Horoscope (2020) – Advanced English Vocabulary & Collocations For Daily Conversation Practice

By | February 27, 2020

Recently I was reading horoscope, can you
imagine that? And there an idea clicked, and I thought why not I make a lesson on that…
Hi everyone my name is Hridhaan and I welcome each one of you with a very big heart on Let’s
Talk. Today’s lesson is about horoscope and in today’s lesson we are gonna be talking
about everyday English vocabulary and collocation related to the personality traits and what
is coming in the near future for the birth signs that we have in our horoscope in the
lesson today. So what are we waiting for, if you want to learn these vocabulary, vocabulary
phrases and collocations stay tuned with me. The first one in the list is ‘Capricorn’,
for Capricorn the vocabulary is a cordial relationships, it seems that the people with
this birth sign will have cordial relationships, but what is the meaning of cordial relationship?
It means a bond that is friendly, but formal polite and sincere. Basically a friendly bond
but formal, polite and sincere. We can’t be friends with everybody, but there are a lot
of times when we have good relationship with people, we can’t call those people or friends
but we end up having a very formal sweet and sincere relationship with them. Such bond
is called cordial relationships and seems like people of Capricorn birth sign will have
cordial relationships with everyone. Let’s see how we can use it in the form of an example
here, “despite their political differences, the two leaders have cordial relations”,
one more time, ‘despite’, what is the meaning of despite? It means ‘doesn’t matter’
because of the political differences that two leaders have such as Narendra Modi and
Donald Trump, these two leaders still have respectful, formal and sincere relationship
with each other. This was so Capricorn. Let’s move on to the next one the next one is ‘Aquarius’,
Aquarius has close confidant seems like the people with this birth sign will have close
confidants with them. But what is the meaning? The meaning is person you love and share your
feelings and secrets with. A close confidant is a person that you actually share all your
secrets and feelings with. Feelings and secrets with. For example, “my sisters are my closest
confidants”. I’ve got two sisters and that holds true, they are my closest friends because
I can share all my secrets and feelings with them. This was for those people who have Aquarius
as their birth signs, they’re going to be having closest confidants with them. The next
one in the list is, ‘Pisces’. The adjective collocation with Pisces is abuse trust. Well
Pisces people will have to save themselves from people who might abuse their trust. But
what is the meaning? It means that when someone betrays and cheats you, a disloyal act. So
people with the Pisces birth sign will have to save themselves from other people who could
abuse their trust. For example, “Dave abused my trust and I decided to break up with him.”
‘Abused my trust’, that means did something disloyal and I or that person does not trust
that person anymore and so the breakup happened. This is for people that have Pisces as their
birth signs. Let’s move to the next one, the next one is ‘Aries’. Let’s see what we
have in Aries, ‘heal the rift’. What is the meaning of heal? ‘Heal’ means something
that gets better and what is the meaning of rift? Rift is primarily related to fight.
Heal the rift means, make a broken down relationship friendly again, patch up. A lot of people
use this word patch up which is quite common, which is the opposite of breakup. This is
what Aries will experience in 2020. “Kate and Dave became friends after their relationship
broke down they said, only time healed the rift between the two of them.” There are
two people, Kate and Dave, they became friends again and ‘time’ was the one that healed
the rift that means time solved all the broken down relationship that these two people had.
This is for Aries. So something will happen and time will heal the rift between the relationships
that they have shared with people in the past. Let’s move to the next birth sign, it is ‘Taurus’.
What is there for Taurus? ‘Forge new relations’. In the previous one we saw, it was heal the
rift, next one we have is, forge new relations. What is the meaning of forge? Forge has to
do with starting something new and relation is the bonds that we share with people and
so forged new relation means, form or create new bonds. Something will happen and it seems
like Taurus will end up creating new bonds with people. Let’s see using an example, “after
her divorce, Kate decided to forge new relations with a guy she thought understood her the
most.” Kate was the one who decided to forge new relation with this person after breaking
up with Dave she decided to forge new relation start a new bond with somebody she thought
who trusted and also understood her the most. So something like this will happen with people
with the ‘Taurus’ bird sign. Let’s move to the next one, ‘Gemini’ and that is
