100 thoughts on “Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens – Full Debate [HD]

  1. Tony Montana Post author

    Its impossible to prove that something does not exist. You cant prove the negative. Its sad that dumb religious people cant understand this.

  2. John Patriot Post author

    The Great Debate which leads us all to the topic of FAITH…which is the very foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Don't ever tell me that God doesn't know exactly what he is doing…

  3. OTISIN GREENER Post author

    William Lane Craig KILL ME NOW BORING!!!!!!!!!

  4. Paolo Chino Cataluna Post author

    Christoper Hitchens you are a great debater and philosopher. You Can support very much with your arguments. Your brain should supposed be in the body of THANOS. Just watch carefully for the AVENGERS. But unfortunately you died already.

  5. Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov Post author

    Hitchens proved to be a total layman on the issue of homosexuality. Decades of studies were done by many psychoanalysts who had proved over and over again that no man is born a homosexual and that it is a defensive system, which can be therapeutically resolved. So God did not make them such. Trauma did. That must warn you of the fact that no matter how good educated a person can be, you cannot trust him – better do your own research.

  6. Johnny Blaze Post author

    I still side with Hitchens but thought it was a great debate!!! Bravo!!!

  7. Mohammed Kulmiye Post author

    It’s amazing to think there are people who believe in magic, sorcery and miracles today.

  8. Arlo de Haan Post author

    Catholicism is Satanism. Only the holy trinity is deserving of worship.

  9. Have 2BeHere Post author

    Shoot me in my fucking head with a riffle. Right where God lives. Shoot my face with a canon so the shape shifting pineal snake is destroyed. Kill me. God lives in my forehead, kill me please. I can't escape. For god sakes kill me!

  10. bb77077 Post author

    So Christianity is the right and true religion? Why didn’t that idiot god just start it all out like that? Why even allow other religions?

  11. jesus E Post author

    Both of them are trying to base his arguments in science, but the science has limits too and in evolution not all is natural selection

  12. Dave Hunter Post author

    Its quite simply, there are no gods, how ever much you hammer and chisel and sand down your god to fit the world in your eyes Mr Craig.
    Mr Craig you are a liar and a idiot, and you waffle bullshit like a true pro.

  13. Kerian White Post author

    This atheist uses a lot of words but hardly says anything to get me on his side. And bringing up Santa clause and tooth fairy is just stupid because everyone except for children who have been lied to KNOWS that they don't exist.

  14. Drew9987 Post author

    There isn’t a single person alive on this planet who can prove or disprove the existence of God. All these debates are pointless.

  15. sinan jaiakumar jaiakumar Post author

    Craig is really void of intelligence….wake up …

  16. Maria Callous Post author

    Yes, JC is real. There is scant info. 4 recollections only and they differ. Some letters written to the Greeks and the end when John writes from Patmos. I am interested in JC running away from crowds wanting peace. He goes out into a boat to sleep. They remove the roof of a house to get to him. He goes into the wilderness and nothing works. He is thronged constantly. He wants to know who touches him etc. He can turn mud into antibiotic salve and he can turn water in wine. He does not go into the crowds after he rises. He is taken into the clouds and not the sunshine. A few things to consider. He must run from Herod when he is born a vicious man who kills children. Rome is a mess. The ten laws were given over to the pagan world and the Hebrews were living lives separate but ruled by Rome. Perhaps they wanted the conversion to Mosaic law to bring some sane order where there was none. Anyway, JC did not set up shop as a healer. He avoided them when possible. His mission was to spread or disseminate ten laws. You have to understand in that area they ate fish and lamb so the setting is such. You have to extract the pantheon that was used to make the 10 moral laws acceptable to people who already had a religion. The information is scant but real. He took the secret ten commandments and gave them to gentiles which is a crime to the Hebrews. It changed the world didn't it? The idea of that is a little leavening in the bread and the bread will grow. Vulgar world we have here.

  17. Bearded Dawg Post author

    2:18:44.. none of us can comprehend what he suffered. Was he raped as a child? Was he held against his will and raped repeatedly as a child for days or weeks or years like some number of innocent children have? No.


  18. NeverTalkToCops1 Post author

    We can just stop at the title, "Does God Exist." God. Never. Ever. Shows. Up.

