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By | September 22, 2019

hello everyone and welcome this is
Reverend Renee and i am going to do an oracle reading for you so please
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signs there is no time or distance in spirit when you watch it it’s because
you need to watch it okay alright so we’re gonna do a three card spread with
our oracle cards to see what is happening now how are you guys holding
up under the Jupiter retrograde I got a call this morning and they were like oh
my god I do not know what to do everybody around me is dealing with
stuff and I know that it seems like it’s a little bit of an issue but we’re gonna
be okay guys we’re gonna be okay we do have to tap into our happy places I can
tell you that we’re gonna tap into our happy places alright so this is
interesting well this is an interesting reading so the energy for you who are
listening to this reading is that there is not how do I say this it may not be a
good idea to reunite with the person that you are thinking about or asking
about as you are watching this video and the reason being is that there seems to
be a lack of connection between the two of you guys as far as being I guess what
we call equally yoked and it’s not from a spiritual standpoint it just seems
like when this card comes up sometimes it just means that this person is not
telling you everything or they not may not be ready to really open up so that
doesn’t mean that you will never have a relationship with them it just means
that the timing is not right right now sometimes
this comes up when you may be in a different financial bracket from them
and they don’t feel like they can compete or they may feel like they have
to assert power over you in a different way that’s not so positive and if a
person doesn’t feel good about themselves how can they feel good about
anybody else therefore it says to detach from the situation now again these cars
do not mean permanently so to speak but they do mean detached from the situation
right now because you don’t want you always want to guard your heart you
never want to put yourself in a position where you are hurting yourself or
causing mental harm to yourself you want to stay free and clear and open and so
if you’re listening to this that means it’s time to let go of the situation all
right all right sometimes you just have to say it like it is
take care of bye-bye

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