Daily Tarot November 4, 2019 ~ The Long Awaited Breakthrough!

By | November 8, 2019

hey guys welcome back to Deku Tarot into
your daily tarot reading for the fifth of November 2019 remember remember the
fifth of November I’m sure most of you guys know what I’m talking about and if
you don’t do go look up the history of Guy Fawkes
and the fifth of November I’m just fa w Kay yes yes that’s how you spell his
last name so let’s talk about what’s coming in today we’re gonna be using the
or needs the Gustav Klimt I almost called the morgen Greer Terra but we are
gonna be using that as well we’re using the Gustav Klimt for your main spread
here and we’re gonna see what today is bringing up and how it will play out for
you guys okay so the moon is in or actually the moon will be void because
it’s moving from Aquarius and into Pisces today so let’s see what comes up
for the energy today how it will play out Mercury retrograde is in full swing
I don’t know if you saw the daily for this past weekend but they’re having
some really annoying I’m sorry actually think it was just for Monday but um I’ve
been having a lot of really annoying mercury retrograde things happen to me
oh my Apple pen nib went missing as soon as I needed it and then I couldn’t find
it and we had so much trouble getting one and my partner finally got me one I
went to go sit in the car that evening and there it was on the seat so that’s
what’s been happening for me and that’s what always happens for me during
Mercury retrograde I lose things and then I find them just after I already
replaced it so it’s been already annoying let me know what happens for
you guys in the comments below I know a guy put something yesterday and I
thought that was pretty funny so thanks for sharing your stories about Mercury
retrograde okay cards are shuffling very awkwardly
today they’re feeling it too they’re feeling the retrograde themselves bye
guys let’s see because usually I don’t have
trouble shuffling them but they’re being very awkward interesting first you cards
out the magician and the Emperor ooh all right we will take this I am liking this
guys I am really liking that look of today Wow okay we have a lot of Major
Arcana three so no four so far four to five cards our Major Arcana and the
other card right in the center of it is the ace of Pentacles so for those of you
who have been trying to manifest work create more in terms of work create more
abundance in your life have more stability I do want to say it feels like something’s happening there today
something where we felt extremely blocked and that it’s been extremely
unfair I don’t worry I’ll hold up the cards in
a second but I want to pull one more here oh I really like this guys I really
like this for you today yay let’s can we get an amen because we finally have a
reed that isn’t a weird Scorpio neck deep dive into our subconscious
netherworld can you believe I just got through that scent it’s in retrograde
let’s see here we get the magician reversed right next to the Emperor I
almost called on the Empress I don’t know why the Emperor upright and this is
such a powerful push to kind of get control in something where again we felt
block we felt that something has been unfair who’s the magician here and I
kind of want to pull Morgan grier on that one because I think some of you
have felt very very blocked we haven’t really seen
the abundance of money here flowing in and look at how abundant and relaxing
and rejuvenating both of these cards are she’s got the money she’s looking very
powerful here she is stable she is a goddess I don’t know if she’s supposed
to be Isis correct me if I’m wrong I’m not always right about these things that
you guys are a smart bunch so let me know if that’s Isis if you guys know
that but look at how relaxed and peaceful and almost like in the process
of healing and connecting with the divine that the stars bring in here it’s
like this is you are divinely meant to have this happen around now whatever
you’ve been trying to manifest and it feels like for some of you you could
have been trying to manifest this for a year it might have felt extremely far
off as the stars sometimes do we’ve held hope but the hope seems to be coming
into reality here after that we get the death card do you see this we have one
two three four five we have five major arcanas because then we got the death
card and a mover verse what a major day this is the major breakthrough I really
feel it guys I think that today is the day where we turn our anxieties our fear
whatever has been dragging us down here and it feels like again like we’ve been
it up against something where we don’t even know the face of it let me pull
that clarify on that before we continue because wow this is a really it’s a good
one I really like this I can’t find the exact word that I want to back in to sum
this all up with but I like it a magician reversed this time changed eyes
we went an hour back but for me that just makes me wake up earlier and feel
more confused it really messes with my sleep schedule but let’s see what we get
here the magician reversed the lettuce fell yeah very far off and very at a
distance from us we felt extremely separated from whatever this is and it’s
closing out this whole not-knowing thing this whole not having the control we’re
tired of it really really tired of it probably a
little crazy right now I got caught in the rain just before this I probably
should have mentioned that right off the bed guys my bride is she looks so weird
but um I caught in quite the rainstorm right before this I look a lot drier
than I did about five minutes ago so my makeup my hair
barely survived this so let’s see and maybe that’s what this feels like you’re
coming out of a great storm and you’re coming back into balance you’re
receiving the things that you’ve been asking for having money come back and
having the opportunities that you felt you have been missing having really an
equal balance of what you’re putting in and what you’re getting back from it and
you have not been feeling like that you’ve not been feeling obviously that
what you have put in has been in it equal to what you’ve gotten out of it
especially if it’s work or a relationship something changes today a
king of swords to me feels like the right person in charge seeing your stuff
at the right time and being very impressed especially with the emperor
that’s a very powerful powerful energy it’s interesting and I want to see we
get here it’s the Pentacles the stars the death
card what is this all yeah there it is the ace of swords to have swords
reversed in the page of cups this is there’s a lot of cards out here but
there’s a lot of major energies that need to be defined a little bit but yeah
I do feel that some of you might be having it just really feels like some of
you might be getting job opportunities today that we have really really needed
really wanted for some of you it could take you across the world when you get
the world card but regardless of that it opens a new chapter for you that’s a lot
more abundant a lot more stable and offers you exactly what you put in
you’re receiving and equal dividends for the energy the efforts the time
everything else the blood sweat and tears that you put into this and look at
how amazing this feels I mean the moon reversed in this deck
I only know this because this is like my oldest deck I know that in this deck is
it specifically means overcoming difficult times of anxiety fears loss
and getting on the other side of it getting on the up-and-up and I have to
say kind of feels like a new moon in Scorpio right here a little bit what did
you try to manifest them what did we try to you know bring in it feels like by
the time we hit this Taurus full moon we’re going to see ourselves having
manifested exactly whatever it is that we were putting our energy our efforts
our intentions into around then what did you want to begin what were you focused
on something is happening there and it is changing because the 10 of Wands is
reversed you get to drop that horrible oppressive load that you have felt for
probably a very long time energy work things that you have been doing that you
probably have been doing too much of and not receiving again the amount of pay
rest and everything else that you need to be doing as much work and you know
putting all this stress energy effort into this so it just feels like you’re
able to finally release the song of this oppressive energy of all these
responsibilities and I mean look at this a decision is made when I see the two of
swords reversed in this you know the blind Bowl comes off we’re making a
decision and I think it has a lot to do with whatever the page of cups is coming
in here with an offer something that is very clear something that really feels
like triumph overcoming getting where we’ve been trying to get to the ace of
swords is we have two aces here ace of Pentacles ace of swords it’s very
clearly about stability and it’s very clearly giving you a triumphant moment
here a new chapter where you can feel again a lot more stable a lot more
secure and all those insecurities fears everything else it seems to be going out
the window with whatever is coming in today so keep your you know to check
your inbox check your phone it feels like it’s communication it feels like an
offer and again this is such I mean we have so many major arcanas it could be
any time this week don’t expect it if it doesn’t happen today but
you feel this energy for you you know take it for another day this week and
let me know how it goes because we have five major arcanas here to aces no sorry
six major arcanas how could I forget the world
alright let’s get a couple Oracle’s here what a sense of overcoming if this is a
relationship I mean this is like you get your decision somebody tells you exactly
how they feel and exactly what they’re looking for and there’s no more stress
and anxiety over what was going on there what was that person about very soon
clearly decide what she wants that it comes to you now you got to decide what
you want if this is a love situation and magician has been reversed you know you
have to command you know what you need out of this you have to decide what you
want and I think a lot of you guys are like you’re making that decision you’ve
realized that you want quality that you want clarity that you want things to be
that you need things to be a certain way and that’s okay stay optimistic about
your love life positive thinking and what is this and faith will bring you
romance sorry it’s super bright because again
but my time is all messed up so I went to the store very early at like 8:30
this morning got caught in a rainstorm hey Mack and it’s like 9 a.m. and I’m
like alright time to do the reading it’s so usually I’m doing this at much at a
much later time so we’ll see Stacy DeMarco woo oh my god I love it you guys
get to ghost and joy all right let’s look at ghosts first we can ever find it
in this little book I just love her description so that’s why I always read
them my own little things for it that I do in personal readings but I always
like to read this for you guys so let’s see
should the ghost come gliding into your reading during divination it may
indicate that you have some regrets let go of holding grudges is for holding
grudges or in regret is burdensome where and it weighs us down eventually by
taking actions to free ourselves of these old burdens we clear the way for
more rightful and wise action for the future we can begin to live again fully
if we let go of what was and step into new possibilities and let me get joy rejoicing in the present so actively
seek sorry it is time to find the joy in this moment I’m sorry mercury retrograde
fit me it gets me all messed up as you guys know with speaking it is time to
find the joy in this moment and to find that joy more often so this car to come
up in your divination it heralds the arrival of more happiness and profound
joy into your life it is a good omen actively seek pleasure and build more of
the things that give you personal joy and laughter in your life after all we
build in appointments for the dentist why not for our own pleasure so big
messages today obviously what a crazy day do you check out my sister’s on new
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so thank you guys so much have a great day

