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By | August 17, 2019

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of the other people in your life okay Gemini happy birthday okay so I have a
special effect for you on camera now Gemini’s we’re going to first analyze
the card so then I’m gonna give you your love card as well for matters of the
heart I will give you some more messages additional messages that I channeled for
you for may 2019 and then I’ll give you a motivational message for you to take
with you into the month of May okay so let’s get started Gemini okay two of
Pentacles reversed two of cups reversed interesting two cards four of cups
upright okay the hanged man reversed okay and the ace
of Pentacles reversed okay so Gemini’s I’m getting a quick sense for a lot of
you the ace of Pentacles will play out 5050 so both in the positive and with
potentially some difficulties as well so that’s pretty good message there at
least you know that you’ll get a win as well so let’s get started so we have for
you the hanged man reverse which is interesting I like
every single zodiac sign video that I’ve done has one or two Major Arcana cards
minimum for the month of May and so it’s certainly an interesting month of
closures and dings beginnings is what I was told from the spirit guides now so
you have the hanged man reversed okay so Gemini in the month of May there could
be the sense that you’re really pushing through barriers you’re forcing
breakthroughs you’re maybe even encouraging others to get going get
active there’s not a sense of hanging in the background there’s not a sense of
hanging or being laid but too laid-back about some area of your life I feel like
you’re pushing your you’re active you’re not inactive you’re more active about
things you’re you’re more what is there’s this activism you’re more on top
of things you’re more proactive I should say yeah
you’re more proactive about things in the month of May 2019 in some area of
your life I feel like you’re saying I feel I have to be so some of you are
saying to me is Sonika I feel like I have to be there’s no other way around
this or no other way to be in this situation I have to be proactive about
it I have to stay on top of things it’s very encouraging I do get a flavor
of encouragement in this hanged man reverse for you Gemini’s this is also
this element of possibly for some of you you may have a little bit of a hard time
with patience in the month of May somebody may kind of get on your nerve
somebody could make you a little bit emotionally reactionary that’s a
possibility as well it’s also this theme of breaking through delays obstructions
right so you can’t to do it anymore you you want to move faster than that
slow pace or what slow progress you have seen and so you’re pushing things they
keep saying to me the hangman in Reverse can sometimes also be this element of
not willing to self-sacrifice so maybe being a little bit more robust a little
bit more demanding a little bit more uncompromising in some area of your life
you’re not going to give up this you’re not going to give up that you’re not
going allowed this to go on so there is
something here about not being self sacrificial in various ways now for some
of you that might be necessary right and for others you it’s good that
you are not this way or you know it’s gonna be in different circumstances so
what I’m trying to say is that for you Germanized
it may not always be the best you know the best way to approach a situation in
that you are being let’s say self-interested or selfish but sometimes
you have to be right so it’s gonna be different for each one of you it’s a
general reading keep that in mind but see how it plays out it’s a fascinating
card I feel this this hanged man I get a lot of activity a lot of rocketing
forward moving things forward pushing things forward so you might be some of
you quite pushy characters possibly you’re encouraging others you’re
motivating others or you’re motivating a situation forward so you might be pushy
for some reason in the month of me now keep in mind Gemini’s there are no hard
starts and stops – energy flows life is very fluid and some people actually
believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a
major major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign
so some of you Gemini’s will start to feel these energies in the last eight or
nine days of April 2019 and then you will feel these energies again in major
or minor in subtle or more visibly apparent concrete ways through May 2019
okay so April and May across April and May okay it’s gonna be very different
for each one of you everybody’s got a different life story different things
going on in their lives two of Pentacles reversed okay now the two of Pentacles
reversed here Gemini’s indicates some of you I feel like this is your willpower
your freewill being exercised and you’re saying you know what I don’t want to
carry this load anymore or I don’t want to do this anymore I don’t want to be
involved in this anymore I don’t want to carry the burden or this responsibility
anymore so you’re literally letting the somethingö you’re letting a ball drop
