Chinese Horoscope | September 2015 | Your free monthly forecast

By | October 9, 2019

The Rooster takes over from the Monkey as the ruler of the solar month on September 8th. The Rooster brings predominantly metal energy throughout the month. Let’s find out whether the sharpness of the metal can help you get some focus, and bring some order and organisation into what you are doing. RATS: When it comes to convincing others about
your good ideas, you might begin by wheeling out all the facts in a logical order. Your
Rat personality is capable of being highly persuasive, yet that might still not be enough.
Hold back from sharing all the intricacies. If you can find a way of deftly planting an
idea in somebody’s mind you have found a winning strategy. OXEN: If you feel surprised by sudden changes
in others, ask yourself if there were clues that you might have missed. Maybe you had
a fairly fixed view about a situation and the people involved, and you did not pay attention
to the signals. When you become aware of how changes instigated by others will affect you,
it opens up new possibilities for how you can do things together. Be ready to talk about
new plans. TIGERS: It is not unusual for your Tiger personality
to attempt what most people would consider to be too much. While you are keen to make
a difference, it might not be such a good idea to try to do so much that you end up
putting yourself under pressure. It’s only when you stop that you feel that you are about
to fall over. Before you reach that point consider what would be truly worth pursuing
this month. RABBITS: Most people want to win when they
argue with others. What you need to bear in mind during this Rooster month is that your
strong desire to win could lead you to losing the quarrel. Attempting to push through your
line of reasoning, as fast as you can, is going to meet with resistance. By letting
someone else have the last word you can choose to focus on what really matters. Allow time
to reveal who was right. DRAGONS: You like to figure things out on
your own as much as possible, but you still need to ask some questions and find some answers
this month. Figuring out who is likely to know something relevant is one thing. Identifying
who has power and influence to make something happen is another matter. While you need to
work out some strategy and tactics, you also need to start the ball rolling as soon as
you can. SNAKES: It can be tricky to find the right
moment to hold a conversation on a delicate topic. Since you know you need to talk, you
might as well start the dialogue. If you invite them to talk first, and listen carefully,
you might find you can direct the dialogue to flow towards the messages you want to deliver.
It might seem counter-intuitive, yet, using your ears more than your mouth is the best
way to be heard this month. HORSES: If your heart is pulling you towards
doing something, you can add whatever justification you wish. If your heart is not in it, you
can always find reasons why not. If you are feeling reticent about doing something, do
you need to find a reason? It might be wise and truthful to simply say that is not what
you want to do. GOATS: The events so far in this Goat year
have left you wondering at times if you are doing the right things. If you re-evaluate
more recent events you might spot the point and purpose of some of your experiences. In
any case, you do not want to spend too long looking back because that is not the direction
you are heading in. Focus your thoughts on how you can get one step closer to fulfilling
a dream. MONKEYS: If you feel there is a strong level
of competition this month it is important to remain confident in your own abilities.
Be mindful that you need not be overly defensive. Avoiding disproportionate displays of your
power for pointless matters means you have more energy to devote to those things that
truly matter. If others do not notice what you are busy with then it is all the better
for you. ROOSTERS: Life might be a little too predictable,
and not that exciting, if you could call all the shots all the time. Stretching yourself
mentally or physically is good for your soul. There could be a number of different routes
to reach your destination. What matters most is not which way you are going; it is that
you find meaning in every step of the way. DOGS: Some people draw a sense of identity
from what they do, what they have done, or what they want to do. There is no denying
that there is a sense of satisfaction to be found from feeling successful. However, you
can have your outer world in order and still not feel at peace on the inside. Spend some
time dwelling in your inner world this month, and get to know yourself on a deeper level. PIGS: With your generous nature you rarely
hesitate to help others, even if you know that they cannot help you back. If you think
of your acts of kindness as random this month, you can happily help those who request assistance.
Let go of keeping score for anyone who might be able to help you back. Approach life with
a sense of trust in the universe and the help you need will be there when you need it the

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