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Pronounce English words correctly | Word Stress | Syllables | Pronunciation

Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and in this lesson we’re focusing on your pronunciation, specifically syllable stress, which is very important. It’s the difference between the noun, present and the verb, present. Hear the difference? These two words look exactly the same but they’re pronounced differently. And that’s all because of syllable stress. First thing!… Read More »

Aries ♈️ horóscopo semanal 18 al 24 de marzo de 2019 💜 LLEGA EL AMOR

dear friends of the sign of aries we are going to do this reading on the 18th of March to March 24th and this 2019 we are going to realize several areas we are going to try now to do it weekly because how people are changing so fast the things as they go is… Read More »

‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Talks Billy’s “Emotional” Journey in Season 3 | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Dacre Montgomery, and you’re watching In Studio with The Hollywood Reporter. – We were talking a little, a few minutes ago about you being a fan of the show, of season one, and then you got cast for season two as Billy. You sent in an audition tape. Can you sort of… Read More »

Debate Date | Episode 2: Are Horoscopes Real Or Fake? | Freeform

Hello. How’s it going? Great. Did you read your horoscope this morning? No. What sign are you? I’m a Leo. Ooh! [Nabeel] See? I hate that. [Natasha] Temper. I actually was going to come in here and say, horoscopes are real because [Kirbie] why do Geminis act like that? [Jessica] Yes. Yes. Gemini, yeah! As… Read More »