Guide to Astrology: Symbols, Chart & Houses : Scorpio: Astrological Houses

By | August 11, 2019

Hi, I’m Molly Mackey with Expert Village.
We are looking at a sample Astrology chart today and we are going to take a look at the
eighth house and its meanings. The eighth house can be kind of a powerful house. It
is typically, in olden days, was noted as the death house but now we look at it a little
more cosmically as death and regeneration. So let’s make note of that; regeneration.
The eighth house can be heavy if there’s a planet, let’s say for instance Mars that lands
there. Sometimes that can mean the death of an early parent you know certain things like
that. It just really depends. But generally, it is a good sign when no planets fall into
the eighth house. Or, if you do have heavy planets there it doesn’t necessarily mean
death it could just mean that it is a very heavy transition for you and it is all for
the benefit of the better. Nothing ever just dies, everything always comes back and resurfaces
for the better. I look at it as a more positive house myself.

2 thoughts on “Guide to Astrology: Symbols, Chart & Houses : Scorpio: Astrological Houses

  1. Dana Buinicki Post author

    I think the point is that she is going over each house of the zodiac, in order to familiarize one with what they mean. They dont mean much, taken out of order. But when taken in order, all the way around the wheel, it gives a person an overview of just about every area of his or her life. This is done in an attempt to help someone understand their more difficult areas in life and how to overcome them, in addition to interpreting relationships, work, and life in general.

  2. Tincuradan Post author

    Yeah, and if you have, for instance, your Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon there? Poor little me, forced to ego death again and again. Reinventing yourself can be a lot of fun though, especcially with Pluto in the First House 😀


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