they’re really sticking their neck out
to get to know you all right and I feel honestly on both of your Maps
maybe there could be pain from the past here like your two ships in the night
coming together and because you’re not even sure what you want you got the
Hermit here you know you have to look inside for your answers here cancer you
know go deep and really be honest with yourself this is you know remember we’re
also in the camp cancer Capricorn nodal access and this is about being really
honest with what you want deep down inside making that internal decision
okay may be taking some time out maybe you’re just going nine miles what nine
hundred miles an hour and you’re not really watching with your cope hey would
you want to be careful you know what coming out of Mercury retrograde but you
know it is a new path being lit for you but it’s your obstacle it’s your
obstacle so because I maybe you don’t quite see it in the month of August
because you’ve been hurt but I think this person you know with the knight of
cups here it’s an honest offer of love does that maybe work for you maybe not
you know but I think it’s it’s worth giving it a shot I mean it’s almost as
if the energy of the commitment mu from this knight of Wands – I mean the
knight of cups – the king of cups like I think once you get your footing here you’re going to be able to establish
your boundaries you’re gonna be able to kind of master your emotions getting
control over them and being able to maybe even create some distance between
the situation so you can get your head together and figure out okay what do I
want what’s really going on here who is this person
there’s lots of communication coming in with this person Aida Wands what kind of
relationship with this bait this is news coming in could be very unexpected as
well okay you may not even expect this you know person to maybe even be all
that interested as well or if they’re just showing that they yeah I want to
get to know you more this is now things moving full steam ahead okay maybe
you’ve been hesitant okay you you put both kind of meet each other but you
know it’s been kind of slow moving or will be let’s just say that for the
month of August so there’s energy and movement moving forward in the
relationship forgiving old mistakes healing old wounds nothing’s gonna hold
you back once you make this internal decision to move forward but you have to
take the time out here so you can now deal with what is going to happen as far
as now being able to move forward with this person it’s almost as if there’s a
decision that might have to come your way as well you’re going to pick
yourself up here if there’s any pain from your past you can definitely
consider this this notion of love and moving past any kind of fear okay having
a sense of faith here as well to take action you have nothing to worry about don’t let any kind of negative thinking
stop you from moving forward with this person others
person like I said could be another water sign they could also be a Virgo
okay this could be alright my hermit is the Virgo card it’s an
earth sign or Pisces cancer or Scorpio person for sure alright let’s let’s do
some quick clarifying for you let’s do that cancer all right and I want to know
what all this hurt is about the three of swords nice offer of love come away but
you know they could just be getting over it could be as simple as you know they
have completions in their life and you see that like they got their own crap
right that’s simple and that they know that
they want to make an offer of love here could be as simple as just going out on
a date I’m not seeing soul mate love here necessarily that’s not to say that
it wouldn’t be good we’d have to do a private reading for that but let’s see
what else I want to see what Oliver hubub is here with the hermit and three
of swords – six of swords nine of swords oh yeah not all is known Leo got that –
when I was clarifying you know um the next full moon in August is the 15th
there’s an Aquarius full moon so something might come to light here by
then definitely dealing with some old wounds may be some fear here as well
six of coins is my generosity car there’s a generosity of spirit this is
things maybe now there’s some kind of crap that’s gonna
be dealt with here in the early of the month and then you’re gonna be able to
turn around the situation kind of turn around and then there’s gonna be
communication I think it’s that simple oh wow look at you twice I love in the
car start repeating that’s amazing so you got the king of cups twice
whatever this is that this other person’s going through there’s going to
be a little bit of a delay of you to kind of maybe being able to get on the
right foot maybe so to speak and then that’s why the eight of Wands here is
what kind of relationship will this be because I think it’s really new there’s
an offer but there’s still some stuff that’s going down and then you’re
finally gonna be able to move forward okay oh my god I love when the cards
start repeating I love it I love it that’s exactly what I was picking up on
oh boy look at that at the bottom text the Hermit this parts really critical
this is really critical with the Hermit twice showing up twice I mean as your
obstacle that’s that’s amazing you have to go with it you’re gonna have to go
within you’re not seeing this new path being lit for you this is seeking
enlightenment without any distractions maybe just going into a contemplative
state and you know using your own wisdom here you see the owl sitting on her
shoulder to really come to terms with what you want with this this offer of
Lovins is this something you really want to move forward with at the end of the
day I think you’re gonna be standing in your power and you’re gonna be able to
heal your heart whatever wounds that are there but I honestly feel with the ADA cups here I threw out an
extra clarifier that you probably want more in your life it’s not to say that
you you’re not gonna take this person up but I think at the end of the day maybe
you even just find out something here there’s information that comes in and I
think you finally decide to walk away I have to be honest with you that you want
more in your life that maybe it’s not a perfect relationship it’s not exactly
what you want and and that’s okay too maybe why you know you’re standing here
by yourself at the end of the day but you’re gonna be sure of your decision
because you’re gonna take that internal journey and you’re gonna you’re gonna
finally just decide and best to know not to string anybody along either it’s not
like I think you would do that anyway so let’s look at love for my coupled
cancers this could also be a new relationship as well a long committed
relationship let’s just see what the Oracle is bringing in for you any
additional information could relate to the first spread but not necessarily
it’s usually two different scenarios usually that’s why I want to do it like
