Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other

By | October 17, 2019

Was it a yes? I mean… should I really answer him? I’m Pierre Exo I’m 24
I’m Stephanie Weinberg. I am 43 years old. And if I could describe our relationship Its fiery Rock-paper-scissors Oh my God, what’s that? You don’t know that- she’s from Europe, so how about you just you go rock okay? Just put your hand out. Just just leave it here rock paper scissors. Okay, you go first Like any couple of this digital world we met through social media specifically IG, Instagram, you actually slid into my DMs and You messaged me about my voice.
Well basically, he liked a few of my pictures and I went on his profile, and I got very interested And I started liking and I start like watching his videos what he’s doing and I’ve been really caught with his voice And I just messaged him, and I I told him that He had an amazing voice, and we started talking like that I was like okay Supermodel. She looks fairly interesting. I think we could get along You’re you’re also slightly intimidating as well. You still are actually Are you kidding me?
Look at that! Oh my God! Really? I mean a little bit.
No way. Oh come on, you’re like a supermodel. You’re like a Swiss supermodel.
You’re a rockstar! There are pictures of you like half naked I would describe our relationship as like like a volcano, just in Mount Vesuvius, just- like they’re like just boiling underneath a saute pan you know? Repay for this medium-rare steak.
Okay? He’s like the pizza, and I’m like the fire Yeah, I mean it’s super passionate. It’s super- I don’t know what I can- what I can Say. It’s super intense. Passionate. This is a good question actually so we actually had an argument and Where I stand is that I don’t really know exactly And I kind of prefer it that way. Our relationship is like the perfect representation of like a digital, Postmodern world where there are absolutely no labels No gender, and no age or like anything to define what the hell we’re experiencing in this short amount of three months And if I could find a label to describe what the hell just happened it would be nearly impossible He’s my boyfriend No yeah, I mean yeah, he knows that but he doesn’t want it But the thing is like I don’t fear any word, and I don’t fear any Problems, like regarding a relationship. He fears these kind of things so for me This is like a normal thing so this guy is my boyfriend. Yes. I want to see him when I have free time I don’t want to see another one Well, I’d like to go with the label-less route I like to think that we’re just doing what we’re doing and we’re having fun doing it I think it’s too soon to say whether we are boyfriend or girlfriend or not But I do I do enjoy the time we spend together and I think it’s important too. Yeah, it’s very important I agree. I know you know it’s another I know it’s fine. I know everything about that To be patient to be patient, I’ve learned to be patient.
To be patient and To listen to him He is- sometimes he’s depressed, is going in this dark place, and I know that you know like sometimes You know you speak and you- you have to just let it out like this you you feel all so better like it’s important And it’s important that he has somebody with who he can talk to and I told him that And I because I want to know him like it’s not that I want just to like hang out. Yeah, that’s That’s cool You know? No I want to know him like I want to know him really you know like also when he’s sad Or he is pissed off or whatever some other- what is making Pierre “Pierre” Yeah Yeah Yeah, I love him of course I think he’s amazing he’s just Otherworldly Yeah I think so. I think it was a yes Was it a yes? You know it already you can feel it anyway. Yeah, I can feel it. Yeah, so of course. I love you Damn I do in one particular way, I mean I’m not even sure what love actually is within myself So maybe I got to figure that out before I start sending it out to other people I know I don’t want to give you the wrong information Who knows if I’m right? With that being said I do care for you a lot, and I hope the best for you And I really support you with everything that you do you You know I get these episodes of like Just complete hopelessness within myself for you to see something and someone as young as me and like to really just Believe in me and the way that you do is something that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced I I don’t want him to be depressed because he has so much in himself He’s so talented and he has everything he could. This is frustrating me so much because I want him to be happy And yeah, this is what I would I would say to him There is opportunity you are so talented you can’t make it like really Right here, and if you make it here you will make it everywhere and you can because you are fucking talented Like you have everything to do it like I trust in you so much, and this is not only me For some reason it’s I’m kind of resistant to believing these things. I don’t know I need I think I need to work on a form of acceptance. But you know I’m just for my whole life. I’m just so used to negative responses and rejections, or it becomes almost weird to receive anything else and You know I almost longed for rejection because that’s all I know But to hear you and believe in me so much, I think you’re slowly teaching me a language that I’m starting to understand And I really thank you for that and that’s why I really care about you I think you’re I think you’re a beautiful person I think you’re extremely unique, and you’re also also extremely talented But on top of that you believe in yourself like no other and that’s something the rest of the world needs to learn and I think that’s one of the big purposes that you have here to show people that I’m gonna cry I’m gonna cry oh my god Yeah, but really you got something special, too And I think I think everyone’s starting to see as well Just like you *quietly* Just like you

