Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

By | August 30, 2019

An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its way. Within one day, the surface of the Earth is uninhabitable. The evidence shows that this has happened at least six times in Earth’s history.

100 thoughts on “Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

  1. johan gamer 2 Silva Post author

    Y así mis queridos amigos así la tierra valió v

  2. PSamMusicMan Post author

    This music is just painful to listen to. I just couldn’t watch the whole simulation

  3. Manuqtix Manuqtix Post author

    This will happen when God has enough of the humanity

  4. Evan H. Post author

    I bet that camera man was watching this and he was like, "Huh, neat."

  5. _Uni Galaxy_ Post author

    Earth will soon become a Sun to Our Soon to be Planet Moon

  6. Paul Nathan Magayon Post author

    Tnx god im from philipines☺ pray for god that will never happend???

  7. 7 I Post author

    Dont worry guys , if this ever happens then Saitama will come to save us

  8. namjoons rejected handshake Post author

    asteroid: what's that

    earth: my 7.7 million human beings

    asteroid: cool.

    asteroid: be pretty sad if

    asteroid: if they all burned to a crisp

  9. Darth Mortus Post author

    The craziest part of this vid for me is when the blast peels off the Japanese islands like leaves in the wind.

  10. Akirafan99 Post author

    Got here from someone deleting their Brawl save file.

  11. Jonathan Robinson Post author

    And let the credits roll. lol…I most likely would come out as 'that guy who kept trying hard but never succeeded in life', while Vin Diesel comes out as 'Mark Sinclair'.

  12. sadece q23ee3 Post author

    apocalypse will destroy not only the world but the universe space !!!!!!!!!!(

  13. camaar axmed Post author

    there is no god but allah and muhammad is the messenger of allah.

  14. Lmgamer mese Post author

    Asteroid: collides with earth

  15. Matei Stefan Post author

    Now i cant sleep because im thinking this will happen

  16. Danny Devito Post author

    Time to put its the best day ever over this bad boy.

  17. bincepilot Post author

    Actually, I wrote the last comment before everything was engulfed. They are fucked too.

  18. アドミラル・グラーフ・シュペー Post author


  19. zirixpo Post author

    It'll never make it thru all the satellites orbiting Earth , And we'll never leave this blasted planet.

  20. 김재숙 Post author

    From misc Aka pung pung jurssicnpark 3 Kr aaah Dinosaur

  21. Maciej B Post author

    How come the asteroid approached so majestically, unaffected by the Earth's tidal force? I suppose an object of this size should have been torn into several bits before hitting the surface.

  22. PJ Pauly Post author

    wow that song is trash! is that really pink floyd! Now I understand why they arent nearly as popular as other legendary bands and artist from their time! Sounds like a bitch on meth whining for more meth lol its horrible

  23. Gil.regil Gilly Post author

    Godanmm nice image. But the song Pfff shut tha fck up.

  24. GTItGivesYouWings Post author

    Holy damn, that japanese pitcher used his laser beam again.

  25. Roger Gillion Post author

    Makes me wonder how the moon actually came to be… not so romantic anymore huh?

  26. Jayson Adams Post author

    To KNOW the LORD is to KNOW & HAVE Salvation… In Jesus Mighty name..

  27. Nagender Penthala Post author

    Even if may happen but nothing before world s nuclear power will be destroyed before it reaches earth

  28. Snezana Tucic Post author

    Ja mislim da ljudi trebaju malo smanjiti materijale koje koriste jer planeta nije toliko velika. I da ne bacaju đubre na sve strane jer bacanjem đubriva ugrožavaju i ubijaju životinje.

  29. Bapi Roychowdhury Post author

    awful song.omg??????it is dangerous than the asteroid

  30. Nimal Lokuge Post author

    If it happens the glob e can be seperated in to many worlds so we can have a own world.

  31. Nimal Lokuge Post author

    If it happens the glob e can be seperated in to many worlds so we can have a own world.

  32. Manuela santos Santos Post author

    Maravilha deus abençoe você seu canal

  33. Данил Слесаренко Post author

    Ютуб: рекомендации
    2011: нет
    2015:все еще рано
    2016:неа раано
    2017:самое время нооо… нет
    2018:надо подождать
    2019: во идиально, теперь можно в рекомендации

  34. Selena Lomack Post author

    Ohhhhhh myyyyyy goshhhhh guys i wasn't expecting that many likes thx ?

  35. TrueDatBoy_ 800 Post author

    "Alright almost done with the vid we just need the screaming lady in the background"

  36. Soklux9 i Post author

    and ths is where the floor is lava in fornite begin

  37. Charlie Crumpet Post author

    Basically if that happens there will be 2 suns?

  38. 61007貝明儒 Post author

    Thank God it won't happen. Yes the earth will and has suffered catastrophic events, but God has a plan of salvation for the planet and its inhabitants that doesn't include the destruction of all its people.

  39. 61007貝明儒 Post author

    Yes, I agree the music was a bit traumatic and annoying.

  40. Aiden Decoto Post author

    The screaming in the song perfectly fits the circumstances of this video

  41. John Higson Post author

    How many times have we been warned of this? Just get on with life guys!!!!

  42. Kim Manu Post author

    They are good at creating technology, because they do not create something that protects the earth,when it is to help the earth no one wants.

  43. Kim Manu Post author

    I'd rather die run over than die burnt, help me to die.

  44. Semere Tewelde Post author

    It will be never ever happen be cuz Jusus love us ❤

  45. Commander Bacara Post author

    I say to defend against asteroids like this, put a giant ass uno reverse card into orbit

  46. 『DåñkDøødìlÿGåčhåDøg』 Post author

    I feel bad for the earth it’s had to deal with the astroids shit for centuries!

  47. Bill Wang Post author

    The music sounded like someone giving birth to the asteroid

  48. colin mccarthy Post author

    One day there will be a Large Asteroid
    heading to Earth on Collision Course.
    I would say that every country in the world
    must build underground bunkers to protect
    their people.They must have everything in
    them,ie.Food,Drink,Medical Supplies,etc.
    Remember there is a saying:-,What can
    happen,will happen.(Believe me it will


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