Daily Horoscope: September 17th – September 19th

By | September 22, 2019

September 17th 18th and 19th Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday so we got Earth baby the Suns in Virgo the moon is in
Taurus look there 120 degrees apart they’re both in earth signs and they
that’s so funny to say this so the moon is in Taurus with Uranus right next to
it so that creates a very Irenaeus is the planet a radical change like nothing
is normal around Uranus when it travels with the moon which happens once every
month you can feel an erratic energy but it’s because it’s an earth Taurus and
Sun in Virgo it creates a little more stability it’s actually a designer Virgo
Taurus makes up new ideas gets practical and then really wants to give it the
best they have now whose birthday is it Lance Armstrong’s birthday September
18th and what is he known for well what an athlete Sun in Virgo he gave it his
best however he got caught cheating which is not a normal Virgo thing but
the fighting about virgos is they are the health food crazy people who don’t
want to eat anything that’s not vegan Earth’s that got some kind of artificial
or it’s not been raised healthy but then when no one’s looking they sneak in the
back room when they eat it virgos have a funny tendency they know
what they should do and then they can’t always control themselves so while the
moons and tourists conjunct Uranus it’s gonna give a little bit of an erratic
energy so during Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I want you to pay attention one
as you’re grounded because that combination of Virgo and Taurus is so
practical but that your reigning energy could make especially if you’re a Taurus
a Scorpio a Leo or an Aquarian you could feel a little erratic with the moon and
Taurus with Uranus they’re kind of giving you a little punch
so astrology answers wanted me to tell you ground yourself during these few
days Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday but pay attention is there anywhere in your
life where you cheat just a little and you don’t tell the truth about there’s
nothing wrong with cheating everyone lies a little bit everybody cheats a
little bit but you have to disclose if you tell someone out loud you know what
I did it dispels that whole grip that the internal dialog of Virgo has and
Taurus those two can feel very insecure but as soon as you just spell it by
saying it out loud and that’s really the chart because again there’s this
t-square that continues the Virgo opposite Pisces with the sedge it all
releases in Gemini and so the best thing you can do is talk
I’m a Gemini telling you if there’s secrets or you know you’ve cheated just
tell one person that you know you can trust because once you dispel the
contained energy that’s toxic it’s kind of like letting go of a pressure cooker
and suddenly you feel like I so glad I told you that because they’ll forgive
you if you can’t forgive you find a friend who can astrology answers want me
to tell you September 17th 18th and 19th is a time
for practical grounded

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