By | August 25, 2019

No direction is either good or bad. No south-southwest
is bad, neither west-northwest bad nor is the east-southeast bad. There is no negative
zone, there is no negative division. if SSW is not right, your belly will not be
clean in the morning If WNW will not be right then sweating will not be able to release
emotions If ENE not right then you will not be able to churn. Is the direction is bad? is it necessary for your body? Whether to
remove the waste, whether it is in the form of a stool then how the directions are bad?
The direction is not bad this is exactly the same way as ASTROLOGERS say that 6, 8 and
12 houses are bad but if 12 house is defective you will not be able to sleep at night. Sleep
will fly, that’s why no direction is negative for us. if one direction is defective, I.E mother
earth is telling you that in this context of life. You need to address. You understand
that mother never wants bad for her child. When you sit in the lap of mother you feel
relaxed and you don’t get that comfort anywhere that comfort, that comfort you will find only
in your home so do not be scared from home it will give you everything as much you are
not even able to think, so do not just sit for delusions

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