here some of you however could be letting some things possibly fall
through the cracks so there may be some instability feeling overwhelmed too much
going on maybe unable to handle it all unable to
juggle it all effectively some of you may not be willing to put on a show
you may not be one willing to you know highlight your talents or your gifts or
be in the spotlight and do something extraordinary do something unusual do
something where there is a balancing act of some sort relevant so some of you are
kind of walking away from that there’s an energy reduction here with this two
of Pentacles reversed for some of you this two of Pentacles reversed however
can be a little bit of a hard time maybe making a decision not able to
effectively crisply assess and weigh up the pros and cons in the situation so
this could either be you know going down the wrong road going down down the wrong
path or it could be the sense of confusion lack of clarity and you’re
just you’re you’re just in a dilemma you’re feeling like you’re in a dilemma
in some area of your life Gemini’s in the month of May some of you
for most of you I do feel this is overload like too many things sometimes
if you have your own business it could be too many orders too much of that
going on so see how this theme plays out there could be something here about also
abundance issues trying to grow something trying to gain abundance
working on a special work project something related to your workplace or
something related to entrepreneurship something of your own and it’s a little
bit of a it’s a harder there’s a harder go at it and there’s something a little
bit of a there’s there’s there’s something here about the guide say to me
a harder push and delays obstruction and you don’t want to give up they say like
don’t you got to figure out a way you just have to keep a cool mind and not
allow yourself to get overwhelmed and trip up over yourself okay for others
however this two of Pentacles and reverse Gemini’s could also be a holiday
vacation resting relaxation you know your work is done
so there could be actually a conclusion to your work or
your involvement in something there could be closure here and so there’s no
reason for you to continue remaining focused and really very strongly focused
on some balancing act you’re just you’re complete some job is
complete it’s time for the exit or it’s time to maybe resign or let go in some
ways okay you also have Gemini’s the four of cups
up right now the four of cups up right here indicates hesitation caution
suspicion maybe not wanting to be available to
someone or some option a path maybe there are availability issues maybe
you’re trying you know you’re you’re looking at your three cups you’re
looking at what you already have you’re looking for something else to come to
you or be available to you or be offered to you or just simply be available you
know in your reality and maybe what ends up being available to you is maybe
subpar or it’s giving you mixed feelings possibly you’re not so certain about it
so in case you are chasing they say to me your spirit guides are saying this
right now Gemini’s in case you are chasing or
looking after looking for really pursuing excellence you may find you may
not be very certain if it’s meeting that standard whatever does become available
to you so these are mixed feelings for some of you about something on offer or
available to you about an option a path of some sort a path for you for you some
of you Gemini’s this four of cups upright is going to be a bit of
standoffish uptight energies not wanting to get involved you know kind of being
by yourself solitude possibly retreat meditation yoga it could be very much
self-care you know in a more solitary way or meditation you know could even be
group meditation but you’re really you know on your own it isn’t something
you’re really doing with in terms of you know interacting with another so there
could be various forms of self-care self-care rituals going on here
and some of you your eyes may be shut to what’s available and out there you’re
not looking in that direction some of you this is you know sitting easy or
sitting well and or really wanting to sit in your comfort zone you’re not
willing to you know what’s that saying pull your neck out or stick your neck
out do something a little bit outside of your comfort zone or accept something a
bit unfamiliar to you just right now some of you are very settled and are
okay and are proud about and I just you’re like very certain and are very
much ok with what is your comfort zone sometimes that can even be feelings like
for example when you may have like a man in your life who’s not willing to open
up to you emotionally or you may have a woman in your life
who’s maybe not willing to open up or change or transform in different ways
and so this is sometimes that that vibe but this is that reluctancy to try
something new to open up but to reveal instead we have constriction restriction
guarded and there’s self protective energies for whatever reason so see how
this theme plays out with the four of cups definitely very dynamic
multifaceted energy here for you Gemini’s very interesting and some of