me. What will happen with Gemini? ‘Spring to someone’s defence’. Somebody will either
spring to Gemini’s defence or Gemini will spring to somebody else’s defence but what
is the meaning? It means this… act quickly to support someone. That means somebody will
either support Gemini or Gemini’s will support other people. For example, let’s see how we
can use it in the form of an example, “Sasha sprang to my defence when nobody else did.”
Sasha, my best friend she always supported me when nobody else did and people say support
but here I’m giving you a very new vocabulary interesting one that you can make use of when
you talk about somebody supporting you, so Sasha supported means, ‘sprang to my defence’
when nobody else did. So for Gemini people, somebody will support you or you will support
somebody in the year 2020. Let’s move to the next one, ‘cancer’. For cancer we have
‘put your faith in someone (or something)’. For cancers you will end up trusting people
or people will end up trusting you. Make a decision to trust someone, is put your faith
in someone. Let’s see how we can use it in example, “some people put their faith in
strong leaders rather than sound politics.” Some people put their faith, that means they
trust, seems like strong personalities rather they should trust the policies that those
personalities make and not just the people themselves. Let us now move it to the next
one, ‘Leo’. For Leo we have ‘feeling conflicted’. What is feeling conflicted?
State of emotional confusion. So they will feel a lot of confusion in the decisions that
they might as well face that they have to make in the year. “mothers of young infants
today feel conflicted” Young mothers, means ladies have become mothers recently, with
young children always feel conflicted as to they should work outside of home or not, because
the child is still an infant and they can’t think of leaving home outside with keeping
the child at home. This is for Leo. The next one in the list is, ‘Virgo’. Virgo’s
are always famous for their ‘creative flair’ but what is the meaning of creative flair?
It means natural talent of doing something differently. They always have that natural
flair that natural creativity of doing anything that is given to them differently. “Best
leaders have creative flair” the best leaders in the world always have creative side of
their personality “of dealing with and handling any kind of people.” Such leaders are the
best in the world and I think I totally agree with this statement because they have a creative
flair of handling situations and people. The next birth sign is, ‘Libra’. Let’s see,
it is ‘foster your creativity’ like Gemini sorry like Virgo, they have creative flair,
Libra also will work on their creativity. But they will foster it all the more. What
is the meaning of foster creativity? It means, ‘nurture original ideas’. So they’re going
to be giving birth to original ideas this year in terms of whatever they’ll do. For
example ‘a teacher can foster creativity by doing practical activities in the classroom’.
A good teacher is somebody who foster’s, gives birth to creativity by giving and promoting
activities that lets students do the work and also appreciate their ideas, that is foster
creativity for Libra. The next one in the list is, ‘Scorpio’. Scorpio is ‘take
things in your stride’. What is take things in your stride? It means to calmly deal with
the situation. Have you ever faced a situation, this question is not just for Scorpios, but
for everybody was watching this video, have you ever faced situations where you have to
control the situation and that too calmly deal with the situation? Well in case you
have then don’t just say I dealt with the situation calmly, you say, “I took things
in my stride.” For example, “somehow the kids took all the confusion in stride”,
that means there was a lot of confusion that was happening and somehow the kids managed
to deal with that confusion with a lot of calmness. This is for Scorpio, they’ll be
able to deal with situations calmly, take things in their stride. The next one and the
last one is ‘Sagittarius’. Sagittarius, ‘Sagis’ as they like to call themselves
will ‘flesh things out’. Flesh things out mean, to complete something by providing
more details, so they’ll be able to flesh things out in their lives. For example, “you
need to flesh out your assignment to get a better score.” Somebody has prepared an
assignment, but it is not as detailed in nature, so the person is being suggested that, you
need to flesh out certain details, that is provide some details to get a better score
on the project. This is what we have for the horoscope for all the birth signs that we
have in the lesson. Thank you very much for being with me in this lesson and I hope you
have a great day and most importantly do use these phrases that are associated with your
birth signs or any other phrases that you thought you liked to express yourself in a
better way in English. Thank you very much and have a great day ahead.

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