Full Moon in Aries – September 25, 2018

By | October 25, 2019

Hey woo-lovers, Lee from StraightWoo.com here
with the Full Moon in aries reading and before we get into that and before we try to make
Cosmos out of chaos. Two things. Two wee announcements. One is that this reading and everything else
I’m doing right now is very much being supported and funded by my Patreon supporters. Patreon is an easy way to chuck a few bits
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download will be out in less than two weeks and I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview
of what that would look like so I’m just going to flip right now onto my screen and show
you that and then I’ll get into the Full Moon in Aries reading. So to give you a sense of what these look
like (typo…hello). This would be a part of what would come to
somebody who is Aries risings if you were Aries rising, you would get some of these
screens talking about you know the spaces of the chart that Venus retrograde is happening
for you. We would go through all of the different aspects
of this, so this is Venus and Uranus (Venus opposite Uranus) which is happening across
Scorpio and Taurus as well as Libra and Aries. There’s the Venus Saturn sextile and the Venus
squares to the node which is happening across two different points of the chart as well. And there’s a whole, I mean this is like only
one part of the course. Flipping back to myself, there’s this one
part of the download that you would get a lot. There’s going to be stuff about Venus and
Scorpio vs Libra and Venus in general so you’ll get some insight into your own chart and there’s
even going to be bonus material on asteroid Juno Goddess of marriage who will also be
going retrograde during the same time as the Venus retrograde. Just stuff to know. So now – Full Moon in Aries. Thank you for my for allowing my my promo
time. Full Moon in Aries. My thought on this one. First is that I’m deciding to read this full
moon. For the better because I just am. It’s a tough it’s a tough one and I feel like
I’ve been saying that a lot. Like every two weeks but we have been hit…. We’ve been getting a couple of tough lunations
and it feels like it wasn’t really letting up. The New Moon in Virgo was pretty good but
almost all the nations of the summer were pretty dense I would say if not intense this
one is not really any different. So technically if we were to look at this
from a very brass bones technical perspective Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron (ouch). Planet cum comet of wounding and healing square
to Saturn (ouch daddy that hurts) planet of limits, boundaries, discipline, authority. The Thou Shall Not Pass Go of the universe. And then the moon is also square to asteroid
Vesta. And asteroid Vesta is like, in this kind of
configuration is the mean old Nun that has nothing good to say to you. No good messages of hope and tenderness. So. We’re in a tight spot. We’re in a tight spot with this full moon. But here is my vibe. You know Carrie Fisher, the late Carrie Fisher
RIP, had a saying ‘take your broken heart and make art’. I think this full moon can be summed up with
‘take all that navel-gazing and make something amazing’. And where I’m coming from with that is that
Moon square to Vesta. You know actually, I’m going to back it up
just a second and start from a different place which is that Chiron and Saturn this summer
have been in a near square for almost the whole summer. It never became exact. Do you know where you can actually read about
this? I did write about it in my 2017/2018 PDF. It’s right on my home page. In fact I’ll put a link below for this as
well, I go through all the major aspects and changes for 2017 & 2018, kind of break them
down in very easy to understand language and I remember if I’m not wrong writing about
this for the 2017 part of that PDF, Saturn Square Chiron. And what we expect or what we experience I
think, when we’ve got Saturn and Chiron in a tough aspect whether that is an opposition
or whether that is a square is the reality that time (Saturn) is the only thing that
really heals (Chiron). I’m famous for making the statements ‘in the
West, in the West, in the West, in the West’ – but – in the West and in our culture we
view things as changeable by force of will which is very much a Aries thing. Aries is brawn. All brawn, all bark, all bite as well, in
fact. It’s a very tough, ruddy sign that’s ready
to go out and use force. Sheer force and enthusiasm. It’s not just force of will and this brute
force there’s also a sense with Aries that is about the enthusiasm that when will meets
with enthusiasm -whoosh- it just makes things happen, makes things come into being. But. We can’t force healing. We can’t force it whether it happens in the
physical body or in the emotional body. Any of you that have suffered on either level
know this for yourself. It has its own timeline. It has its own need to unfold as it must. We can try to better the process or help it
along. We can, if it’s physical we can try to do
all the right things that present the best state physically to heal and to regenerate. But it won’t work miracles. Things need time (Saturn). On the emotional level too we can…we’ve
all hit this wall before where it’s like…Jeff Foster has an amazing video about this about
‘still’ – why do I ‘still’ feel this way. You know this idea that I’m doing my downward
dogs, I’m namast’aying fucking chilled out, I’m taking my supplements and eating the things
that I’m supposed to eat and whatever. Why do I ‘still’ feel this way. We can all, even though we’re doing all the