100 thoughts on “Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other

  1. Jubilee Post author

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  2. Esther Simon Post author

    This is really intense and deep, like the way he describes their relationship is everything you want it, more than what word can describes, no labels, just caring for each other, supporting and being comfortable; but at the same passionate

  3. piiinkDeluxe Post author

    watching before the follow up. imo, she has codependent tendencies. It is also expressed in her way to dress.

  4. areeba akram21 Post author

    He is ………very hot……in a very dynamic way

  5. Aya Kechout Post author

    I almost long for rejection ..cuz that's all i know ?

  6. Sharlen Simon Post author

    I'm not the only one that thought he was a girl:v

  7. K Beezy Post author

    Pierre can ruin me it’s okay if my feelings will be hurt lmao

  8. Striping with Bella Post author

    I think both of them have issues ! Narcissists won’t get attached but never leave and borderline is clingy and afraid of being abandoned narcissists lack of emotions borderline too much emotions what do they have in common toxicity

  9. karma yoesel Post author

    Men will always be the MAN…. most woman will be always soft and compassionate no matter what; thats why woman are chosen to acquire greatest gift to bear a child… cheers to all wonderful women…

  10. lauchzwiebel Post author

    Everyone who is bashing her after Pierre’s XO video. Look it is way easier to sit in front of a microphone telling your story about a relationship then having a conversation with the person in front of you!

  11. Marcelina OULABO Post author

    We know how to play rock paper scissors in Europe too-

  12. anon amous Post author

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Don't expect too much. She gets a young boy, he gets an older lady. Its a Mrs. Robinson moment isn't it. One day he will wake up and decide to be with someone closer to his own age, or maybe she will get tired of trying to keep up with someone twenty years younger than her. She may start feeling like it's not age appropriate behavior. He's trying to keep her at arms length but she wants more. Already cracks in the relationship. It's probably already over as I've arrived late.

  13. loodilooify Post author

    K in some cultures when two people are involved in a romantic and sexual situation multiple times they are boyfriend and girlfriend.
    It might or might not be the case here but maybe they both had a misunderstanding of what their situation was because in some countries like Brazil, people who see each other intimately like this are namorar. They're "together". It might be weird for her to have this intense relationship with someone and not to be seen as anything in his life.

  14. Kingottakar Post author

    She’s a lunatic, I dunno, my son has just turned 24 and if someone like her had inserted herself into his life and kept ignoring and dismissing his wishes, I’d have kittens. She’s only a couple of years younger than me and he’s probably not used to having to get arsey with middle aged women old enough to be his mother. For someone of 24 pushed multiple times into a corner and totally disrespected because of his polite disposition and age, he’s been remarkably responsible in being mindful of her feelings. Most would have, quite reasonably, run for the hills.

  15. Mistysfedora Post author

    People talk about racism and sexism all day long every day and it is considered acceptable to speak about to the point it is over spoken about—yet AGEISM is all in this comment section and is a common prejudice in life that i don't see most people speaking out against. I am not old yet but i fight against ageism/fight for real issues that does not involve age. One day y'all will eat your words. Please watch how you speak about something like that.

  16. Mistysfedora Post author

    "I almost long for rejection because it is all i have ever known." This is how i feel also. Cool to see someone else relates.

  17. Carissa Elrod Post author

    She reminds me of a "cool mom" who thinks she is just too rad. You think she would wear that jacket and choker if she didn't think he was her boyfriend ?

  18. Payal Tiloki Post author

    He is beautiful and honest and true to himself.

    She is just in love.

    Nothing wrong with how either of them feel, there just needs to be acceptence for the situation on her side.

  19. jayda huntley Post author

    The lady is horrible she is so controlling I don’t like her at all

  20. KN 1215 Post author

    Aww, Pierre. If you don’t know if you love her, let her go, man. Everyone deserves to love, and be loved in return. She’s almost twice your age (not that age matters) but she has less time than you do to find the real deal

  21. A Boy Is No One Post author

    She kept stressing on how passionate their experiences are— how he’s so talented and has so much potential and doesn’t want to let him go. Claiming him as her BF despite him not sharing the same sentiments….

