Hilary Rushford on Why Emotional Health Trumps Everything Else

By | August 17, 2019

– What has made the biggest
difference in my business to go from, really struggling and just, exhausted and working so hard, to having such growth
in the last few years that’s been the thing. (relaxed music) – Alright folks, end of
ONTRApalooza, day two. This is Hilary Rushford and – Hi y’all! – Just come off the keynote presentation and has probably delivered, I reckon that’s gotta have been the best, most important message that we’re gonna hear all week. – Thank you. – Tell me about emotional health and why it’s so damn important. (groans)
(laughs) – I mean, it just
– You’ve just talked for an hour, like, you’re done. – I know, but it just
really is the, what has made the biggest difference in my business, to go from really struggling and just exhausted and working so hard, to having such growth
in the last few years, that’s been the thing.
– [Rob] Yeah. – Yes, we did every Informinal, we did webinar, all these tactical things. But the tactical things were possible because I got more emotionally healthy. And I say that, that could just mean you stop being such a jerk, or you realise that your
temper is really a problem, or whatever it is, it
doesn’t mean you have to be clinically depressed. But you just realise
that you’re the ceiling. You’re the reason that
you’re getting staff turnover and people are quitting
and stuff like that. To really build that cohesive A plus team that can then make all
these other things happen. And we’ve just had so much
growth in the last six months. It blows my mind. – And how do people like so,
and guys, like the reason I want to put this up,
you have to check this out when this hits ONTRAPORT Education, because it is incredible. But where do I get more of this? I would love people to go
and engage with your content. Where do they go and
hear this message more? You should be on the te. I actually told one of my team
when I was sitting in there, I’m going home and I’m
looking for the TED talk. (laughs) – Ah, thanks! – It was awesome. – Hi TED people! Call me!
(laughs) – I’m not that well-connected, I’m sorry. (laughs) – I’m sure you are. But, really the biggest place is Instagram because just is where
I share most vulnerably right in the moment. Where it just doesn’t take
any like, writing email, and cuing it up, and
formatting and segmenting it, so really Instagram @hilaryrushford is the most specific place. And then, we’re just renewing our website, so whenever this comes out, we’re creating a lot more
channels at DeanStreetSociety.com where people can comment
and get those resources because we have so many
old things, y’know, Periscope and Facebook Live, and you kind of try different platforms, so we’re gonna get ’em all cohesive. But, Instagram and DeanStreetSociety.com. – Awesome. And the thing that was wonderful, I mean, you’ve obviously found this,
this beautiful balance, right? In life and business, so what’s next? What’s the next thing for you, then? – I want to write a book. That’s our big thing is writing
the book on the sales side. We know what the first book is, you know what the second book is that comes with more speaking. But, we had to do all this other foundational work in the business because writing the book itself, unless you’re, you know, Malcolm Gladwell, is not gonna make you a millionaire. And, y’know, speaking unless you’re, y’know, doing nothing but trying to
be a professional speaker on the top level, y’know, you gotta travel all
over and all this stuff. For us, it was really
building the foundation with our evergreen funnels
and things like that on the money part, so that now we can add in
more of the mission part, which to us is really
speaking to women about healing and breakthrough and their beauty and how they feel in their own skin. – You know that, so incredible guys, make sure you check out Hilary, – Thank you so much.
– when, it’s ONTRAPORT Ed. Well thank you. Because it was, it was really, it was wonderful and warm and vulnerable. And just, y’know, for a first day over,
when everyone was cooked, you got us dancing. – Yes, I know we even danced, obviously. – I think that’s already
on Twitter actually. (laughs) – Alright, well come say
hi over on Instagram, would love to meet y’all. – Good on ya, thanks. (relaxed acoustic music)

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