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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Capricorn for the week of june 27 2016 lighting up i need it my son won’t go to
sleep i’m trying to do these and he just wants to bother me I the blessings of parent hood. Right
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public so it’s easier for to find me so this week my cappy’s I’m there’s a
t-square in the first ,fourth, seventh and tenth house so at this time just it just means
change but it’s not like a long period of time change it lasts for about like
three months ok so if you meet someone new during this time that relationship is
probably going to last only three months because that person is there for a
purpose to do something in your life for you and then they’re going to leave ok I’m or you’ll stop talking to them
for no reason also whoever needs to leave your life at
this time let them it’s probably not over because the
t-square alright so just think of it that way
just like okay I see you in a minute all right I and also for better or for
worse relationships can change with this energy as well power struggles head-butting with people
at this time people in management mom and dad that can happen so just be aware
of that Mars is semi squaring midheaven in the eleventh and tenth house this is a time for you to avoid with
fighting with others with this energy i would avoid get not being on the
internet like you know throwing your opinion around and stuff like that
because you’re very sensitive at this time and things do make you a little bit
a little bit meaner not that cappies are always mean or whatever but you’re just
a bit more sensitive or you take things way too personally with this energy so
it’s best to stay off the comment bar because if you’re trying to align
yourself because we still have that beautiful Jupiter conjunct with the North node for
a little bit because now the north node and Jupiter are starting to move part
ways so for a little bit of period of time
like probably i give it about a week and a half if not two weeks being kind ok I we have this energy and then it’s
going to stop okay so it’s not going to be so strong
so right now is it has at its strongest ok and then as the North node leaves
Jupiter and i think it’s going to be the North node trining on Pluto still a
strong energy but not as potent ok so that’s why it’s so important to just
align your thoughts with more piece surround yourself with less conflict you
know by picking and choosing your battles is going to make me obsessive
about the thought and i’m going to hold it in all day or am I going to be able to let go of it
so just be cognizant of that be aware of what it is that you really want because
sometimes when we want something we have to change our emotional self in order to
get what we want so this is something to think about this
week so just be careful of that Saturn a sextiling midheaven in the 12 and 10
th house with this energy you have the energy to tap into your will our or try to tap into your patients
also with this energy you want to work by yourself or you’re at your happiest
when you get to work with others but you’re getting along and they’re
listening to you ok also job opportunities are available
great time for negotiations also great energy to ask for what you want because
you may get it or ask for help and you’ll get it Neptune is inconjunction midheaven
and a third and tenth house the news you here at work or with those in
authority you may not take it so well at this time
it’s and it could be in regards to growth getting a raise an account that
you want you know you’re not going to like the news that you’re going to get it’s going to upset you and the thing is
is that they’re not saying like that say you’re not getting it . you know it
they’re going to give you a pep talk but at this time you’re so much in your
emotional self about the news that you’re not going to want to hear hear
anything ok so just be aware of that during that
time be aware of your conscious house kind of prepare for it because again you
know put when Pluto goes retrograde when Pluto goes direct in September things
change the situation changed the game changes okay people get fired you know you know the situation you can
you are Pluto retrograde in the first house right now so you know ok so just be aware of that
keep that in mind when you’re receiving the news nothing is ever set in stone all right and that’s the truth nothing
is ever set in stone all right the king of swords you’re very
authoritative at this time already and you’re very much wanting to be in
control of your situations or in control at work very powerful energies around
you feel okay you want to be in a place of authority so you’re a bit more of a leader than a
follower which might be a problem at work try to drop ego and be more of a
follower this week try to break that ego cycle the three of wands at this time I’m you
may be thinking about the past this week and seeing where you coming along and
your journey that you have gone through ok there’s a time for reflection with
this energy and just kind of having a moment and just kind of soaking up
everything that has gone on over the past few years or even weeks the six of cups thoughts of the past are
coming back are coming up with this energy again excess can come back during this time
also with this energy thoughts of children your children or children that
