Forbidden Cave Paintings Of Ellora, India

By | August 14, 2019

Hey guys, We are in the forbidden part of ellora caves.
People are not allowed to go into these areas, so I had to give a nice tip to the guard to
get into this part of the cave. You might remember that we found a hidden chamber in
Cave 33. This is cave 32, and inside one of the rooms we can find a lot of paintings done
over 1200 years ago. These paintings are hidden in the remote areas of the cave. It is common
to see carvings that have colors on them, but these are wall paintings without any carvings. In this painting, you can see how a man and
woman are dancing on the right side, and there is a teacher on the left who is overseeing
their performance. It is also interesting to see that they barely have any clothes on,
but do have jewels on them. And the man who is dancing must have been a king because he
is wearing a crown. This gives us great insight into how the King would have spent his pastime
1200 years ago. I am sorry about the lighting and the shaky
camera, guys. It is pitch black in here and I am using a flash light to show you these
paintings. In this painting, you can see a lot of men
sitting and praying. And the king in the center has his hands over his head with palms pressed
together. If you notice carefully each person is painted with a different color. The King
is painted red and you can see the advisor sitting behind him is wearing a blue turban. On the opposite wall you can see a bunch of
women in the praying position as well. The woman in the center is playing a stringed
instrument, I am not sure if she is the queen. It is interesting to see that they all have
flowers on their heads, which is still a common practice among Indian women. Who are all these men and women praying to?
In the center wall, you can see the painting of Mahavira. He has 2 other deities on either
side, it looks like they are putting flowers on him. At the bottom, you can see how the
painting has completely disintegrated. It is sad that these hidden paintings are not
preserved and may not last another century. In this painting, there are three women, and
the one on the left looks like she is taking a bath. And In this painting, you can see 2 couples
dancing. Note that there are different colors like Red, brown and green. On the ceiling you can see a lot of designs.
At the corner, there is a flower, and see how the painting blends into the carvings. This is a very detailed painting, you can
see lots of faces here. It must be a very interesting scene from the past. Unfortunately,
the painting has worn out and there is no way we can find out what it means. This is a cool painting where there is a man
riding a horse, and there is a woman on top of him, and there is a boy sitting on the
woman’s shoulders. They are chasing a man who is riding a bull. It could be some kind
of an ancient game. I hope you liked these millenium old paintings
which are hidden from the public view. If you did like the video, please give it a thumbs
and leave a comment. I am gonna post a lot more videos like this, so please do subscribe
to my channel. Thanks for watching and talk to you soon.

100 thoughts on “Forbidden Cave Paintings Of Ellora, India

  1. pixelspring Post author

    If they allowed you in then they should easily get archeologists to fully scan each surface under multiple different wavelengths . … That would give much more info and then AI could be used to do a reconstruction.

  2. Daryl Gregory Post author

    Sweet, ..theres gotta be a way to freeze frame and edit image to enhance the image,…I love it I just yern for more.What was this temple used for?

  3. Jdn Menon Post author

    Paintings in the dark!
    So there must be some kind of lights in those caves in ancient times powered by atmospheric energy devices and capacitors as we see in other ancient temples.Also with wireless electricity.Please check the ceiling of the caves and for any capacitors,antennas above the roof.Or it could be self illuminating paintings!

  4. Becanomics on it! Post author

    Wow bro your always bringing beautiful history I've never seen or heard about way cool. Keep bringing it bro.

  5. Karunakar G Post author

    The Cave paintings also shows that the girls are toooo hot compared to now.

  6. Tommy'sTenToneHammers Post author

    This is the best kind of video that you have posted. It is imperative that these things are seen by the public before they disintegrate or are destroyed by the people that are suppressing them from the public eye!

  7. Chiefonelung Post author

    So incredible. Those are the most beautiful caves. I visited ajanta and ellora caves back in 1980. Will never forget the all inspiring experience. Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful place and bringing me these beautiful paintings.

  8. Radj Raaj Post author

    Greeting from South America, Paramaribo… You have done a great job sir. God bless you , with all the discoveries and give you the knowledge to solve mysterious. people knew/ learn more. of the past. .

