Divorce indications in Vedic Astrology(Jyotish)?

By | August 15, 2019

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in this video before we start talking about the divorce in Vedic Astrology
I recommend you to go watch the late marriage video that will give you some
hint about the pressure on your relationship what are the areas which
will delay your relationships what are the areas what are the planetary
alignments that will delay the marriage that may be good that may be bad but why
the delay happens you will understand from the delay of marriage video I
recommend you to go and watch that video this video will start making sense to
you even more and you will enjoy this once you have this knowledge you will
feel empowered this knowledge is extremely empowering that’s what my
intention is even if you have this veneer alignment don’t just jump to the
conclusion visit your astrologer ask him questions understand what’s happening
and then decide how you are going to respond to it
you’re very response has the power to change the situation the only thing
which can change the situation is your response if you responded it
positively with a different mindset you will have a desirable results so your
response has the power to change the very situation
let me repeat this your response to a situation has the very power to change
the situation your response to a situation has the power to change that
situation so let’s get started with a very sensitive topic divorces medic
astrology what is divorce divorce is a legal separation and when two people
decides to part of a legally it is the divorce so we are going to cover a few
points and then we will be talking about that point from the Vedic Astrology chol
perspective for divorce so let’s get started with this the first thing we
have to look is the first and seven axis if you have Rahu and Ketu in first and
seven axis you have to be very careful in relationship matters okay
again the lords their relationships will change the game so don’t just jump to
the conclusion I have Rahu in the first house so I am going to get divorced no
it doesn’t work like that what if you have Rahu in the first house and the
first Lord is exalted somewhere and or if Jupiter is expecting the round we’d
never know right so don’t just jump to the conclusion with the single point
don’t jump don’t jump to any conclusion with a single consideration does not
matter how big it is if you are considering only one point don’t you
jump to the conclusion okay so first thing is if you have Rahu and Ketu in
the first house you have to be very careful in the relationship I am
purposely not using the words that you will get divorced or you will have a
difficult relationship because people just jump to the conclusion I don’t want
you to get scared of this I want you to get empowered please understand I may
not there may be things which I may not tell you because you will get scared of
that and those things may be those things may have been corrected by some
of the planetary alignments which we never know so we are not going to talk
conclusively I’m not using the words that you will get divorce you will have
difficulties you you we’ll never get up I never use these
words instead I use the words you have to be very cautious of the relationships
which is very true so please understand I’m not going to use these words try to
respond and try to think how you can practically overcome this situation that
should be our aim so let’s get started so the first thing we considered is a
Rahu Ketu in the first seven axis the Rahu and Ketu in 1st and 7 axis makes
the relationship your theme of the life so if you have ketu in the first house or
7th House you are reluctant about yourself or your partner either ways you’re not
interested or you will have been or you will not be interested in to the
relationships or you will be obsessed about it
so Rahu and Ketu in the first seven axis needs to be handled with needs to be
handled with care next thing we have to look for is the Venus we have talked
about this in the late marriage video same principle applies here if you have
afflicted Venus if you have a Venus in difficult situation you know how what
makes Venus difficult ok so if you have Venus difficult you might face
difficulty in your relationships extreme pressures into relationship leads to the
divorce there are a few marriages where the partners are not getting along but
they don’t get divorced why because the legal part of it the second part of it
is not concluding it is not allowing them to separate legally we will talk
about that later there are few planets which are separative in nature which are
those planet Mars Saturn Sun and Rahu Ketu so these four planets if you have
these four planets in the seventh house 8th House so this can create a
problem in your relationship okay so what is the next important point to
consider in divorce in Vedic Astrology the next thing to consider is the raka
raka what is the raka raka in Vedic Astrology
the raka raka is gemiini concept Derrick Erica literally is a planet with the
lowest degree just go to your horoscope in planetary details just check out
which is the planet with the lowest planet or which is the planet with the
