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117 Days Calendar (English Subtitles) CC

We will demonstrate how to make a 117-day calendar, with 13 weeks of nine days (Novenas) and 9 months of 13 days (Trecenas). First we make a table with 13 rows and 9 columns. We number it 1 to 13 until complete this table. Then separate the first column and transfer to a circle divided… Read More »

Ask Kevin: House Cusps at Critical Degrees

Justin, thank you for your question. “Critical degrees” is a term that shows up quite a lot in older astrology books. It may refer to the last few degrees of a sign, or only to the 29th degree of a sign. But at least in natal astrology, the idea of a “critical degree” has almost… Read More »

What is Python and Why You Must Learn It in [2019]

In this video, I’m going to answer the top 3 questions my students ask me about Python. What is Python? What can you do with it? And why is it so popular? In other words, what does it do that other programming languages don’t? Python is the world’s fastest growing and most popular programming language,… Read More »

Numerologist Free Personalized Life Reading 2020 – 2020 – numerology meaning 101 – new

if you’re contemplating picking up a numerology report that means you believe in it to some extent people who are cynical about life usually do not turn to numerology or astrology however even for those who believe it’s important to pick the correct numerology site to get reports from the internet is littered with scammy… Read More »

మనం ఏ పని చేసిన కలసి రావాలంటే | Numerology Telugu | Numerology | Numerology 2017 | Success Mantra |


ఇంట్లో చెప్పులువేసుకొని తిరగవచ్చా| Numerology Telugu | Numerology | Numerology 2017 | Success Mantra


Honest Trailers – Harry Potter

VOICE Okay already! VOICE From J.K. Rowling, the author of the book series that kept Borders open for another few years. VOICE (CONT’D) Comes the movie adaptation for people too lazy to read. VOICE (CONT’D) Harry Potter. VOICE (CONT’D) When an evil noseless freak threatens to take over the world – it’s up to this… Read More »

One Day Of Love. Kim Tae Do & Lee Sun. Feniks_Zadira

Even if the sad fate’s shadow covers me I can’t get rid of myself who loved you The person whom I feel like I can catch if I close both of my eyes The person whom I can feel even if I can’t see The relationship that we established while alive Can I have it… Read More »