Gemini Traits Female. Gemini Woman in Bed

By | August 14, 2019

Gemini traits female. Hey guys, today I wanna tell you all about
this zodiac sign, especially I’d like to highlight how Gemini woman in bed and in the relationships
with men is. Just watch this video up to the end, cause
it will be helpful to you to understand this lady if you consider her as your girlfriend
or even a future wife. By the way if you are here at first, click
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curious questions here. Attractive, sexy, playful, charismatic, vagarious
– that’s how I would characterize this female. But to understand the real traits and characteristics,
you should definitely date her. And not one time only. To get know better her personality you must
be friends 6 months at least. This is exact period of time within she can
reveal you her female’s nature. If you have a deal with gemini woman, I must
say, it’s nice choice and a risky act. Most of men want to see a housewife in her,
but gemini woman is not of those who can stay in the kitchen all day long. She is a type of lady who changes her opinion
5 times per second, and she is always in a hurry to do and to see all the things at the
same time. She is very curious personality, having the
tons of interests. That’s why gemini woman is called a lady of
art. She can always find the best ideas how to
make your house tidy and cosy, because of her amazing imagination and creative phantasy. But to get a gemini woman to iron your clothes
or cooking a dinner is almost impossible. For those meticulous tasks when one has to
be patient, gemini is not ready. If you want to have the best relationships
with her, make sure you both have the similar interests and hobbies. Otherwise you can have a lot of misunderstandings
with her that bring your friendship to a breakup. And three of the most favourite gemini woman’s
interest are travelling, fashion and singing. So, if you like discovering new places and
countries, if you like bright color clothes, expensive shoes and watches, if you are good
at singing, then you have all chances to win a gemini woman. To stay in the relationships with such zodiac
signs as taurus, capricorn and virgo, it will be too much boring for gemini woman. The best option is to find a partner who is
aries, leo or sagittarius. These guys can always impress her by doing
all she can love a man for. And they can give her a freedom of choice
in the relationships. That’s exactly what gemini needs in the relationships. You can ask, how such a changeable woman can
be a mother of your kids, if she doesn’t stay home, trying to make a career in her life
instead. Easy. One of the most pricless features of character
that Gemini woman has, it’s her ability to do a lot of different tasks at the same time. When I have a deal with a gemini, sometimes
I’m just wondering how easily she prepares the eating for her baby, watching TV and speaking
on cell phone at the same time. And I’m more than just convinced, she is only
one such type of woman among other zodiac signs whose brain is like computer, that doing
many tasks at once. So, you shouldn’t worry about your kids upbringing
when you still hesitating to get married with gemini woman. Beside her amazing personal skills and abillities,
she is also good in bed. Sometimes it feels like you sleep with 5 women
at the same. And that’s exactly what every man can be satisfied
with. But to say that gemini woman pays a lot of
attention to a sexual life, it’s not a case. She likes it, but not too much as a Cancer
or Scorpio women. Intimate life is rather a hobby and a kind
of game for gemini woman in bed. But it doesn’t mean that she avoids a sensual
life. Noo. She has just another approach to it than rest
of women. But every man stays happy after having a night
with gemini woman. But more mature she becomes, she tries to
dedicate her life to a family and the relationships. And Her hobbies together with interests play
the second part of her personality. But you can expect a serious attitude to the
relationships from a gemini woman, when she is 30 years old or even above. So that’s all what I wanted to tell you today
about gemini woman personality. Don’t forget to share this video on facebook
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42 thoughts on “Gemini Traits Female. Gemini Woman in Bed

  1. Madhu Shree Post author

    Good and correct….👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  2. Primrose Dahlia Post author

    This is true. I'm a gemini woman. But I do love to cook though…

  3. Amanda Whisper Post author

    I’m a Gemini. I like to cook but not everyday. I’m actually a pretty quiet person unless I know you really well. Been with a Virgo for almost 8 years. Never had many friends growing up but the ones I had never ended on bad terms. Only person I’m friends with is my bf, you would think being a Gemini I would want to hang out with people, but I’m good. Now I’m not a mean person I am very nice. Well to me I am.

