Hiroshi Sugimoto: Becoming an Artist | Art21 “Extended Play”

By | October 22, 2019

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Becoming an Artist When I was a college student in Tokyo, my study was German Philosophy and also Marxist Economics, And also, Hegel, Kant… I was trying to catch up with the Western philosophy. Socialism and Communism–now it’s been taken as a kind of a failed theory or failed thinking, But, back in that time, that was one of the dream theories of how people can live together peacefully and nicely. And then, when I moved to California, everybody was talking about the Zen and Buddhism, So, I spent like three years in California studying Oriental Philosophy by myself to catch up, actually. [Laughs] So it goes the other way around. 1974…Well, that was the kind of flower movement–flower children movement–so I was really into that. [LAUGHS] So I didn’t pay that much attention to the serious art. Only after I moved to New York in 1974, I started realizing how important and interesting art can be. Do you see this? It can be spottable. I’m very interested in early 20th Century, 19th Century movement of Modernism. So, it’s like an idealism, in general. And soon Realism and Dada. That’s also trying to search the expansion of the human ability to see things in a different way. So, they are all like very ambitious adventurism in a way.

15 thoughts on “Hiroshi Sugimoto: Becoming an Artist | Art21 “Extended Play”

  1. Sean Dickinson Post author


    One of the best in the series by far ;]

  2. Mark Cranford Post author

    Yes modernism survived Decon-PoMo, this is the most relevant video so far, love this work

  3. hyperion311 Post author

    This is really interesting. I like his studio.

  4. darkroommonster Post author

    Even Sugimoto has to spot his prints! He's such a master I asumed everything was always dust free and came out perfect in one try 😉

  5. interface Post author

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  6. 0myjoe Post author

    Naa, all monotheistic religions are bull, they enforce rules upon people that do not want to follow that go against human rights, human sacrifice, slavery, mistreatment of women and children. Ur prophet was a paedophile, im not trying to be rude, he is by definition (consummated one of his wives when she was 9) – how can u follow some1 who does this even if he does threaten u with eternal torture if u dont follow him

  7. MetalDog MetalDog Post author

    Does anyone know the camera manufacturer?


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