    Yeah Pierre’s got that good dick lol

  22. zola ubbary Post author

    I see this as a guy who politely as possible has tried to get across that they dont want or not ready for a commited relationship and then a women who just wont take no for an answer and in the beginning she got away with it which is wrong and yet i bet if the genders where reversed people would have been outraged.

  23. Alexis Colton Post author

    He obviously doesn’t give consent to this “relationship” and he said that he’s not ready

  24. Momikki Post author

    I think it's so inspiring to hear him talk about all his thoughts. He approaches things so much differen but also very good from what current society does !

  25. Sonya Jersey Post author

    People, don't get it wrong please. It's INTERDIMENSIONAL FUCKBOY

  26. Hannah Post author

    Aww damn watching this made me cry! I hope they are still together! These two are what we call twin flames!! 1 soul split into 2 different bodies.. a perfect match !! Much love to you both may you guys find true happiness together <3

  27. shadowhawk Post author

    He knows how she felt and that she wanted more, but continued to smash knowing full well that his feelings would never change. His words don't match his actions so of course she's confused as to what their relationship means and hes managed to manipulate even the comment section with his words. If he cared about her he would have broken up with her the second he found out they were on a different page instead of using the i just don't like labels. That's dishonest not genuine and selfish. (My opinion)

  28. Miel Post author

    ?Words only deep minded will understand.

    This video has proven that we can control people's feelings quite easily.

    Types of People in the comments:

    1| Watch the video for the first time and sympathy with the Mistress.

    2| Who watched the videos from his channel and then sympathized with him.

    From my point of view, they are both wrong. Do not listen to any side and do not relate to any side, whatever their pain is similar to ours. We should not change our opinion as if it were a weak tree easily uprooted by the wind.

    Don’t let your emotion blind your clarity.

    Sometimes the lack of informations prevents us from creating a true and neutral opinion, and YouTube is just a branch of Media

    YouTube is like politics, we see (through the lens) and we don't know how to picture (from behind the lens).

    if the world function with their emotions, then Its easy for me to run away with my past or pain or the fact I am young and still figuring out.. man, with this mindsets we will sure oppress a lot of people.

    Take care.


    I bet he's kool to hangout with and go to concerts with


    This is Alpha male game…. This is how you drive a woman crazy… And make her do anything you want. Sex money anything… She will always crave his attention bc he will not give her what she wants…


    He's her bf….. If another Alpha Male came round trying to slide between her legs he'd start tripping….. facts

  32. dayae kwak Post author

    Thank you Jubilee for this video, the people, and series. Regardless of the end results, honest interactions like these are rare.

  33. jill Grierson Post author

    It’s important not to use other people and their affections to figure your stuff out. Don’t need other people to build you up in order to have confidence. It’s young, but it’s also using someone for their experience.

  34. Oops_i_ Did_it_again Post author

    I came here after the follow-up video. I know their relationship didn’t last, and it was imperfect, like everyone in the comments seems keen to point out, but something about it is so intriguing to me. They were not perfect for each other, but who really is? Everyone is so obsessed with a perfect relationship but I don’t think that takes away from the beauty of this one. They both enjoyed their time together, and maybe it wasn’t true love, but both went away from it having learned a lot and became better people from it.

  35. xxjust. aj Post author

    " I'm not even sure what love actually is within myself. So maybe I need to find that out before I start sending it to other people " – Pierre

    This line hits me really hard. It made me remember why I am single for 4 years now. I'm single coz I started to figure out that I really don't know what love really is. Now I am starting to love myself but still I had a long way to go. Love yourself first before you give love to others.

  36. Ocean Goddess Post author

    I don’t see this as a problem. I see a relationship where he is leading her on by even doin this episode of “couples” with her. He knows what she wants and she’s just a nice person. He craves the attention she gives her but doesn’t want a relationship.

  37. namedarmybybts Post author

    She's old enough to be his mom, why is she staring at him like a snack

  38. Xonndy Kats Post author

    She's beautiful, bu hell her voice is nails in a chalkboard, but her accent makes up for it 100%, adorable! And she really knows how to communicate her love for him, even tho he's rejecting her in a way. He's saying goodbye.
    But girl, idk your name but I admire the hell outta u ?✌?