lowest degrees the planet with the lowest degrees becomes your terracotta
and that Derrick Erica is the significant for your marriage if you
have a Derrick Erica which is afflicted or maybe not having the strength or
maybe in a difficult situation or difficult position
it can kill it can create problem in your relationships next thing to look
for is a poppet a Laguna we are going to make a different video on Oh Papa da
Laguna but oopah literally means the next like we have a captain we have a
vice captain we have a president we have a vice president so we have brother and
we have Oh Papa da Oh Papa da is a gemiini concept and it is it is an
advanced concept but this Oh Papa da is very important for from marriage
perspective so if you have a Oh Papa da Laguna afflicted and more so the second
house from the Apapa da lagna is even more important from the divorce and
marriage perspective okay so if you have the second house if you have these
separative planets Rahu Ketu Mars Sun Saturn not certain I would say Saturn
but mass Rahu Ketu Sun for sure if you have these planets in the
second house of your oppa pada Laguna you will face the difficulty in the
relationship especially the marital village especially the marital
relationship the next thing we have to discuss is the important houses to
consider while discussing the divorce in Vedic Astrology most important houses
are one and seven because it is about yourself and your spouse you have
discussed this in the late marriage video so I won’t repeat that to go watch
that video better idea about these importance of these one seven axis okay
so we have to look for the house number one house number seven but apart from
these what are the important houses we should consider while judging the
divorce in midi-controller I would say judging the divorce but looking for the
trouble in your relationships is the fourth house sixth house 8th house and
the 12th house why 6th house is the house of the legal
matters and divorce is a legal matter more so it is 12 to the 7th
so sixth house is a divorce which is a loss of the seventh house that is the
loss of marriage so it becomes important similarly twelfth house is 12 to the
ascendant just like 1 & 7 6 and 12 are also important what is the significance
of the 4th house 4th house is the house of happiness and fourth house
the root house for the moksha Terkel houses ok so the 4th house is the house
of happiness your happiness is very much decided from the 4th house the 4th Lord
if you have 4th Lord in 10th house your happiness is going to your workplace if
you have your 4th Lord in the fifth house your happiness is going to the 5th
house which is what about your hobbies aspects children education so your
happiness is going there but what if your fourth house is your fourth Lord is
going into the 12th house 12th house is about the isolation so you find peace in
isolation it works like this okay so the fourth house and the fourth Lord is very
much important for your happiness and your happiness from the your happiness
from the marriage what is the importance of the eighth house eighth houses at the
strana house – Donna house eight thousands house of ups and downs
eighth house is the house of sex eighth house is the Donna stand for your
seventh house eighth house is the house which used
strength to the seven thousand so if you have separative planets Mars Rahu Sun
and if they are very difficult and afflicted placed into this house can
create problem or extreme of these elements can lead to severe relationship
problems because it is next to the seventh house so six seven eight four
twelve and one are very important houses but here are some exceptions to this if
you have Mars and Saturn in the seventh house is very difficult position right
we have we have learnt this but if you have Mars in the sign of cancer conjunct
Saturn in the seventh house surprisingly it gives good results and if you have
moon and Venus in for seven axis it becomes difficult for the marriage these
two are the exceptions of course let’s look at some of the questions you guys
asked me on the community tab of our channel yes our channel has come in to
them and I’ll be replying and responding to all the
questions on the community tab as well I try to respond to most of the comments
as much as but the problem with that is I don’t get the notification for the
replies you guys make so I have to make an extra effort to search for those
comments okay anyways so we are going to cover the questions our friends have
asked on the community tab so let’s get started with that the first the first
question is Jyothi rowdy T to be ready sir please make a video on there are who
key to access as soon as possible yes Roger agitates but we are going to make
that rule say ah nice ah ha saturnine ascendant can delay marriage can it
break a marriage say Ani yes Saturn is a separative planet but it all
depends upon many other things suppose you have settled in the first
offs in a rustic Russia in the Scorpio sign okay so it is directly are directly
looking at the seventh house it can bring the difficulties in the
relationship it will make you lazy sometimes that can be the triggering
point for your relationship problems but if you what if you have the Venus