  9. Kenny Clement Post author

    Luv that it just the facts & not 20mnts of inuindo

  10. Chris k Post author

    I love this guy I think he's doing the work of world history preserving our world history when he said there's no way to figure out what these panties look like I believe with modern techniques there is as long as we can get them in there soon enough so we can see more of what they look like then less when they disintegrate PS I think you and your work are great

  11. Brian Scott-Dawkins Post author

    And again – Absolutely fascinating video – keep them coming Praveen – love it! ??‍♂️

  12. Prashant Singh Post author

    Poor guard might face legal action after your disclosure

  13. Edy Sedgewick Post author

    Great job man.. it is very very rare to see this painting in internet… my guess is it looks like from the culture way later on.. we can‘t see any trace of the builder and their culture.. ellora is way more sophisticated than other 7 wonder of the word.. compare to stone henge? Way way way more superior…

  14. lenny108 Post author

    seems the man riding a horse is king Pariksit who is chasing Kali, the cow killer

  15. ritu kapoor Post author

    Commendable but play safe… you should take permission letter from some Govt officials…end doesn't justify the means everytime… All the best . Sending good vibes n blessings

  16. Sakshi Gupta Post author

    We r so stupid that we actually not preserve this kind of treasure in such a condition ….and one thing more did u notice these paintings actually match with Indonesian paintings and carvings

  17. mario soler Post author

    me gudtan las pinturas, no sabia ke ws prohibido accesar dicho lugar, mas no me'xtraña, en este planeta hay reglas, regulaxiones, pro-hibixiones & demas ke, ni kien las inventa, sabe porke lo hace, namaste

  18. William Garayua Post author

    ??Beautiful scenes testifying of a time when Happiness, Music and Dancing was HOLY and enjoyed by a KING, and a crutial part of a Society in Peaceful Harmony, so much different from Military JIHAD were almost everything is seen as evil to JUSTIFY The Cruelty of PIRACY and VANDALISM
    "in the name of god" ?



  19. Sarbeswar Da Post author

    These paintings relate Hindu Puranic events of Mahabharata Ramayana and other puranas

  20. BlueCat Blu Post author

    It’s so sad that these countries don’t preserve their treasures.

  21. Ashish Dhemre Post author

    It is not Mahavira painting but it is Buddha's painting to whom they are praying.

  22. Rocky G Post author

    Muslim..mohhammedan demon's/ Zombies drstroyed everything…

  23. gii SB Post author

    don't say u paid a guy. they're gonna arrest you and he will lose his job???????

  24. William Hardy-Mondragon Post author

    It would be great if someone tried full spectrum, inferred, ultraviolet, and flourecent photography on these so we could see the different layers of color and those that are no longer visible to the human eye. It's like magic when this is done to ancient art, it's as if the invisible becomes instantly visible. This would be a great help to recall what was painted and preserve the memory before they are gone forever.

  25. sharon anderson Post author

    too funny. you gave the guy a nice tip. great job. thank you.

  26. Sharon Vaturi Post author

    It was very disappointed they didn't let me in but I'm very happy cause first, thanks to you I have visited Elora and Ajenta caves and second cause you make me love India more and know much more thanks to your amazing channel!

  27. Brajesh Kokkonda Post author

    We are sad that our Government is not taking care of our ancient treasures 🙁

  28. Marilyn Ronvik Post author

    It always appears in every culture when sex or nudity is involved it's a hidden thing from the masses eyes like they are hiding their evils from people's eyes because truly that is why it has been closed off. If they really wanted to they could have tried to preserve this. Water damage mainly but the colors were rather grotesque but thank you for allowing your subscribers to view this rare murial. Keep reaching for more incredible finds.

  29. Floppyoneactual Post author

    I would like this video twice if I could!

  30. Timmy Spencer Post author

    Good stuff!

    They're probably 'hidden from the public" to preserve the paint. People, breath, oxygen circulation, and even strong lighting could all degrade them faster. They should get documented, if not already.

