By | August 31, 2019

Hello Kat Anders I have this big island on middle of head line on right hand only. Could you please tell me about it. Kat Anders: Ok, the Blue Arrow shows the oval (island) that you see in your Head & Spine Line. It looks like there is a mis-alignment issue in your spine in the lower Thorasic thru to the upper Lumar area. Now this could be that your spine is mis-aligned or there may be an injury or some type of damage there. Well i suffered from 2 episodes of pain in lower back area (lumbar region) one year apart, first episode was on previous year and 2nd episode of pain was this year. First one got relieved in just one day by taking analgesic (pain killer). The 2nd one, this year; it took 3-4 days with pain killers to get relief from pain. Kat Anders: Thanks for the Feedback !! SUBSRIBE to Kat Anders Youtube Channel for More Cool Videos !!

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