Free astrology remedies – Directionlessness in education destroys life | शिक्षा में दिशाहीनता ?

By | October 9, 2019

Radhey Radhey (Greetings) Today, we will talk about Directionlessness Directionlessness is a small word, but… but if it enters in your life, then it can destroy your life If we talk about education or about employment/job, or if you talk about health directionlessness can destroy your whole life but today we will talk about directionlessness in EDUCATION because education is the most important after birth if directionlessness enters in your academics life at any moment, then you can never forget the consequences whole life. If the planet RAHU enters or located in a specific house in a person’s horoscope then this planet RAHU starts impacting the decisions of the person, especially self-decisions of the person go wrong – a person aspiring to become a doctor would not be able to complete medical education or a person aspiring to become an engineer, would not be able to complete his engineering education or if a person become engineer by chance, then he would not be able to take benefit from his engineering education or that person will not get the desired job We have seen numerous cases in this matter where a person says I am an electrical engineer then I say you might be an electrical engineer by your education but it’s impossible to get a job in this field due to planetary problems the main reason is ‘directionlessness’ at peak in the horoscope at the time of pursuing the desired education let’s talk about Doctor/medical field becoming a Doctor is considered as the most desired profession but I have seen many Doctor’s changing their profession due to directionlessness If directionlessness comes in the field of education then your whole life is ruined & the whole education seems to be of no use when education starts and goes till 10th grade (high school), it seems normal but after high school (10th grade), when students have to make a decision then some students have a special circumstances when we suggest parents not to worry at all about their child because the student is having bright future in such cases, parents don’t need to suggest the child what they should do, the child is brilliant enough to decide about it’s future but that does not mean that another child is not intelligent enough another child is equally intelligent enough but the sub-planet Rahu when situated in a specific house & combination in a horoscope Rahu shows it’s effect by controlling the brain of child because Rahu is a sub-planet and it consists of only head (without body) Rahu controls brain in a way that the child will listen to everyone except parents child will listen to the friends child will listen to school friends child will go on wrong path in life by having wrong addictions child will desire for a lifestyle of independence, enjoyment, & wrong addictions except the education child would like to choose the stream of education in which most of the time is spent outside the house child would not like to stay at home child would like to break the bonds of home for independence this situation is when child is losing the right directions & under the influence of Directionlessness We suggest for these kind of child, that if they listen to their parents from age of 15-25, then you don’t have to listen to anyone in your whole life When Rahu is situated at a certain position in a horoscope, then it destroys the academics life Whenever you, being a parent, feels like your child is directionless in education when you child is not able to do whatever child would like to do in such cases, you should consult an astrologer to rectify the situation of Rahu & the whole situation this is not at all a difficult task a small & very powerful remedy I would tell you all now how you can get saved just by doing a very small remedy that’s a very simple remedy but first, you should know exactly, if this is the problem of Rahu with your child you should know if this remedy is really required or not because generally parents think that my child is doing this mistake, so let’s do the remedy So, I would suggest you should consult with an astrologer about your child you should ask someone (astrologer) before doing this remedy in this critical situation, after checking & analyzing the horoscope then we suggest only one remedy take original saffron, dip that in very small amount of water & apply that orange color water to your belly button daily after taking bath but you should do this remedy before 12 noon & take bath daily you only need to take care of these two pre-requisites this is almost free of cost remedy for all of you for such a critical situation in your child’s educational life I can guarantee you that if a person having Rahu situated in weak position if a person do this remedy, then the benefit of this remedy will be far more than the benefits achieved with a worship of 10 lakh rupees there is no alternative of this remedy, not even by spending 10 lakhs rupees So, it’s better if you or your child is facing such problem due to Rahu if there is disturbance in your education if your decisions are not going fine, you are not getting benefited by what you are doing & your education is keep changing then this remedy would be the most beneficial for you but this remedy you would need to follow for more than 5 years also sometimes because it would not only help you in education but ultimately help you in your job & business also Directionlessness in job/business, I would discuss in upcoming videos but if you will do this remedy, it will help you or your child to remove Directionlessness from education

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  1. Harikrishan Rajput Post author

    Radhey Radhey guruji…. Much needed video for today's youth… Nd thanks for such inspiring and true videoes… Very less people believe that this is the prime reason for their failure or unsuccefullnes … Many of the youngster like us need right guidance at right time so that we could make right decision at right time.. and could save our future from destroying it … Thanks a lot…


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