  31. Maria Carbonell Post author

    Nice paintings. Sometimes when archaeologists want to bring out the detail in paintings they simply wet them with water. In this way sometimes details will come out that were not visible in the dry version. A spray bottle can come to be very useful.

  32. turtlefrog7 Post author

    Thank you for posting the video and for your in-depth narration – very gifted! I love watching your explorations.

  33. bunyipal Post author

    Fascinating video , there are so many places like this that like to authorities hide from public view and allow them to just rot away, why?? Would also be interesting to know what they used as their light source in those days. It must have been better than candle light or oil lamp to get those colours right. Anyhow great work in bringing this site to the attention of the youtube community…

  34. Jon Patrick Post author

    Thank you for sharing this video. I wish they could get in there and restore those beautiful old paintings

  35. Gary Nelson Post author

    They look phony as shit. Too modern.

  36. Vijayant Jaswal Post author

    बहुत अच्छा !!

  37. gHOST bITCHES Post author

    Just saw this, pretty rad you were able to see them and share them ? Cheers

  38. Robert Shrewsbury Post author

    Good video of the ancient underground.


  39. Mary Fields Post author

    By creating this video, you ARE preserving history. With these images now on the web, people who would never have a chance to visit in person can still see and appreciate the work of artists and worshipers long passed. Thank you for your part in saving these images in a medium the creators could never have envisioned.

  40. Emeterio Vergara Post author

    Seems like the women from old days had better bodies shape

  41. Sreeshankar Shastri Post author

    Great! Keep up the Good Work. I am looking forward to learning why they have kept the place locked up instead of restoring it and keeping it open for public view.
    Thank You!

  42. mai schmidt Post author

    How sad that they are forsaken. There are ways to reconstruct the paintings and restore them. I wonder why they are allowed to disintegrate…you are an amazing scholar, ilook forward to your videos and hope for your every success.

  43. solovino solo Post author

    Keep doing what you do you are very good tnk for cheering

  44. varun chauhan Post author

    The reason people are not allowed is because light will cause the paintings to degrade faster. And using a bright light like you did was absolutely irresponsible.
    They cannot be well preserved as people like you can just pay and get in and do as they please without fear of the law.

  45. Chitra Dhavale Post author

    Please understand that the paintings are not allowed to be filmed because the paints disintegrate with the heat and hot light from the flashes. That is why these caves are kept out of bound for tourists who shed crocodile tears over their disintegration, but continue to give "hefty tips' to the guards so that they can go in and help the disintegration themselves. Instead of filming them themselves, you could have bought the pictures that were filmed by the govt before the caves were closed for the public or you could do some crowd funding to get funds for their reconstruction!. Dear Mohan ji, I appreciate your videos and your ideas about our ancient monuments, but really expected you to help in keeping the paintings safe not to pay "hefty tips' to the wrong people to help spoil them.

  46. Filipe Matias Post author

    Amazing beauty!
    Shameful that they aren't preserved and restored!

  47. Filipe Matias Post author

    RESPECT to Hinduism, Bramanism, Vedism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism!

  48. Shiv p Post author

    Looking at our beautiful heritage I wonder how beautiful India must have been, what happened to our motherland with tyrant invaders trying to destroy our most beautiful monuments was a shock of 1000 years, whatever is left is in ruins, will we ever know get a chance to witness the architectural marvel of our nation again.. even if it just pictures?.. I wondered and a big sigh silenced my mind … But the pain in my heart would never go … Never ever.

  49. Glenn Bennett Post author

    Great work getting in there. They keep so much hidden from the public bc it will destroy their fable storys of history. Find that guard again brother, keep tipping him and see if you can get into most of those caves. Ill support your Patreon

  50. Ra Sixa Post author

    Re: 1:32 Women praying, and playing stringed instrument… Well chosen painting, reminds me on samelike in Sigiraj,Sri Lanka. They say, same artists were working there. The women there are believed to have belonged to the kings court, many different nationalities, therefor different colors in painting. The queen in the midst playing a lyra or similar has its prototype in the harps of the famous cemetry of Ur, Sumeria or present day Iraq, some 4500 years previous from now.
    In sumerian mythology it would be Inanna dressed for her journey to hell. In Indian terms it would hint to Drupadi. The Drupad music maybe traced in the Bharat Natya Shastra, which appeared say from 400 BC fully worked out of nowhere, but in reality most likely translated to Sanskrit from cuneiform sources. A fulness of theatrical life as explained in this Shastra cannot be created within a few years but takes millennia to grow and there is no other place available for such developement as Mesopotamia or Egypt.