  19. Snoice Post author

    Science is a measurement of what we can observe.. any scientific reason for why we are here is just a theory. No one has that answer yet

  20. ali c Post author

    “A distinction without a difference” that makes no sense. How is it distinct then? Hitchens strings good sounding words together and wins over the minds of the dull

  21. Dulk9 Post author

    Begining of everything by God is as possible as unicorns fart. so many possibilities as many ideas born in minds of people. So basically Gods existance is like 1/infinity.

  22. Kaima Moonfury Post author

    I hate that I already knew everything craig would say. He never endingly picks specific things to debate and rebutts his opponent by saying that they contend things he did not address, he does it every single time and thats kinda why I like seeing him get stomped. He's a fool and he makes himself out as one, his very voice is grating to me at this point because of it. He's dishonest and intellectually inept.

  23. TheSteelStallion Post author

    13:06 "Good evening." Oh boy I dislike him already.

  24. Maria Callous Post author

    The after life is probably as junky as my blue feet. Let's forget about hell, shall we?

  25. Erik Muniz Post author

    The universe and the human body is way to complex to come from stardust or from an amoeba, there has to be an intelligent and perfect creator to come with such mold and complex to do such thing. The problem here is that religion and science has failed humanity on trying to explain the subject of creation.

  26. Kyle Cyree Post author

    I am in love, it's recent, with a woman who is a Christian. I am an atheist. I love her so much, she is so wonderful, and I love that she is a woman of faith.

    I realize that WLC is convincing to Christians, but to me, he uses the Bible as evidence and ignores that it was written across hundreds of years and is totally an oral history. Ever played "Telephone"? It's not accurate, especially across decades with a barely literate group. This is a central observation because any claim which uses the Bible as evidence, and ignores the hundreds of anachronisms, it short-sighted at best.

    The trouble here is that this subject is so divisive. It should be easier for us to love who we are instead of who some being wants us to be, especially if that's poorly defined. It is easier, and better, and I'd argue holier to love who is before us for who they are than to believe that we need anything else to validate our feelings. Hitchens preaches love, WLC preaches conformity.

    The winner, in my mind, is clear.

  27. Brandon Campbell Post author

    Craig: I'm approaching this philosophically, prove atheism is real.

    Hitchens: Well I can't prove a negative, it goes the other way. Ever heard of the logical fallacy called burden of proof?

    Craig: See, he can't prove it, therefore god exists!

  28. Tommy Robinson_boi Post author

    Pen twiddler he nervous…. Sounds so smart yet thinks gay sex is healthy and natural 😂 doesn’t even know what the rectum is for its for deification not penetration

  29. darrendelong Post author

    The correct question is not whether GOD exist because we cannot prove the existence. BUT RATHER if all these Abrahamic religions are Man-Made ideology using the concept of GOD for mass manipulation to achieve an objective be it good or bad.

  30. darrendelong Post author

    William Lane throws every aspect of neuroscience and human evolution out of the window when he said rape is not wrong without GOD's existence. Which part this human adaption did he not understand. We are a social creatures. Rape is an abusive behavior of one of human towards another human being. We will set up a defence mechanism as part of survival or a desire to a better life and since we are largely an empathetic population, we object to rape as it cause harm to another fellow human and it could also cause harm to us if we allowed it. We eventually come up with a consensus to condemn the action of rape and thus a moral value against it is created. That is human adaptation.

  31. Pramila Menon Post author

    Infinite exists in your mind! Duh! Stupidity is infinite….universe is finite! Who is this simpleton?

  32. FISSEHA KEBEDE Post author

    William Lane Craig like to use words like ontology and epistemology. I like hime to add his piissedology to his vocabulary. Because his supreme leader pissed at us for nothing.

  33. Andrewsarchus Post author

    The Christian god is an immoral thug, undeserving of our consideration.

  34. Andrewsarchus Post author

    Professor Craig, can you say “shifts the burden of proof “?