you take care of our coming up and you’re thinking about that or they can
be the emphasis this week as well the page of wands again emphasis on
children this week also optimistic energy with this energy with the page of
wands in the king of wands I mean king of swords I feel like there
is definitely some kind of gap going on with this energy I feel like there is
either are some eat is that your way of thinking and another person’s way of
thinking is like on two different levels ok and it could be an age thing or it
could be just an maturity thing ok the page of cups is dealing
definitely page up six cups x is coming back into the ex is coming up at this
time or an older child is coming into focus during this time and I feel like
it’s it looks like it’s more playful than anything also with this energy talks of love
relationship talks about this person having one foot in the door and having
on one foot out the door ok and that they may just want to date
and not take this relationship so seriously the knight of cups but that’s okay
because I see – I see that this week could be a very busy week for you with
dating or in regards to talk to talking with someone else because I see two
suitors at this time I see two potential dates
at this time happening one has one foot out the door ok and the and I feel like I feel like
there’s an age difference ok with you in this person as well or if
it’s not an age difference this person may be a bit more fun or not take things
so seriously like you do the three of swords again the second
person could be an ex with this energy as well so just be aware of that i’m also thoughts of the past is coming
up with this energy and reminiscing about the past and thinking about your
your family and where you came from and how you were raised the Emperor card there’s definitely
there’s definitely age difference is going on the Emperor card tells me that
there’s an age difference with I’m for some of you with love relationship ok there is an age relationship there
there’s H differences going on all right and then for some of you i
feel like this is going to be an energy here we’re all so people could be
chasing you at this time you know even though you may not be interested but the
energy is definitely there for love very flirty energy if you’re not poking your
head up and looking up you’re missing out because there could
be people crushing on you at this time and people chasing you so this is a very
nice time for love go cappy’s damn cancers would be crying right now they knew mhm I feel also with this
energy I feel that with the three blondes in the Emperor card it tells me that the guy or girl that
you are seeing that you’re thinking about breaking up with because you too are like like butting heads and stuff
like that or it’s just like a power struggle with You two is actually the
cards are saying that person is actually really good for you it needs to be in your life because they
help stabilize here ok I know alrighty this during card the three of swords and the strength car
shows me that this is going to be a recovery period this week for you for
whatever thing that you been through in the past or the past few weeks this is a time for recovery so things
the energy is going to start getting a lot better this week the eight of coins
creating your own reality also job opportunities are coming up for you this
week with this energy as well the fool card brings about new beginnings for you very nice energy with this with this
week the five of swords let me see I feel that for some of you you know
with all this love stuff going on you may be too busy with with that and
focusing more on your career focusing more on your business then with
love so you ain’t noticing it but it’s there if you just open your eyes and
look up you’ll see a lot of people looking at you like why are you looking
at me alright so just be aware of that if
you’re looking for love you got open guys look up smile ok let me know you’re interested but I
do see that for some of you may be more focused on your career in business
during this time ok on the five of coins that show that you
are a victim of circumstances with this energy already but that’s ok but it’s
just acknowledging its just acknowledging that for you i feel also
with this energy i feel that this is going to be I taught this is going to be a good time
for business and career looking at some of these cards anybody else know i love you my copies
please await the king of coin to kick the Emperor card with the king of swords I feel like with this energy here that
this is a great time for job interviews negotiations with this energy and I feel
that you’re very convincing at this time and you can’t talk your way into and out
of anything okay i love you my copies please make
sure to like subscribe and share kisses


  1. Anne McDonald Post author

    Thank you, Marie! It sounds like it could be a mixed bag this week….we shall see =) The retrograde combined with change is a challenge. I'm hoping for better energy in July. Best wishes and blessings to you!

  2. Aldina Carvalho Post author

    Thank you, Marie! I am interested in someone younger than me and I am job hunting. You are awesome! Love you too! 💖

  3. Sweetie S Post author

    goooood readingggg sweeeeetie love u too hugs and kisses ♡

  4. Elizabeth Jordan Post author

    I love ur personality. it's so cute & bubbly. 🙂


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