‘right’ things hit serious fucking walls with our own healing process and we can find ourselves
kind of circling that same old drain that’s so fucking familiar because we’ve been here
so many times and it feels wrong. It feels wrong to still be in that place and
to feel as if we have not made the progress we feel we are owed from our dedication or
by our process or by all the things that we’ve been putting into place. So Saturday and Chiron have been colluding
(collusion!) they’ve been colluding with one another this summer and kind of in this little
dance that has again never come perfectly exact but has been very very nearly in orb
enough to make it self feel or be felt. So you might want to take a look at the parts
of your chart ruled by Capricorn and Aries and understand that if you have been hitting. walls ‘why am I still here?/Why has this still
not moved on?/Why am I having this same problem?’…Know that some of that has probably been teased
out by this not exact but close enough Saturn Chiron square. So what’s happening is the moon is getting
entangled in this configuration. Saturn is over there. Chiron’s up there. The moon is just dangling right there kind
of almost bringing energy to the configuration and animating it because that’s what the moon
does – the moon draws energy as it moves across around the chart, kind of like like a little
celestial postman, handing out goods. So if I think about Moon in Aries. I normally think about bravery and think about
chutzpa, I think about courage. I think about really yang masculine style
courage and I don’t mean to entangle that with gender but I’m totally thinking about
the kind of personality that moves confidently into something. They don’t even think because they’re they’re
so rooted in themselves and in trust with themselves that they act. And they act from this very clean place of
like ‘I know what I’m doing. And this is fine.’ That’s Moon in Aries. Moon in Aries can also be reactive but in
actually quite a healthy way because it can be quite data in/data out. I always often say that Moon in Aries is child-like
optimally, not childish. Because Aries is quite often called the child
of the zodiac which is in large part a misnomer. But Moon in Aries can be child-like and the
positive way of being childlike is to have emotions come in the front door, to not shut
down on them, to express them and to react. And to let them be experienced so that you
can let go of them, and that is totally Moon in Aries. Moon in Aries people can be in an absolute
white-hot blinding rage about something but they get it out and five minutes later can
be laughing about it and laughing about how crazy angry they were. And you’re going -oooh-…for those of us
who grew up in weird childhoods and homes, we’re like, is it done yet? Is this a farce? Are you gonna double back on me? But Moon in Aries is often quite clean as
a vessel that way. Emotions come in, they’re felt, they’re processed,
they’re whipped right out the back door, and then – okay. Now we’re moving on to something new. Boom-boom-boom, or, Bish, bash, bosh, as the
British would say. So Moon in Aries is getting entangled in this,
and normally courageous, bright shiny, forceful Moon is getting tangled in this little web,
or pain and limits, the healing that requires times, the things that we can’t force, the
boundaries that must be respected. Painful limits, the places where we see our
own limitation and instead of with that very kind of naive, youthful (because that would
be the Aries way) that naive youthful wish to kind of like supersede it or surpass it
or ‘there must be something that can be done about this’. We’ve all also experienced that part in adulthood
where, where there are reckonings and the only reckoning that must be done is acceptance
– not change – just acceptance. And I’m even thinking of that great..trying
to think. It’s not Victor Frankl. But it’s a quote about you know quite often
when we meet circumstances that can’t be changed. We are challenged to change ourselves. That that is one of the big I think crux points
of knowing that you’ve reached a certain level of maturity. Hitting painful limits and knowing that there
is nothing to be done but acceptance. That there will be no bypassing. Whatever is in front of you that there will
be no, again kind of ingenue, quick-witted clever sly way to jump past it. That this will hurt, that this will take time. This is real and I simply must accept this. That’s a real I think point to maturity. A lot of us can remember almost like where
and when we were when we had that kind of lesson. And you know that the second place. Actually continuing on that just for a second
here is that. So you know Moon square Saturn anyway looks
like not getting something you want, not satisfied, not getting emotionally fulfilled. Having the itch that doesn’t get scratched. Being or feeling as if you are in a dynamic
which cannot fulfil you, that cannot meet you halfway. I was just was like singing The Black Eyed
Peas song in my head. So there is a sense with Moons square Saturn
of austerity, of coldness. Here’s this warm vibrant, fiery Moon in Aries
and Saturn in Cap is kind of like, you know, like a cool breeze that threatens to take
down the flame. And Moon square Vesta this is where I get
the navel-gazing. Moon square Vesta is deeply introspective
but sometimes too much so. It gets into real devolutionary doom-loop
cycles where it’s kind of again like circling the drain where we just get hooked on to a
thought or a feeling. We can’t let it go. We’re like a dog to the bone. And it can result in some real introspection
