Dark Matter – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy (8/14)

By | December 7, 2019

60-Second Adventures in Astronomy. Number
8: Dark Matter. What’s the matter with dark matter? Fritz Zwicky was a Swiss
astronomer who could probably get you 81 points on a triple word score in
Scrabble. In the 1930s he noticed that galaxies within clusters were zooming
around far quicker than their mass would logically dictate, so he figured that
there must be some extra mass in there, some sort of dark invisible matter
slurping around the universe. He imaginatively called this dark matter
‘dark matter’. But the problem is trying to prove it, because unlike other dark
things you can see right through this stuff and this gave Ziggy another idea.
According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the more mass
something has, the more it magnifies and distorts objects that you can see
through it. So by studying the distortion of distant galaxies, we can calculate
that there must be some extra mass between us and them, but because we can’t
see it touch it or weigh it, is not surprising that we can’t figure out
exactly what it is and that’s what the matter with dark matter is. It makes up
most of the mass in the universe but when it comes to knowing the details
we’re still in the dark.

15 thoughts on “Dark Matter – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy (8/14)

  1. El Tiburón Grande Post author

    When the galaxies appeared, I waited for Dark Vader.

  2. Aragon Post author

    Who voices these videos? He sounds a lot like the incredible David Mitchell. Great series, by the way.

  3. Yas Hart Post author

    I expect dark matter fills the cosmos as cosmic atmosphere of compressed atom structure matter fleeting at ultimate speed.

  4. M. R. Post author

    so dark matter is just empty space??? lol

  5. teltri Post author

    Yes, we are still in the dark ages because we are still low energy, material and matrix bound creatures. Thus we cannot figure it out what dark matter or energy is.

  6. Timothy Endsley Post author

    why cant dark matter be regaler matter? we see the stars because they produce light right? what if dark matter dose not produce light? like most matter on earth.


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