  51. Daveyjo Weaver Post author

    Thank You Kindly for sharing these beautiful and amazing paintings! Love, Light andPeace! DaveyJO in Pennsylvania

  52. HOH Post author

    Mahabura does not have human hands or feet, not only that but they have been deliberately removed. His colour is green, and his body is mottled. His head has two prominent full length peaks. He does not look human he looks like some sort of a reptile. There is a woman with either a reptile or fish tail. There is another green person and there is no flower in their hair like the others.

  53. siddhesh zemse Post author

    Bhosdike light laganese damage hote he painting

  54. HOH Post author

    At 2:46 it pooks like a forest with Sasquatch.

  55. frequency _9 Post author

    3 types of humans or 1 human species (brown colour skin) and 2 different human like species (red and green colour skin) or all the 3 came from another dimension and only the browns stayed and the other 2 left?

  56. 新Shrivatsa Post author

    Tip taj mahal guards, to let you access underground Tomb and locked Chambers

  57. ವಿಜಯ್ ರಣತುಂಗ ತಿಲಕರತ್ನೆ Post author

    Kannadigas rastrakootas making this temple

  58. Brian Dauphiney Post author

    Thank you for all your hard work and hiking to these ancient places, I appreciate it. Your style and observations are sincere and done with a passion for discovering the truth. You not only point out the inaccuracies of the current descriptions but you offer up a realistic and believable explanation. The earth is indeed incredibly old. Ancient man has been around for a long time. More ancient historical facts and artifacts have been covered up by those who want to suppress the facts about our incredibly phenomenal (pardon the pun) history. We have far more potential than we know. Please keep up your good work.

  59. Robert Harris Post author

    I've said it before and I'll say it again you deserve a Nobel Prize in literature.

  60. Marin Malatestinić Post author


  61. fukrasulov dragomir Post author

    Awesome ????. Please give some inputs on the PAINTING OF GODS IN THESE CAVES.

  62. NishaOzan Bahadoer Post author

    Omygod so beautiful, how and what can we do to save the paintings? Why is India not doing anything ? This is golddddd

  63. Teresa Calarie Post author

    So amazing to see these ancient artworks! Thank you!?

  64. paulitza9 Post author

    Fascinating … and it is also clearly depicting people that belong to different races and skin colouring … that is particularly interesting … so I really doubt that we will ever come across a pure race on earth as so many claim is possible … I think this alone is worthy to mention … so why do so many people still believe that it is wrong to allow their children to marry someone of different country origin or faith?
    ….. All this hogwash achieves is inbred offsprings .

  65. Kelly Johnson Post author

    Hi buddy I see a lot of India paintings but just wondering how come they painted people green why ??????? Can you tell us why thank you

  66. Vinay Mudi Post author

    Now modern scientists going other planets. Same way thousand of years ago alians came to this world. constructed many rock made books that today technology cont understanding. See that jewel and Jain person it mean some intelligent people went to this places and created stories of God's now we are worshiping. Long back ago there is no transportation food accommodation . In Afghanistan Buddha statue same statue in Andhra Pradesh nagarjuna sagar I am giving only one example. Thousands of years ago how much population in India or in the world. Think wise men what purpose they created ( alians) to divert us know in the name of the God's we are polluting air water for our festival's. I can give more examples Egypt pyramids and rock culture made by alians.

  67. Pratyush Mohapatra Post author

    I think these paintings were made after the building of the caves. Because the caves were made by cutting rocks and why would one polish the rock and then make a painting on it. It's better to carve the figures just like it is done in other caves. I just guess. Pardon me if I'm wrong ?


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