bordering on navel gazing which is why my vibe at this Full Moon is like, ‘Take all
that navel-gazing and make something amazing’. If you are going to get caught in the loop,
if you’re going to get caught into this devolutionary sense of what’s going on and getting like
you know stuck on the really unsatisfying merry-go-round of psychic life where were
hooked very deeply into something that’s not productive as a thought or thought pattern. Use that energy to galvanize you in that very
Aries way to do something, to move, to make a change, to make a break, to be courageous. In a sense, and you know, this is like my
second theme for this Full Moon. You know, one is ‘take the navel-gazing, make
something amazing’. The second part for me is the flaming sword
and the flaming sword is actually from Genesis. It’s from the Bible. I first turned up the image of the flaming
sword when I was doing research into Black Moon Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith,
something that some of you know that I’ve written quite a long form piece about and
which I’ve really done a lot of work on. But the flaming sword was a flaming sword
that was left at the Garden of Eden to protect it. And it would swivel. And what’s amazing about the flaming sword
it was like the idea that when you read back some of the Midrash commentary on this is
that it’s sometimes a devil, it’s sometimes an angel, and sometimes a man and sometimes
a woman, and sometimes judgment and sometimes love. And I find this a really fascinating image
anyway. And in fact Lilith was supposed to be attached
to the devil side and the side of judgment. If the sword was swiveling towards love that
she she couldn’t be present. But that if the sword went fully towards judgment
that she would you know that was her, that was her moment and she would jump out and
do her evil-doing. But I was thinking about the flaming sword
as an image. Because we’re in Aries, because it’s a fire
sign. Because the lunation ruler Mars is conjunct
Black Moon Lilith. So there’s something Lilith-esque about this
Full Moon. I’m also going to be honest I had a really
funny chat with my mother earlier in the day and she reminded me of that old phrase which
is ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’. And quite often – we all do it – we built
up something that’s approaching faith, something like faith or something like a spiritual backbone
or a thesis a way to encounter the world and understand it. But that narrative or theory can have the
odd hole in it. And my experience was that you know Shamanic
work is really really important to me it’s really important in my spiritual journey it’s
important to me personally and it’s important to the astrological work I do in the in the
perspective it gives me. To I hope not speak power to truth, but speak
truth power, excuse me, but to speak truth about stars, to bring cosmos out of chaos. And I’ve made major life decisions based on
some of the things that I see in my Shamanic works and the visions I have and some of the
things that are visited upon me. But every now and again I have vision I don’t
like, I have a thing I see that I don’t like to see and…I doubt it. I close down on it and I think well you know
or you know genuinely in the moments where I’m kind of in very deep conversation with
something higher than myself I’ll be like ‘What do you mean by that?. You know you said X, Y, Z, I said I don’t
like X,Y,Z. Tell me what you mean by that’. You know and I will doubt that voice, I will
doubt the message, I will doubt the vision. And even that is very moon square Vesta because
Vesta is a spiritual servant, Vesta is the archetype of the nun. She’s the Temple Priestess she’s the person
that, if she doesn’t live by the sword die by the sword, she lives by the flame, dies
by the flame because her job is to keep that eternal flame going, hence the world eternal. And it is I think the visions you have, the
thoughts you have, the dreams you have that you don’t like that become fears and anxieties
that fuel a pattern like Moon square Vesta. We don’t like something that’s come in. Maybe for you it’s just something more mundane
at this moment. Maybe it’s a message from somebody, maybe
it’s a confrontation you have with somebody; maybe for the more esoteric-minded of you
in the group it is going to be something that’s spiritual. You know we have a very lucid dream where
I see something that I really don’t like and we attach to that thing. We might even ignore the rest of the dream
or the message or the thing or the confrontation that was good and that was positive that was
healthy and we will hook towards the thing that we don’t like and we will focus on that
thing and again it will be the devolutionary loop. Thinking about it, worrying about, it burning
up this kind of… You know, taking the energetic space of it
and just going like Whooosh because we are giving it so much time/energy/thought/space. So I also want to invite you to live by the
sword, die by the sword, you know, put put some of your your theories about faith and
about life to the test. If you find yourself at this full moon in
a place where you’re meeting limits. Painful limits, seeing that the things that
you wanted to push by sheer force of will are not going to move that fast and are not
going to be, you know, messed around. You know I would say just that. You know try to put some of these things to
the test, try to put your faith in the test. The Aries Moon always is about the bravery,
the courage, about backing yourself. About knowing you know, Aries is the sign