  35. Maria Callous Post author

    Atheism is two words in one as follows: Anti theism becomes abbreviated to atheism it lost the apostrophe a'theism. It's like the word hoodlum is made from neighborhood and slums 'hood'lum. Arizona is arid zone etc. spork…

  36. Tracy Avent Post author

    let's see… BIOLA is somehow an "open" environment for free questioning about the deity of yeshua and the nature of god. Right. So the intro is done by the chair of the "bible apologetics" master's program. Like such a degree would EVEN EXIST if anyone in it, seriously considered rejecting bible apologetics. And he says "theist" but what he means is christian apologetics adherent. He does mention that atheists are in attendance, but I'm sure that the "christians" will do their best to make them appear unwelcome. Atheists have come to expect that from christians, especially CINOs, since history shows how tolerant they have been.

  37. Tracy Avent Post author

    WRT Craig's "…design…" argument: I grant that human-made creations are fallible and some appear to even have been made with planned obsolescence. I find it laughable and ironic that Craig applies this same logic to the cosmos (or even to hitchens' model of the solar system at about 10 billion years, where the sun runs out of nuclear fuel and vaporizes earth). All evidence seems to indicate that, and humans have observed stars going "nova" so we do know that they do indeed die violently.

    The problem of course is that Craig is claiming that HIS creator is infallible and perfect (and His Creations are "fine tuned"). So either those creations reflect the perfect nature of the creator, or they don't. Make up your mind, professor. And make a cogent argument instead of a second-rate platitude while smiling as though everyone sees the brilliance in your exegesis.

  38. Tracy Avent Post author

    okay, if the "Jesus raises everyone from the dead" argument floats, as Craig offers it, then to compensate for Hitchens' reference to the vast majority of all earth-bound life forms already having gone extinct, it would require the otherwise solipsistic model of christian eschatology to ALSO APPLY TO ALL ANIMALS as well as humans. Nowhere however does Craig's bible indicate anything like that, nor are animals apparently required to 'accept Jesus as their savior' or whatever the popular claim relating to "salvation" is these days.

  39. jon Legend Post author

    After a bad day, I listen to Hitchens debate a religious charletian, providing an intellectual buzz unlike any other. #Hitchens

  40. Aaron Sayd Post author

    Atheism is just another form of religion not the absence of religion. If you can’t disprove the existence of God scientifically, then the belief of no God is not scientific; therefore it becomes faith and when atheists start parroting their beliefs and their non-scientific arguments to each other and to others, it becomes religion.

  41. Raptor Jesus Post author

    2 and a half hours to ask the question:
    "does an ill-defined character from a badly translated bronze-age fable written by flat-earth desert-dwelling goat-herders exist?"

  42. Jt Huff Post author

    Two fish in a sea argue about the existence of water. One says show me what water is then I believe it. The other hold his breathe.

  43. Jiang En Post author

    I actually think Craig's questions are very easy to address. Let me try it briefly:
    1. Cosmological. Something created university does not mean it is your god that did it, might as well be Allah. It also does not equal to god must be uncaused. What created god?
    2. Teleological. If the universe is not suitable for life, this question will never be asked. The universe can be prefectly static, but then no intellegent creatures will be there to observe. This is trivial logic.
    3. Moral. China never had a religion based moral system. Without your offer of objective morality, 1/5 of the world population are living just fine. No thanks.
    4. Historical. Even if the resurrection is true, it does not entail divinity. Miracle is also relative considering nuclear bombs can destroy the world a hundred times. One day science might save a brain dead person. Wait and see.
    5. Immediate experiencing. I'd hazard a guess that most men treat the impulse to jerk off a "properly basic belief". God is truely naughty.

  44. Tony Ferrer Post author

    If you identify as an atheist, you’re cognitively dissonant. The principality you host for is your oppressor, and this oppressor is called the father of lies (Ephesians 6:12 NKJV, John 8:44 NKJV). Spiritually, you are his seed – the seed of the serpent- and part of your religion entails mocking reality when you're the one who believes cells are intelligent and that dna magically coded itself. In an attempt to validate your faith in macro evolution, you cite pseudoscience, but deny basic biology when it comes to gender. If ya”ll would put HALF as much effort in understanding the Bible as you do advocating for men to use womens restrooms, you would be more of a free thinker and less of a parrot of the culture. I already know every misled objection you have against the truth because i've corrected them all. I also know every misled objection you have against the truth because none of you are original, and few of you are genuine truth seekers. You believe lies such as the bible condones rape and slavery, you confuse biblical inerrancy with translation inerrancy; since a lot of you grew up in the catholic church (another false religion/distortion of truth), you think God is a santa claus look alike in the sky and think the devil is a horned being (despite the scriptures saying these things are SPIRITUAL), and you think your distorted opinion on God's goodness is an argument against His existence. Needless to say, ya'll are all over the place, and mentally handicap when it comes to spiritualism. How can a man who is dead in his sins think he's the one awake? "The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit" (1 Corinthians 2:14). When it comes to atheists, “what may be known about God is plain to them because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from his workmanship, so that men are without excuse" (Romans 1:18-19).