you I feel like you’re just taking that time to really analyze and think through
something so some of you this four of cups is maybe a bunch of paperwork a
contract to sign an agreement to sign maybe a job offer but I feel like you’re
really thinking through this carefully before you sign off or before you agree
so there’s something here going on like this for some of you Gemini’s so this is
like analysis self-reflection in a reflection or analysis upon something
outside of you something outside of you so this is analytical energy definitely
here taking time to think things through thinking carefully or just a lot of
thoughts going on in your mind with this four of cups in the month of May twenty
nineteen for you know various reasons everybody’s got different things going
on in their lives okay you also have a Germanized
the ace of Pentacles reversed and now the ACE
Pentacles actually know they’re telling me to go with the two of God okay so you
have the two of cups reverse now the two of cups reversed here Gemini’s indicates
some of you I feel like this will be relatively minor disagreement for some
of you and I feel like you’ll just come back together or patch things up after
that so there’s a little bit of minor contentious points minor contention and
then I just feel like you know you’re you’re working things out or you’re
working together again with somebody else or you know you just kind of get
over it and you continue the partnership or continue to do things together in
some ways so there because this most for many of you I feel this is minor however
because this is a general reading Gemini’s the two of cups in Reverse can
also be something a little bit more major or more severe could be break ups
release separation letting go parting ways different paths different life
stories different destinies for now or forever you know again you can always
get your own personal relationship readings from me for everybody you know
colleagues love partners potential partners family members family relations
but the two of cups in Reverse does indicate also sometimes can to get a
can’t strike a deal cannot strike a deal the contract doesn’t go through
disagreements right discrepancies differences differences that cannot be
you know somehow pieced together in a cohesive way these are also sometimes
challenges with transactional energy so buying of goods and services or
exchanging something may not be very easy or just may not happen there could
even be a loss of maybe an account or a client at work as an example so this is
like parting ways going different different paths for some of you there
may be emotional or anger issues health issues that are a concern here sometimes
it could be that maybe it’s time now for somebody to you know part ways in in a
more pivotal way but for most of you I feel this is a minor this is a minor Meinert if I think they call our minor
tussle or minor I’m really a tussle I just feel minor disagreement maybe not
being able to see eye to eye with somebody for a moment and then you know
you get over it but maybe that moment I feel like it teaches you something it
shows you something about that other person
sometimes it’s wondering who do you fit in with where do you fit in you know
who’s your person where do you belong and and there could be challenges also
with friendships here as well with the two of cups reversed sometimes it’s
somebody not being able to be with you not being able to be with you in person
so there could be distance long distance issues as well
distance issues of some sort somebody’s maybe not be able to be with you for
your birthday as an example or it’s not there you may be also wondering about a
passed away loved one or a pet possibly now Gemini’s you also have in May 2019
the ace of Pentacles reversed which is gonna play out fifty-fifty for most of
you so that’s a good thing so you’re gonna get maybe an offer an opportunity
an option something to weigh up something to consider I do see many of
you embracing it implementing it using it establishing it becoming one with it
or just we’re gonna embrace and get bringing into your life very positive
energy here in another area of your life though or in the same area may be that
whatever that doe does come in or that becomes available or an option to you
for help for support for money for whatever it may be some form of support
for you or a positive token of some sort there’s gonna be possibly some mixed
feelings about it or there’s like maybe it comes with strings attached there may
be some things that are disagreeable to you about this possibly some of you I
feel like you’re not getting what you feel you’re worth so they’re saying that
to me you’re feeling like you’re not getting your due credit there’s
something here about worthiness what is my value what am i worth and some of you
are feeling like you’re not getting what you what you’re worth um so there could
be some problems with that possibly of the challenges with the ideas of value
and worth and numbers and something being priceless or putting a price on
things so see how this theme with the ace of Pentacles reversed some
