Guessing $EXY Terms w/ Jessica Kellgren-Fozard!

By | December 16, 2019

What is a golden shower? I don’t want to say that. Hi guys, I’m
Stevie and today I have the lovely Jessica Kellgren-Fozard here with me and
I thought that I would make her guess some sexy terms and see if she knows
what they mean. And I have a feeling that you’re gonna know what they all mean
actually. Really? Yeah, I think everybody’s gonna be like, “Oh my God, surprising!” Surprised that Jessica knows things. Yeah, I do actually use the Internet, it’s shocking, I realize. I did not expect you to say, “The Internet.” I thought you’d be like, “I’m an adult who has s*x.” Like obviously. I am happily,
married I’m also deeply monogamous, I was pretty much a virgin when
I met my wife. Oh my god, okay Disney princess. Here we go. So…. I chose some
hopefully monetization friendly BDSM words. You just said BDSM, how is that
monetization offending? Okay, so the first term is ‘rack.’
Oh, we have that one, b*obs. When you’re like someone has a nice rack. No, it’s an acronym. So, it’s R.A.C.K. and it stands for something. Can you guess what it’s about? What? R..A..C..K? I’m trying to think of dirty words that begin with R, A, C, or K. I’m too dyslexic for this. So, it stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink, so it used to be S..
Why did you think I would know that? I’m not, it’s like tricking people into learning
things, you know? Oh, okay. I like making people learn things, too. It used to
be SSC so it used to be it’s like a general rule that you try to follow when
you’re playing so it used to be Safe Sane and Consensual, but the nature of a
lot of BDSM is not necessarily safe and so like what is safe mean? So, we, not
we, but the community Yeah, so the community decided to start
using the word ‘wreck’ to talk about being risk aware, so aware of all the
risks. Every single party involved is aware of the
risks so that you can make decisions that reduce the amount of bad things
that can happen. Sure. Also consensual. Because if you are not aware of the
risks then you can’t really consent. Very true.
Next is negotiation. That’s just a word. Yeah, but what does it mean in a BDSM
context? That you both agree on what you’re about to do so you talk about it
and one of you says, “I’d like to do this,” and the other one says “Okay, but maybe like
half way” and then the other ones like “Sure, let’s do that.” That’s the
negotiation. Yay! You nailed it. So, before you play anything, you
negotiate all of the stuff that you do want to do, that you don’t want to do,
that you might want to do but you’re not sure. Nailed it. You got one. I loved that you
were like bo*bs, I know this one, b*obs. Okay, what is a hard limit? Oh, that’s just something you definitely will not do. Say you’re like “We could do
this half way, but definitely not the full way.” Nailed it.
You got another one. Yeah, hard limit specifically is something that even if
you’re like the Dom or the top in a scene, you’re not allowed to break hard
limits just because there’s a power exchange and the person’s a submissive
or bottom. So hard limit is like people will have soft limits that’s like only
do this for extreme like punishment or like tease that you might do it or
whatever, but hard limit is like don’t even you know.. Don’t even think about it. I wanted
to do ‘safe word,’ but everybody knows what’s safe is so I’m not going to do it.
Okay, what is a masochist? These again are just words specific to the BDSM community. No, but it’s great to see people
are gonna be interested in seeing you say the word ‘masochist. Masochist. A masochist is someone who enjoys pain being done to themselves. Experiencing pleasure when you’re in
pain. Nailed it. Wow this video is going great. What is a
sadist? I say just to someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others. Oh my god,
you’re killing it. Before we were filming I was like it’d be so funny if she just
like nailed every single one and then look what’s happening. Except for rack. B*obs. What does vanilla mean? That would be like boring and plain.
Hmm. I mean, I say that but vanilla is actually my favorite flavor. You’re so perfect. So in a BDSM
context, what do you think vanilla means? Um s*x, it’s not particularly out there. Yeah. So, it could either describe a person or a situation so it would be not
kinky. I personally think that how vanilla someone is is how okay they
would be in their primary relationship with no kink involved, so like I I’m
pretty vanilla cuz like I don’t you know I don’t need to have a partner that is
into kink um but I’m also pretty kinky too you know what I mean? Because though you
can be a percentage of each and they don’t necessarily inform each other, but
then also the activities without kink is a vanilla activity. But it’s sometimes people
are like “Oh my god, she’s so vanilla.” You know? Like, Oh these vanillas over here
and try to pretend like whatever I don’t know. Cool. What is an electro sl*t? Oh, I was doing well until now. Electro sl*t? I’m having a great time. Someone who enjoys electronics? hmm That’s a good guess. What else could it be?
Someone enjoys what else that maybe begins with electro. Electro magnetism? Being shocked? Yeah! You did it! Okay, well done me. So, playing with electricity, so someone that
likes having like you can use cattle prods or stun guns but some there’s this
really beautiful when I’ll show you a video later, it’s called a violet wand
and I’m like you know those balls that used to touch with your fingers and it would
go like that? So it kind of looks like that on the
inside and they have different shapes and then you just like drag it across their
skin in it they like it. It sounds like hell to me. I have to quite regularly go
to the hospital and have electric shocks. Yeah, yeah some people like it. Because my
nerves are broken so they they try to make them better with shocking. What is a
golden shower? I don’t want to say that You know what it is. I know that one because
that was on the news. This was the best idea. So a golden shower is someone who likes to have urine put on them,
sprayed on them, they like to be peed on. So, since you know what a golden shower
is, what do you think a Roman shower is? Is it wax? I thought you would know this one because I thought you would know something about the Romans. Nice one. Yeah, we can move on, that one’s vomit. Um, so what do you think
after care is? Oh, you thought was a brown
shower? So you’d rather see you think okay yeah we can move on. Oh, by the way
the vermin thing about the vermatorium isn’t actually real, they didn’t go in
that tube moment. Oh, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know
anything about Roman history, so I I knew there was a historical reference. Because
the Romans had a room called a vomitoria
okay next to where they ate so people assumed that it was that they were ate
would eat a lot they go to the vomitoria and vomit, come back to the table and eat
more, but that’s actually not the case. That’s not what the word vomit meant to
them, it didn’t mean the same thing. Interesting. So it was just like
a miscommunication this whole. Huh so maybe they should rename it
something else. Maybe they should. It shouldn’t be called a Roman shower anymore. Okay the last word is aftercare. That’s when you’re nice to someone after
you have s*x with them. Yeah, so when you tend to everybody’s
needs and it’s not just the semester where the bottom the needs things cared
for sometimes it’s definitely the Dom or the top and you look after any wounds,
you maybe give eachother candy to suck on to like get some more endorphins
going, cuddles, but you cover what you want and aftercare during the
negotiation part. Okay. Yay, that was learning BDSM words with Jessica. We made
a video on Jessica’s channel where we try a bunch of different British accents
but she’s deaf and I’m American so it’s really terrible, but go check it out, I
watch it I laugh but please don’t judge us, I mean JC did enough of that so. Alright,
thanks for watching see you next time.

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