exalted the seventh Lord is exalted into the fifth house of romance and is
affected by the Jupiter in the ninth house things will change because 9009
Thor City will also respect the Saturn so the Saturn in the first house won’t
be the same okay so you have to look the complete picture before before or you
know interpreting it but if you just ask me single question Saturn in the first
house can delay the marriage yes it will next question is my Shazia it said that
jupiter six places away from moon leads to that yoga xia you may be talking
about the reader a yokai suppose we’ll be covering the yoga’s as well next
question is from Leoben Matthews Shelly is in enemy sign Scorpio in
aspects house of partner we have already discussed this point but yes Saturn can
bring the delay and hardships in through the relationship but you need to see the
other planets as well don’t jump – don’t jump to the conclusion with just single
planetary placements why Saturn in the sixth house makes a person dedicated to
her life partner but still get attracted to others
personally I have not observed this because seventh house Saturn people are
very serious about their relationships even if you have this Saturn ruling the
house you are more attracted towards a mature part but now as a general rule
because it is ruled by Saturn so you look for acetone e’en qualities in your
partner okay the next question is from Natick ah Lathika she sing and my
question is is it always true that the lord of the seventh house is in 6000
error other combinations as well or what if the shower of that planet comes out
the age of 40 or then it can also happen during anther – of the planet and how
can Jupiter or Venus please part in saving the marriage Nita Karnataka so
here is the thing about the exception part of it if you have 7th Lord in the
6th house is definitely not a positive sign for the 7th house because it is
12th from the 7th house more so it is diff Tana more so it is about the legal
legal matters so divorce is also one of the legal matters so it is not a
positive sign but there is one combination wherein if you have 7th Lord
in the 6th house and Rahu and Venus are conjunct you will have a wonderful
marriage ok this is an exception and how venus and jupiter can save if jupiter is
aspecting if the Lord is exalted if Venus is
exalted if Venus is creating a buncha Maha purush Yoga is very good
strength-wise in said Bala and all that stuff then it can save these afflictions
so with so so witness can save the marriage in such cases next question is
from Lakshmi da make a video on timing of love affairs – entourage or transit
of planet I’m sure you are gonna get maximum views on this topic latch thanks
for your suggestions we’ll definitely try to make a video on the topic you
have suggester thank you thanks for your love and support keep sharing and keep
watching brahmana caste religion next question is from Jay Kumar what is your
take on Mars in Mishra sheemish lagna and Venus in Libra the seventh house
Mars in first house and Venus in the seventh house when Mars and Venus are in
final position 159 houses away from each other they work in sync they are trying
they are aligned so these energies work best when they are trying but when they
are in caner from each other there is some friction but more than this one
seven axis for Mars and Venus I would say it is even more difficult for moon
and Venus if you have moon and Venus opposite of each other
in first seven difficult more than this are mass mesh Mars in 1st and Libra
Venus in seven thousand okay so yes these are the questions so keep posting in the community tab
I’ll be sharing and posting and asking you in polls and all that stuff in the
community tab actively participate in to all the polls because that is what is
giving me the indication of what you guys want to watch let us summarize
divorce in Vedic Astrology the first thing to consider while judging the
divorce in Vedic Astrology is the first seven axis in your horoscope the lords
of it the next thing to consider is the Karaka Venus the third thing to consider
is the separating planets like Mars Sun Rahu Ketu the next thing we consider is
Oh papa da da da da ba da da da and the second house from the opah pada lagna is
very important to judge when we are talking about the divorce in Vedic
Astrology if you have the strong benefit impact on these houses you will have a
strong marriage next thing to consider is the derocker akka the placement of
the raka raka in d1 is very important and the aspects and conjunctions of the
derocker occur with other planets is very very important so this was divorce
in Vedic Astrology as much as I could hold grasp and share
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    Very well said, Astrology is not to scare people, it's to enlighten people…. So true…In everybody's chart there will be atleast one planet or aspect or combination or UL or houses which will be affecting our marriage life… When so many afflictions are there only we should be lil cautious… We should also look for auspicious planets which will be sometimes helping that marriage like a Jupiter's Drishti a good placement of moon like that…. 😊

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