of you maybe were hoping for a new beginning or some material practical new
beginning or green signal that can help you make practical real very concrete
touchable feelable changes but some of this may be challenging or they’re
delayed or they’re not completely what you wanted again there could be some
problem with this idea in the month of May 2019 for some of the Gemini’s about
you having an ideal or a standard or a dream or a vision in your mind that is
for you excellence or that is the best or that is what that the you know the
top that’s the best for you and possibly something entering your life for being
available to you that may not doesn’t feel like it’s matching up with that
ideal in your mind or something that you’re hoping for desiring and visioning
or praying for even so see how this theme plays out there could also just be
delays in you getting something for example delays in getting your tax
refund or a delays with um this could be delays with like in hoping for an
engagement hoping for that job offer there could be some delays here with
that some problematic energy major or minor with material progress material
gain resources possessions or the green light that gives you a very concrete
signal to do something could be something bit problematic with that
chances opportunities they’re saying to me some of you feel like you’re I feel
some of you Gemini’s are saying to me sonica he or she didn’t give me a chance
or they didn’t give me this chance they didn’t give me that chance so something
about maybe missing a chance wanting a chance and having a hard time trying to
come by that chance which is very interesting because it reminds me also a
little bit of like four of cups maybe missing the chance or it’s something
like that passing you by something like this ok now Gemini’s several more
messages that came through you’re channeling so
for the month of me your guides indicated to me for some of you there’s
a brother connection so there’s something here about wondering about a
brother it could even be like a brother like like not a biological brother but
somebody who’s a very brotherly or feels like a brother to you so there’s some
talk there’s concern there’s being invested possibly your needing to take
action in relation to a brother or somebody who feels very brotherly to you
let’s just summarize it as that okay could be a cousin it could be a friend
and you could be both male and female germanized but there’s somebody of this
brotherly nature irrelevant in the month of May 2019 for you you also have
something here about being very deeply invested deeply involved a very very
super focused I remember when I got this message I wow this is so super focused
energy you’re being very careful like or very deeply involved really invested in
something but you want to be careful because I also sense for some of you
Gemini’s this is you being this way all up in your head and you don’t really
want to get that all up in your head let’s put it like that so some of this
concentration this deep focus may be very important for you you might be
working on a I don’t know a technology startup a book a research project a
maybe you know really trying hard and very focused on putting together though
the right kind of online dating profile whatever it is there’s a lot of deep
involvement deep investment strong concentration but you just want to be a
little bit careful you you don’t want to get to all up in your head about it and
overly analytical as well if that’s the way it’s gonna play out for you
some of this may be almost possessive this energy I received it’s almost like
possessing you but not I didn’t get that in a very strong way I just feel it’s
more free well it’s free well you’re choosing to have this form of
concentration or investment you’re choosing to partake in that okay you’re
choosing to live that out to carry that out so mostly I felt this was free well
not something side of you there’s also something like
court cases legal law wins so justice you may get the upper hand it doesn’t
have to be exactly with the justice system or being in front of a judge or
having some dealings with police so law enforcement sheriff’s it could just
simply be that you’re trying to get more fairness in a contract or try to make
things more fair with your husband with your wife with your babysitter with
different people in your life in the workplace
and I do see most to Gemini’s on the winning side so that’s very good okay so
if there’s a situation in your life where there’s something here about
bringing equilibrium bringing fairness justice more of a balanced energy a
balanced energy I feel like Gemini’s you’re gonna have a win in this you’re
gonna kind of up right to the energy or balance those libras scales okay
angel angel communications relevant angels are here guardian angels they
were here in the channeling I did and some of you I don’t know why but I feel
some of you are very cautious and careful around your birthday so there
could be this sounds like maybe you have a random example maybe you have a
birthday party and you’re feeling like those two people who came to your
birthday party are not really like they don’t really love you or they don’t want
