Child sexual exploitation – a victim’s story

By | October 18, 2019

I met a guy who manipulated me into
thinking that I was somebody special. He gave me a safe place to stay
when I couldn’t stay at home or I couldn’t stay in care. And he wanted to treat me
like a little princess. Eventually,
he wanted to take me to parties and show me off to his friends. And that did happen. One of the first times
I went to a party, it was full of other men
and older women and young girls just like me. And that’s when
the exploitation first started. I was taken around the country,
taken to hotels. The thing is,
people are looking for children. The exploitation is out there
and there is a market for it. And this needs to stop. When I go to the schools
or I’m taking my daughter around, I see these guys
looking for the girls. One of the guys tried to get
my daughter, along with her friends. I saved my daughter. Unfortunately,
I couldn’t save her friends. This is ten years on, over a decade,
and things still haven’t changed. These guys are still recognising
the vulnerable girls out there. Things really need to change. Our local authority
needs to take action now. There can’t be any ignorance no more. It’s got to be spoken about.
There’s no more taboo. This is happening
and it needs dealing with.

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