of the spring, we’re here at the Fall Equinox, so Full Moon in Aries is always around the
Fall Equinox because Aries is the sign of the Spring Equinox. New Moon Aries and the sign of Aries is the
spring equinox and it is that idea, yhat no matter how small the seed, or small the sapling,
or miniature the form of something, there is this entire tidal wave of nature and energy
behind it that will push it. That will make it happen, that will make it
grow, that will force it to gestate into something larger. No matter how tiny it starts off that is the
spring equinox. We’re Just emerging out of the darkness of
the winter solstice, we’re just coming out of that enough to have equal day and nights
that rebirth is possible. But I think, I guess the interesting thing
that makes the rebirth possible is not like the actual form that things take. It is the reality and the knowing that behind
each of these tiny little forms there is this tidal wave, this tsunami of energy, that is
available on this Earth, through nature through wilderness, through life that is pushing you. You always have in some way even if you don’t
really feel it, the wind at your back. And that’s. That’s what I feel at this Full Moon in Aries. I’m. I’m fully, full-on Aries at this Full Moon. I really want to take what’s good out of this
chart and what I feel is good – and there’s a lot of tough stuff here – is that knowing…Is
that backing yourself because there is something more to you and something more that can work
through you and will push you towards what’s there for you, for what’s coming. No matter if you have met the painful limit. That’s just one of all possible iterations
or possibilities that there’s so much more out there – that, that to me is one of the
thrumming core beliefs of Aries. You fall down, you get back up, there’s something
else – let’s go. You know that there is that galvanizing energetic
sense that I really hope you can tack onto and feel confident about at this moment. And you know this is really also, it’s like
the last purge of the Mars retrograde because this is a Mars-ruled lunation (Mars rules
Aries). Mars is just a week or two from of coming
out shadow. It is releasing from its last Mars-Uranus
square and it is building towards its last and final Mars-South Node conjunction. So this to me is the last ebb and flow, the
last purge of the Mars retrograde as well. And I think with Mars powerfully trining or
in really beautiful aspect to the sun and Mercury you should have this sense of energy
and you should have the sense of a force of will and of mind, like mental power to push
through things. And I think further, you know, one of the
ways that things could come out at this full moon – and I would urge you to try to find
a good container for doing so – is Lilith type stuff and if you haven’t read my piece
on the Lilith, Google that on straightwoo, if you just put straightwoo.com Lilith it
should it should come straight up. But Lilith is really…True Black Moon Lilith,
which is the point I use…is really something incredibly wild and instinctual. Very bodily, very impulse driven. And there could be a real letting go. Or a profound drive to stop compromising. You know maybe that’s what this Full Moon
will be about. Maybe that’s it. Maybe in the face of all these painful limits
and the no’s and the kind of denials and having the stark reality that there are certain things
we are not going to push by force of will and that somethings we’re going to have to
accept. Maybe Lilith is the answer. Lilith themes I think could be important here
are to stop compromising, to retreat and retract if you need to in order to heal, maybe not
even to heal. You know sometimes we need to go just be angry,
just be livid, just be sour and acidic. And almost to let those emotions rise and
do it in a way that we are on our own and then it’s there for our own personal process
and not something that we’re just throwing on to other people because it’s convenient. And I also think you know it in a way and
this is something I hope to both write about and make a course about sometime soon is that
Lilith is a lunar heroine response to the solar heroes. Solar heroes are eternally fighting and getting
into physical confrontations with external enemies where there’s a really clear good/evil
binary, you know that the solar hero is the good guy and the other guys the evil. He has to vanquish that person and that’s
the whole point. But when we analyze those myths and we analyze
those stories we talk about an internal struggle and internal chaos that simply shows itself
as an external partner, you know, he sees the enemy and he vanquishes the enemy. He must defeat something, but the real enemy
is probably something inside of himself that is really an internal war or struggle that’s
being fought not an external one. Lilith is almost the flipside. She looks like she destroys and she kills
and that she has this rather evil role. But I think the death that she brings about
is internal death that we must face. Maybe certain materialisms, maybe certain
out-of-sync spiritual values, maybe some parts of us that are divergent and which no longer
dovetail with where we’re headed. And I think this could be part of the process
there could be something very Lilith about this. So I think I’ll leave it there friends. I hope this has been useful. Let me know in the comments. Let me know either on Facebook or YouTube
or on the blog wherever you’re reading this, how you’re doing at this full moon and how
you’re getting on with living by the sword, dying by the sword. Lots of love to you guys as always and I will
speak to you soon. Take care. Bye.