4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot November 4, 2019 ~ The Long Awaited Breakthrough!

  1. Tanja Clayton Post author

    Thank You Helen!!! I claim this reading … yearned for it and earned it for sure 🧚‍♂️

  2. Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ Post author

    ☼ 1:50 Yay, i got a mention! i knew i was real. =p! imagine if i never clicked this vid? 4:34 I actually dont read the Klimpt, but do read some Egyptian: let's see, no duel serpents, no head-dress, no animal face, no cows, no pots, no feather – still it is hard to say if that is Hathor using the coin as a mirror or just a coin. The ankh is used fairly liberally, as is the winged disk. Oh it is a bird! One i dont recognize. If there is an answer, it is likely there. It is not Bast. One of the Egyptian queens is possible, Nephratete .

    It could be Maut-Luxor actually! another fertility queen goddess of judgement from creation. She has a bird on her head, vulture (which that bird could be) & the ace is a creation energy. Which is all to say yeah idk lol. A lot of typing to say that tho. Fairly typical of me. >>. They all blend by region anyway, like dianna-artimes-hecete-hera-aphrodite. Thats true w/every system of gods.

    Isis will often have a throne glyph somewhere (the name is derived from throne). But i have so many symbols in my head at this point, I spend most of my time trying to scale back to a more minimalist position. i trust your instincts ^^! Isis is as likely as any, and in any event i am a big believer in reading what you see.

    If Isis came to mind first, today she is! It is more important not to block the flow. The card itself almost doesnt matter, ultimately. Theyre just a base to begin to reflect from, intuitively react to.

    Still, would have been WAY better if i just knew tho. That was fun anyway ^^ <3. & im sure I'll get the next one, no question. ^^ Gr8 reading as always.


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