  45. evilcowboy Post author

    What is infinity minus infinity……the other side of the number line. A negative of the positive side of it resulting in 0 being the absolute center much like a machinist uses a particular position to mark a zero.

    I think we are looking at it all wrong. We view infinity as directional, what if there is no direction to it and its positional? Meaning the present will always be an absolute zero. Viewing it this way gives more credibility to Einstein's view of time in which it is possible for both past and future to be happening at the same moment the present is (or what we call the present it don't really exist unless motion stops). We assume the forward motion time has is the future but what if an infinite loop is present and all events lead to the same balance point. I don't know it is super hard to explain what I see in my mind as a concept of time so it makes me sound crazy. lol
    Infinity creates a lot of paradoxes and people feel more comfortable never exploring it and pretending it don't exist. Our linear thinking stays linear resulting in our perception of everything being viewed linearly. But I live in a 3rd dimensional world and 2 linear directions to time actually makes no sense.

    I believe God is real and his mind…is well……..really amazingly complex. Why humans who think linearly would think they could understand such a being is beyond me. The view of God we have is a linear one so of course his actions will seem out of wack for us and we will not understand them.

  46. evilcowboy Post author

    Atheist want me to ignore the fact we are comprised of electrical energy that can be measured with an ecc machine and the conservation laws of thermodynamics do not apply to humans when they are inescapable laws, but offer no solution to why humans are the only thing in the universe allowed to disobey these laws.

    Fuck that.

  47. Jason Melton Post author

    The question of who created existence begs the further question of who created that creator, and it goes back indefinitely. If existence is simply accepted as the axiom upon which all else rests, the answer is simply that existence exists.

  48. Jason Melton Post author

    Why is Craig stating that there is anything "historical" about a mythology that was manufactured by the Council of Nicea in the 4th century!

  49. Jason Melton Post author

    Craig is an old dog that cannot learn new tricks! He asks questions but does not listen to the answers. His questions are rhetorical and reflect a reactionary defensiveness.

  50. Maria Callous Post author

    I know no one will believe me but Jesus was from outer space.

  51. Marc Burger Post author

    atheists exist, therefore atheism is true. I have written it on the interwebs, it is now written, therefore it is now fact. period.

  52. Yes, I expect you to read all of it. Post author

    I think Judaism should be taken seriously just like Hinduism. They are the oldest religions on earth. I don't think we should be believing in Santa Clause because of it though.

  53. Ego Sum Umbrae Mortis Post author

    Hitchens big "one, two" punch seems to come at the expense of "Craig has to believe and prove to a certainty……it's not a contingency…" then rebuts with "I doubt these things". If that's his entire thrust of disproving or approving of God, how does he square with the penal and justice system instituted in America? America's justice system is heralded by the rest of the civilized countries as having the greatest and most impartial governing system in the world, bar none. And that entire system is based on "having more than enough probable belief and evidence to either condemn or vindicate an individual of a crime". Can you imagine the ensuing chaos if every criminal who went into a courtroom had to be convicted with 100% certainty? It would be the unraveling of society as we know it and justice would become nothing more than laughing gag that criminals chuckled over as they ran rampant.
    Craig is simply saying, "What's more likely?" Having an planet that has over 100 ultra specific qualities and characteristics, that, if didn't exist, we would cease to exist, made totally by chance? Really? Or that somehow randomized chance created this ultra specific planet with over 100 extremely narrow parameters for life? The law of entropy (things get more disorderly over time, not more orderly) flies in the face of that. A gigantic explosion has never and will never bring more order to something. Try throwing a grenade in your kitchen and tell me if a new species spontaneously generates from it.
    Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments below about acceptance of differing opinions. Try in this day and age finding a liberal college that would invite a Christian professor/theologist over to have an open discussion on anything that doesn't align with the day's presiding liberal theology. People are getting fired, assaulted, and banned from speaking just because they believe in God. So what? In one his final points, Hitchens claims that the Earth is sprinting towards "nothingness". If that's true, would you rather exist in eternal heaven that's perfect bliss, contentment, happiness, and unfathomable joy…..or be nothing then a nonexistent, non sentient particle of dirt? If anyone would say they would pick a speck of dirt over living in perfect bliss, I would seriously reexamine your line of reasoning. Believing in a God who genuinely loves you and wants the best for you, and then living with Him in eternity where there's no negative occurrences in any realm in any shape or any form….versus being nothing and not even being aware you're nothing…..that's the real brain twister to me.
    I appreciate Hitchens and how eloquent and well spoken he is. Brilliant man, I've learned a lot from him even being a Christian. He's posed alot of hard questions I've had to reconcile with and try and understand, and I thank him for that.