  39. Amber Castle Post author

    “He’s my boyfriend.”
    “Does he know that?”
    “No-Yeah I mean yeah he knows that but he doesn’t want it.”

    Like what?! ????
    The lack of consent in this video is suffocating and terrifying. Glad he’s no longer in that situation.

  40. laika trbl Post author

    The way he said his word felt like he said it directly to me, idk if it's because of the atmosphere wherever I was but honestly I could possibly inlove with him or nah.

  41. Jocelyn Veronica Post author

    I slid into those DM’s and I got nothing ?

  42. Paris Fenty Post author

    I think he’s just scared to fall in love and he’s scared of what other people might think of their relationship but anyways he has an amazing way of speaking so who wouldn’t also love him ❤️??

  43. rosy cat Post author

    Ok so besides how controlling this lady is, his voice is really hot.

  44. Father Of Gains Post author

    I dont know how or why… but this guy has a huge swagger cool factor. Haha he's the sasuke

  45. gyllespie Post author

    When I first saw Pierre I thought he was another Jeffree Star type of Youtuber/Vlogger. But once I started listening to his presentation the dude is just as much of straight male as say for example Mike Tyson. It's crazy how personality makes physical appearance diminish.

  46. Holly Boa Post author

    Totally thought it was a female female relationship.
    Whenever he isn’t talking I forget that he is a guy.

  47. Tooth Less Post author

    I totally get what he means. But also, Stephanie is very lovely. I wish they could fully understand eachother. I mean, I wish that for every couple.

  48. Thadnill Post author

    He seems to be a lot more mature and well spoken than her even if he's just 24 and she 41

  49. A Datta Post author

    For me he is more honest, self aware, understanding and practical. .. he didn't give no false hopes and is constantly trying to work on himself first because he doesn't want it to be an issue for others… him saying he needs to work in himself first before being with anyone is a good point…

  50. Zara Jauregui Post author

    Who else clicked thinking this was going to be gay? ?

  51. Miss Silvia Post author

    She needs to move on. He only likes her and not in love. He has no interest in being with her in the long run.

  52. Chrysi Chrysi Post author

    Oh lawrd….if someone asks you "do you love this person?" and you don't…then just say "no". "Do you see yourself in a serious relationship with this person?" If the answer is a clear "no" then just say that. Nobody wants to look like the A-hole but we all have to learn how to do this sometime in our lives if we want to avoid drama. It's called taking responsibility for your own actions. The whole run-around he's giving her ist creeping me tf out. That "DAAAAMMN" and long winded explanation was just as unnecessairy. After all, he WAS sleeping with her but just didn't want more and she was treating him as if he'd just previously proposed to her.?‍♀️ Weirdest sh*t I've seen in a long time.

  53. Wilbur rodriguez Post author

    Guy looks completely feminine, but is totally confident alpha male, very interesting.

  54. White Heart Post author

    The anime fuckboy looking guy in real life

    Just from his outfit not his personalty

  55. Dumebi Ozor Post author

    Sis is in a situationship and she doesn't even know it yet ?

  56. Switch Blade Post author

    He needs a complete makeover,?? thought he was a girl…

  57. Brianna Williams Post author

    To those who keep commenting on what she said about him being her boyfriend: She means abstractly. The concept thereof; how we have defined "girlfriend and boyfriend things" as a society, he is her boyfriend. Jeeeeeez. I just feel like people are being dense on purpose.

  58. Anaïs Seurin Post author

    When he will stop their relationship she will turn completely psycho and stalking him… Or even worst because she sound like the type of girl who is just possessive as creepy point…

  59. SkrinkDaSkrodluva Post author

    His response translated: I like her, but if something better comes along…

  60. Pauline S Post author

    She's teaching him a new language. Sorry that's beautiful. ☺

  61. AsianNoscopes Post author

    “Our relationship is fire!! Like a volcano!!”

    “He’s like the pizza I’m the fire!!!”

    “We are like a medium rare steak!”

    Haha their relationship is awesome

  62. Benefit Counterbench Post author

    It looks like a real-life dorama about a fan and her bias.

  63. alexi Post author

    watching this video labeled as a friends with benefits video and hearing her say that she like, fell in love with him is a bit off putting for me. its clear that he seems not comfortable with being in a relationship or being labeled as a “boyfriend” with her.


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