this so we can get a little bit more information and each reading or each
recording I guess I should say all right all right okay love yourself first boy
that’s come up for everybody you know and as you know self-care is kind of in
the you know that mo I would say for the last couple of months I’m quite in love
whoa there’s not enough chemistry to keep this relationship going okay so for
some of you might be in a relationship where you’re not you’re just not in on
the same page here yeah and you know you’re gonna have to
take care of yourself for us and really face the the fact here that the
relationship might be over now’s the time to do it right we will all being
really called to make these tough decisions now especially and with a clip
season if you haven’t made if you haven’t been forced if things haven’t
Eclipse out of your life on their own the stuff that you need to look at
because you you might be resisting change very soon clearly decide what you
want so that it comes to you now there you go
and what else we have oh my god wedding whoa this came up for Leo – really
amazing you will be married you will find the love of your life what’s at the
bottom of the deck stay optimistic about your love life soul mate at the bottom
as well you know I really feel that your soul mate will come in for you I think
for those coupled relationship cancers that are struggling right now maybe you
need to look at your current relationship make that move same same
same here I feel like the cards are kind of crossing over that there’s definitely
some pain and a heartache no matter how you slice the pie for cancer whether
you’re in a committed relationship or there’s somebody new that’s coming in
this is about healing old wounds right being connected to our hearts and if
anybody can do it cancer can right you guys get it that you can dig deep and go
within your waters run deep and you need to kind of take a look at your love life
and what you want in the future as well if you’re single you know like really
kind of hashing out there is love for you and there’s this commitment now yeah
for those of you that are in a committed relationship here it could be over right
and you just have to decide what you want you know you have to take care of
yourself first in order to really be 1,000 percent right in a commitment you
know so this situation involves marriage involves a commitment and for those of
you that make a move to end whatever relationship isn’t working for you then
there is a soulmate there is like somebody coming in as well with without
a doubt there’s there so me and energy for you so sometimes we hang on because
we just hang on because it’s easier but love yourself first be truthful about
how you feel about your current partner I think if you do if you’re in a
marriage very soon if you make that commitment to move on decide what you
need to do that you’re soul mates gonna come in so try to stay optimistic about
your love life as well that’s here too let’s pull you a overall energy card
cancer coming in so you can get an overall message use a wisdom of the
oracle by pet bear and read then I’m gonna pull you angels and saints card as
well see if there’s any messages from your spirits that they’ve been trying to
get through to you to communicate come to the edge yeah there’s this energy
this is energy of making that commitment to make the changes that you want in
your life you know come to the edge and trust in faith that things are gonna
work out for you six seven eight nine is completion
yeah time to make some major changes in your life cancer you know I love it come
to the edge and that’s at the bottom poised you know let’s pull you this angel right here
super messages are coming in come to the edge you could be ending a wedding like
maybe you don’t move forward with your wedding it’s very possible to decide
that this is not the person for you that happens everyday people and their their
relationships and they’re engaged to be married you know it’s definitely not
uncommon don’t compromise whoa st. agnus of Rome okay well there you go
don’t make any sacrifices or compromises speak your truth at the bottom mm-hmm
time to step up to the plate and come to the edge and deal with it I’m just gonna
read that for you real quick come to the edge sometimes it’s kind of nice to read
it right out of the book number 36 oh my goodness where are we 36 34 35 36
courage taking a leap of faith overcoming fear and accepting risk
mm-hmm facing the unknown is the only choice you really have right now if you
want to progress whoa it’s okay to be afraid now is the time to take a risk
that is not calculated to feel the exhilaration as you ready yourself for a
leap of faith spirit is presence so let go of fear you are called to express
your true self listen to your heart and soul not your head come to the edge and
discover that you can fly you must step in
to the unfamiliar so that you may find your miracles oh whoa
amazing let me read you the relationship message part two it’s scary to come to
be truly intimate with someone to allow them or her to allow him or her to see
all of you especially the parts that you’ve hidden and protected mmm now is
the time to take the risk and let yourself be seen truly seen it’s
important that you speak up voice what you need state who you are
say what you hope for this is not the time to play it safe but to take a leap
of faith you will be glad you did if you’re seeing if you’re seeking a
relationship the same applies take one step forward and the gods just take one
step towards the gods and they will deliver what you truly desire beautiful
amazing that’s pretty heavy-duty I love this
without compromise you know come to the edge take that leap of faith okay I
definitely felt like there was definitely some confusion on in both
readings I think it applies to both and this definitely applies to this
committed relationship that you’re in then you need to come to the edge and
face the fact that there’s really nothing there left anymore to the
marriage to the commitment and do what you need to do and very soon it’s gonna
work itself out if you if you trust yourself and if you’re honest with
yourself okay cancer so listen god bless you I’m
gonna leave the reading here for August I’m always available for private
readings if this resonated for you I am running a 50% off my 30-minute reading
for my two-year anniversary on youtube you can get that information here in the
eye in the sky and make sure you join my healing event had over a thousand people
in July and get information about that in the description box below as well god
bless and we’ll talk to you soon take care cancer bye-bye


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    We should take care of our hearts too. Take our heart meds and such.

  2. Marcy L. Post author

    Yes. Cut out toxic fire in past. Lesson learned!!! Transformation…new divine love is coming for me!!❣️


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