  54. Erik Ray Post author

    That's Right Billie, We Want to Know Where God Lives, And What Time He Gets Off His Shift..

  55. Erik Ray Post author

    Na, We know You Don't Believe in GOD either. Your People, Who Have Made You RICH SERVING Your MAMOTH Want You To Say. Yes God, I Know You Are The Answer Your Call And We Shall Not Want, and You Do The Preacher Act To Get Their, or Should I Say "The Devils" Money. That is Alright Nobody is Keeping Track How Many Virgins You Had This Month.

  56. gary stevenson Post author

    Does God exist. Yes and Hell too. Life is short and baldy is in for a licking

  57. gary stevenson Post author

    Hitchens is dead as I write these lines. He know knows how Great God is.

  58. Krikenemp Post author

    Why does Craig think the topic of this debate is the truth of atheism? It’s entirely irrelevant, yet he goes on and on about it as if Hitchens isn’t addressing the topic. No Craig, YOU are not debating the topic. And on top of that, you’re perpetually attacking a straw man even after Hitchens repeatedly points that out. You are so, so very confused on this debate. Very disappointing. It’s like you had a VR headset on, engaging in a completely different debate while present in this one.

  59. Harold Post author

    what aarrogant assholes, ha ha ha.bloody clowns talks as if they know it all

  60. gary stevenson Post author

    Why does he claim and on what does he base his claim that the extinct species have no importance to God ? As if humans will be for ever…From what window frame is he talking ? Etc

  61. gary stevenson Post author

    a) Hitchens talks about choice so from the get go he makes no sense because as someone thtat as knowledge in science he should no that choice doesn't exist. This man is quite delusional. b) Faith is based on doubt

  62. gary stevenson Post author

    When you see a tree do you believe in it ? When you see a devil do you believe in it ? God has risen me from the tomb and thus killed the Grim Reaper. This is how Jesus resuscited the dead. I have walked through the Narrow Door of Time often. I am 3 mysterious letters in the Quoran.

  63. Erik Ray Post author

    What a Pompous Dickhead Doctor Stroke Jesus Under The Table. I'm Still Going to Still Continue to Take The Extra Money These Stupid People Are Going to Send Me.

  64. J Rosner Post author

    Craig started this whole thing by shifting the burden of proof, carefully attempting a rebranding of atheism in a way that the students would relate. He then proceeded to load and extrapolate with logical fallacy after logical fallacy, and making false claims, as if he was there. ( the time prior to jesus, the 2% statement. )
    He may be charismatic to believers, but I didn't find him convincing at all.

  65. Pramila Menon Post author

    Physical necessity led to evolution..but of course the believers will deny evolution. Strange how science is being distorted to suit their motives.

  66. Pramila Menon Post author

    Ha ha he is claiming evolution as God's miracle now😂😂

  67. gary stevenson Post author

    He sounds like a pompous fool this Hitchkens guy. God exist to some people and not to others. He just wanted to sell books but now he is dead, a dead ender.

