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By | December 13, 2019

When we look up at the sky on a clear, dark
night, we can see about three thousand stars. Most of them are in our galaxy the Milky Way,
which contains over one hundred billion stars. Our galaxy is just one of one hundred billion
in the universe. Astronomers estimate that there are, on average,
1.6 planets in orbit around every star in our galaxy. That’s over 160 billion planets
around other stars in our galaxy alone. One of them is our home, the Earth. One planet
among 160 billion. Among such a huge number of planets, doesn’t it seem likely that life
arose on at least one other planet besides ours? To learn more about our universe, along with
your place in it, please subscribe to this channel.

44 thoughts on “Deep Astronomy Channel Trailer

  1. Orsbore Post author

    Looks very cool. But, I don't know about the the part where you say, 'doesn't it seem likely that life arose on at least one other planet.' Why not say, 'doesn't it seem likely that life arose on at least two other planets' or ' one thousand other planets.' It just seems best not to mention life on other planets in an ad, after all, it's not a question that we can answer yet.

  2. Noel Molina Post author

    the odds say no, there is no other planet with intelligent life out of 160 billion planets, that is not enough. That is how perfect conditions need to be for life to exist.

  3. Rob Sinclaire Post author

    One does not wait until they have the answer BEFORE asking the question! Please!

  4. David L Peavy Post author

    Sounds like an advertisement for the real thing….but then I'm already subscribed!
    You go Tony….

  5. amazinggadgets Post author

    You should get Morgan Freeman to do ur intro. That would be awesome

  6. luis angel teran Post author

    Got to see some proof to believe but is a great video and I'm hooked on astronomy so what the hell..

  7. Despa Cito Post author

    This video was…out of this world. Did you…planet?
    Really though, this was absolutely fantastic. I've always been fascinated by astronomy and astrophysics and how vast our universe is, but very rarely have I felt the strange urge to go to a remote location and just study the stars for the rest of my life (hunched back and assistant named Igor sold seperately). This video, however, brought out that feeling, which is really amazing considering it's just a collection of pixels on my screen.

  8. GoreTorn16 Post author

    Ever since the Hubble Deep Space video you posted so long ago, I am still a huge fan as I was then. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring work Tony!

  9. Shawn Sullivan Post author

    Great ad! I've put it up on my FB feed so hopefully a few others tag along.

  10. graduator14 Post author

    I really hope there are Saiyans on the first planet we find with intelligent beings!

  11. Kenneth Nyström Post author

    Isnt there a tad to much depth in the microphone recording? So the sound sounds a hit hallow.

  12. graduator14 Post author

    Some of there are! Let's just hope they're kinder than we think!

  13. Alex Evans Post author

    It's amazing how people can watch this or even know about the universe around them and not look at it as this incredibly weird just thing, nobody knows how it formed into all this, people just seem so numb (: I did say Numb not Dumb :)… Both really 😛

  14. lurkern Post author

    yay! i really miss these kinds of videos. looking forward to this Tony! 🙂

  15. bangyahead1 Post author

    Ive never seen Tony put a bad clip. This one is no exception. Good work mate.

  16. Zapper Zapped Post author

    If i buy a nice big home and a huge tv, i`ll stick it on the ceiling and play this video infinitely…

  17. Lucas da Cruz Post author

    ojala, mi amigo, este canal llege a todas las mentes de este planeta, fomentando esta ultima rama de las creencias, y darle lugar a ello a todas las formas de vida extra terrestres, de manera qe el amor llege a todos los rincones del universo.. y el planeta al fin conozca nuestro plan como diositos 😀

  18. AlternatingFrogs Post author

    what's it all about…life?



  19. Vonsputen Hindenburg Post author

    Fuck I love this ambient EVE-like music.

  20. xXx XxX Post author

    Please help ,
    I'm confused ,
    Hubble captures the deep space!!!ok,good image, HD but,
    for example, a picture of Mars(…) are very bad ??
    WHY ??.
    thanks a lot
    Svenemirko `95

  21. The Astro Geek Post author

    Wow awesome channel!
    Team can you shout me out!
    I need subs please!
    Reply fast!

  22. Lubov Mudrost Post author

    Grate job, keep it going. Thanks and blessings!


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