5 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aries – September 25, 2018

  1. Ginagal9 Post author

    Thanks Lee!! So, so accurate; I have Moon in Aries and Saturn in Pisces at last degree. PAIN & Impatience!

  2. Mister Bo Post author

    Great video Lee.

    This whole video kept reminding me of the character Jax Teller from SOA. He seems so much like Aries Moon interacting with a life filled with these kind of aspects at play

    I have definitely begun feeling that as difficult and potentially complicated (and rewarding and transformative) as any upcoming challenges may be, there is a sense that it's all fated, or destined, and there's no turning back, so I might as well dig in, and be ready to do the work

  3. MischievousS Post author

    My Moon is in Aries on 17 Degrees, my TF's Moon is on the exact same degree.. Oooh my…..
    Not to mention that my Rising Sign is Libra 😀 In addition, I'm Leo (the North Node just passed my nathal Sun, Mercury and Mars in Leo, the three planets square my nathal Saturn in Scorpio), my TF's Sun is in Scorpio (Aquarius Rising) and his Venus is in Libra… This full Moon must be SOMETHING! The wierd thing is I don't feel anything unusual at all… Beside the fact that this whole year to me is overall a bunch of mess that I can't put into words 😀

  4. jitkasuarez Post author

    It was because of something(--ahem– someone who I believe has Aries rising!!!) unexpectedly wonderful that occured to me during this new moon that convinced me to come out to my sister! Albeit two months later… but I was very aware of the Aries childlike energy. Very positive, very healthy! I now know that Lilith was involved (I'm tired of living in denial ) and I'm so grateful. Great work as always, Lee!


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