  68. gary stevenson Post author

    Man made religions ? Humans are determined having it that choice and man made is ludicrous. We are determined by biology, soical forces to name only those forces

  69. Perer Addison Post author

    … God isn't really an issue. It is isness that is up for grabs, yours mine ours. But when "nothing" proves to be pointless, then "everything" will make "$3n$3". If that makes any "sense"…

  70. castroy64 Post author

    Atheists’ Straw Man Argument:

    1. The entire Bible MUST be read literally, not metaphorically;

    2. If any part of the Bible (read literally) cannot be proven or is in dispute, then it’s false; and

    3. If any part of the Bible is not literally true, then God/gods do not exist.

    Of course, the atheists’ argument is illogical and ethnocentric, but they still fanatically cling to it. #AtheistsAreIllogical #AtheistsAreEthnocentric #AtheistsAreClosedMinded

  71. Alex Hage Post author

    It's safe to say hitchens is burning in hell for eternity, that blind sack of shit.

  72. Maria Callous Post author

    All the world's a stage and the people are but petty players…

  73. gary stevenson Post author

    TELL THE RICH Alif Laam Meem is part of Eisher Aisher Eisher. Obey women, help the poor, fight racism, homophobia, islamophobia, fix the planet, bequeath for a good cause to get into paradise or expect an ETERNAL MOMENT of pur Terror in Hell. – Message from the Holy Spirit.

  74. Maria Callous Post author

    At the time of JC the people he taught could not read or write you know. He drew a picture in the sand. What was it?

  75. Ossie Dunstan Post author

    The watch maker fallacy is absurd because the Aboriginal people of Australia helped captain adolf cook repair his British boat of which the Aboriginal had never seen, and it is admitted bye adolf cook, that with out the Aboriginals the boat would not have been repaired.
    To me a person with aboriginal descent, this puts the watch makers claim in the category of racism and profiling bye skin color , which is born from religious hatred of people of color.

  76. Ossie Dunstan Post author

    1.26.05: william lane craig makes a statement most historians agree jesus of Nazareth. Sorry but only theologians in religious history.
    Jesus christ was not even his real name , his real name was joshua messiah.
    Religious history is not anthropological history which theologians do not study , they are only permitted bye the church to research certain religious document , no documents are aloud to be researched that are not approved bye the church thus they are not historians.

  77. Ossie Dunstan Post author

    1.53.48: stated their are stupid questions , A professor quoted this ( i would hope he is no longer a professor and not with in earshot of any child).

  78. krelfurnace Post author

    Even Hitchens fails to attack the fundamental fallacy that Craig's crackpot beliefs depend upon. Christianity cannot present or demonstrate ANY FORM OF OBJECTIVE OR ABSOLUTE MORALITY. Christiany's theological premises absolutely negate any possibility of objective or absolute morality. Christian doctrine has NEVER proposed or practised anything even remotely resembling objective morality. Christians have never practised any form of morality that comes from their faith, and have seldom demonstrated even the ability to grasp the concept of morality. OBEDIENCE IS NOT MORALITY.

  79. Matt Nipperess Post author

    Haha I love how even the christian audience laughs at craig's supposed hammer blows and how dishonest they are. Life is unlikely – therefore a miracle – therefore proof that his mummy and daddy's god exists 🙂 Bless!

  80. TheCykodude Post author

    Can WLC present a good argument at all?

    like its so bad listening fire off assertion after assertion with no evidence and when anyone that debates against him obviously doesn't have enough time to cancel out every single one of his idiotic assertions he clings onto them like "HA! THIS ONE YOU CAN'T BEAT!"

    Its pathetic that apologist champion this man as one of their better debaters. It really shows how weak the theistic argument is.

    Not only that but this man legit implied there might be a good reason that a (insert all omni adjectives) being would allow children to die of cancer / starvation / sexual assault / abuse / etc.


  81. 1DANIELTUBE Post author

    Hitchens is worshipped by atheists…A bunch of overrated arrogant lost heathen scum one and all

  82. Dazed Maestro Post author

    The number of retarded atheists in the comment section is mind blowing.

  83. REVELATION666 Post author

    (Good),bad so,so I don't give a damn! 95% of these damn god people are seriously disgusting human beings. We should be segregated from them completely! Let's see how long these (great) will last before everything goes to straight poo!

  84. REVELATION666 Post author

    I wonder how bad this Christian beats his wife when she does something he doesn't approve of? He looks very creepy.

  85. B S Post author

    What a great Hallmark Christmas card that would make!
    Say that to your spouse or significant other tonight. And don't forget the kiddies!

  86. Maria Callous Post author

    What can Craig do that Hitchens can't? Be moral of course. duh.


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