Daily Horoscope: May 4th to May 5th

By | September 12, 2019

Saturday and Sunday May 4th and 5th Maya
de Cinco Happy Birthday to all those friends I have so many friends born May
4th the Sun is in Taurus these are the people in the world who are very
cautious they’re very kind they get a little nervous when things don’t go
their way Tauruses have a control thing they like
to have things their own comfort level so if you bring in people they don’t
know or you bring food over they haven’t eaten or you try to take them to a movie
they know they don’t like that act they’re just not doing it so it’s a
stubborn part in all of us now not only is the Sun in Taurus but the moons in
Taurus we call this a new moon why because the Sun and the moon are hanging
together and they’re darkening the reflection there is no reflection you
can’t see the moon it’s a dark sky so this is a great romantic oh my god
double Taurus weekend where it’s about delicious it’s about really being in the
body so slow kisses and yummy wine and slowly eating chocolate and smelling the
fresh air and letting flowers be in your house and burning incense all the
delectable sensual pleasures that we forget the softness of the sheets in the
heat of the hot water put your attention on the elemental deliciousness of this
life these couple of days during this moon new moon and you’ll remember like
all tourists need to remember they love being in a body it’s like the most
delicious exercise to be a human that has this incredible vehicle with a heart
that beats and organs and blood and all the things our bodies can do from
pleasure to pay whoa that’s sublet ours they’re so grateful for the simplest of
things I challenge you said astrology answers I challenge you to take this new
moon and do a prayer let me remember to appreciate being in a body and even if
it hurts or I don’t like it help me to be grateful that’s a good one
I know it’s Cinco de Mayo I was just being a Taurus and getting things
confused and seeing if you were gonna write a little note make me feel
self-conscious I just wanted to see if you were awake
one more PS that’s what Taurus is like they take a little longer everything in
life should be indulged upon we should never cut ourselves short I want to
remind you guys if you didn’t know that I will be in Zurich I may
17th to 19th and if you want to understand more information about the
class the simple version is to write to silver men’s support at gmail and ask
and we’ll send you information but if you want to go directly to the website
if you’re in Europe it’s a class about the mystery of the elements you go to s
ta MPA dot yoga calm ww just letting you know because I love all of you watching
and I’d love for you in Europe if you came to see me

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