  4. Natasha Ford Post author

    Well u did research and heard several stories of us,,, but i cam tell u never been love or deep lust for one,,,, or the GEMINI woman didnt love u only like fkn u and probably in many ways

  5. Carolyn Campbell Post author

    Lmao so right good research boy lol im 33 and single my north n south nodes are sag lol omg there was only one that kept up w me the sagitarrius great job LOL

  6. Lakshmi Aparna B Post author

    Dude i like to cook and a gemini sun . I hate travelling and i still do look in to different places on youtube . Travelling makes me sick . Love fashion and music

  7. Caramelskin Post author

    I get so bored so easily!
    Unfortunately its not good when im in a relationship 😕
    I prefer to date other air signs
    But Im also very fond of Scorpios.
    As a gemini, I love there mysterious ways….

  8. Biaknia James The aim man Post author

    I translate them to my friends they said it's magic….😁😁😁😁😁

  9. Queen Diaries Post author

    I’m a Gemini and this video made me so happy🥰🥰😂‼️😁

  10. Joi Williams Post author

    These are some truths about Gems,.Every man stays happy after one night in bed with Gemini. facts.His accent is adorable.He gives me Dana Carvey SNL we want to pump you up vibes.

  11. Onyx Post author

    I'm Gemini. This is so accurate. I'm very misunderstood though. However, I love children.

  12. AN AR Post author

    I love a Capricorn like soo so much
    But i heard that Gemini's don't go well with cap's
    But i love him so much

  13. A. Playa Post author

    I'm so tired of them saying my sign would be boring to other signs….if that's the case why do I always attract them???

  14. Clare C Post author

    Gemini here. I can cook but I'd rather find a more efficient way to do things. It's routine and boring so…go figure. I don't gel well with virgos but attract a lot. Aries tend to love me 😂 My current partner is Aries. It's a fun combo when it's going well. We are often childfree by choice actually. I know a tonne of geminis who prefer partnership and career and that's enough. Family means daily routine – we hate it.

  15. ARPITA KHAN Post author

    So damn true…I don't like cooking n other household works…love travelling,fashion,music…bdw I'm gemini rising sign…☺️

  16. PieceOfToast Post author

    I'm a taurus gemini cusp woman. May 18th. I've noticed taurus and gemini are very different so I'm trying to figure out exactly how much each sign influences my personality lol

  17. Jajaアンジェルス Post author

    All of my past relationships is earth sign. And my recent person, Im dealing with is capricorn. I like him a lot.. btw, i like to cook and bake

  18. m jf Post author

    i’m a gemini n always stays in kitchen because i bake 🤨

  19. Salma Housam Post author

    You didn’t say anything important, i think you’re one of the victims Gemini put in the river as a bridge, once she crossed, you would eventually to realize who’s Gemini lady is? Bravo Gemini ♊️ you let them feel that you are trifle, once you get your dream true then they would be Astonished 😮 , and say she is super intelligent 🤓

  20. Nguyen Phuong Post author

    Yes. I am gemini. i am always find something new in my life.. Need fresh, new, creative.. I am loving a taurus man. He always quite. He not handsome, if no wana say he is ugly a bit. Fat. Bald, agressive.. I even dont understand why I like him. I wana conquer this man

  21. Oh Dear Post author

    I am a Gemini woman. Everything you said is correct.

  22. ShantWhite Post author

    I’m a Gemini woman madly in love with a Capricorn man💖. We’ve been dating 9mos. And I’m scared to think of an end due to our polar opposite personalities. But we know this and work at maintaining a wonderful relationship despite what the zodiac says😍…I’m 6/1/69 and he’s 1/11/64

  23. Dangerous Girl Post author

    Wow gemini is my sister star and she is totally match with whatever you said … she don't like cooking she like traveling fashion music and also don't like ironing clothes

  24. Erica Walters Post author

    Video is spot how he did say once the Gemini woman matures her nature changes..that is so true the young version of me went 4 the aries, Leo, sagittarius but the older version of me is settled down with a cancer..all about my family,cooking, baking and love making 😉


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