the best for you so ill-intentions I see some of you being very cautious
and careful on or around your birthday Gemini’s which is interesting I was odd
message you know not that kind of but best legitimate you know it’s gonna be
this way for some of you some of you this may be the sense of like you know
maybe somebody’s you know text you happy birthday or calls you up and it was it’s
totally unexpected in your a little bit like why is my ex calling me why is he
or she texting me you know there’s there’s just as cautious guarded self
protective vibe around you for some of you Gemini’s on or very close to your
birthday or related to your birthday or birthday events that was very
interesting and some of you may just feel like you want to have maybe a more
controlled or disciplined or self disciplined birthday possibly you may
not want to go too crazy or too so there could also be that form of
guardedness and protective self protective energy and that way as well
okay now Gemini’s for matters of the heart romance and love matters love
soulmates connections for some of you it’s gonna be divorce or marriage
matters for others it’s going to be twin flame recognition for the first time to
enflame reunion twin flame separation we have for you our King Joel Gabriel with
inspiration okay so inspiration matters of the heart
some of you I feel like there’s a little bit of a message from Archangel Gabriel
you may come off strong in a relationships and partnerships possibly
of all kinds where emotion is you know emotions all emotions are always in play
you may come off a little bit strong because this is wolf this is very
inspirational energy it’s very robust energy it’s had strong energy so you
want to be a little bit careful if you feel like you may come off a bit
dominating or you feel like you are our game jewel Gabriel is also saying to me
some of you this is passion this is gonna be passion romance chemistry
sexual involvement some of you this inspiration in matters of the hearts is
a new idea adventure travel you’re inspired you’re motivated some of you
may be getting out and about now in the dating world some of you may be starting
something new or doing something new with your husband or wife as an example
so maybe deciding to paint a room completely new now painting in a very
different color deciding to do something different to the house together right
it’s a mutual decision random examples but there’s something you’re about new
beginnings inspiring beginnings a lot of activism activity again in the matters
of the heart and the love area and it just be a little bit careful you may
come off too strong or you may just go into this so strong like a rocket and
that may in itself could have sometimes negative consequences if you move too
quickly too much fire behind your tail right too much fire too much inspiration
zeal zest enthusiasm motivation if it’s too much then it can also you know be
right it could have negative consequences but it’s a brilliant card
because the energy is very upbeat its bouncy some of you may be able to get
your breakthrough now if you’ve been on a funk related to love you may get your
breakthrough you may have new beginnings you’re ready to start anew and again you
can always reach out to me for your personal relationship readings okay so
Gemini now I have a motivational message for you for the month of May considering
me as a month named after a goddess this month my motivational message is for the
ladies watching this video the female Gemini’s a woman who has finally put
herself together can never be broken okay
a woman who has finally put herself together can never ever be broken as
women we tend to give so much of us of what it’s what’s inside of us to the
outside world our love our help our time our energy our efforts to friends love
partners family pets colleagues children etc etc it’s important to Gemini’s
however to always consider how much of your giving is also serving you
physically and then also spiritually – emotionally – mentally okay so keep that
in mind how much of all the giving that you do also benefits you and in what
ways it’s very important to keep that in mind sometimes parents can for example
over give to their children to the point that it actually does a disservice
disservice not just to themselves but to the children as well so random example
okay keep that in mind two Gemini’s a woman who has finally put herself self
together can never be broken okay so Gemini’s please check out my
awesome real reviews at Golden Sun a try not expensive two-month
personal forecast for yourself see how you like it you can use me to connect
with passed away loved ones and pets I am a medium as well try your energy
balancing healing sessions from me on my website at golden sauna and you
can give my readings as gifts for holidays and birthdays
your own birthday reading on my website and remember to watch for your sun moon
rising signs and the signs for the other people in your life and definitely you
know use me to connect with passed away loved ones and pets for my mediumship
skills as well okay thank you very much

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