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By | November 17, 2019

welcome to the daily habit channel where we give you the most comprehensive predictions for the day this is your horoscope for the week of November 18th to November 24th 2019 for love for wealth and for welfare if you want for your readings be done for a specific date please leave your birth date and year on the comments section down below we have uploaded our readings and predictions for the month of November please watch it also if you want to be part of our growing community please make it a daily habit to visit our channel let’s start Aries March 21st to April 19th the week may start out for you with a whirlwind of activity some of its stressful enough to bring on some level of anxiety but the pressure and the tension should quickly subside allowing you to ease into a measured and rather serene routine if you don’t cave into those initial feelings of stress Aries this week can be phenomenally satisfying for you there may be a chance to get back to a project that you have not had the chance to complete which will be immensely fulfilling you may also have a pleasant exchange with someone you would like to get to know better this week this could be a chance to get closer to someone you have an interest in either professionally or personally and this could be the start of a wonderful alliance a revelation could come over you late in the week because of an intense conversation with someone you know well this could hold the answer to a problematic matter you have been dealing with on your own you should suddenly feel like you are not alone and that there is a solution which should bring a big feeling of relief this may have been a difficult point to reach but it could turn things around for the better Monday to Thursday brings material gain from spiritual pursuits you can make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible realistic approach you will understand your limitations while also being optimistic you will also gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they fit into the bigger picture spiritual wisdom brings patience and self discipline to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success Friday to Sunday brings good cheer optimism and plenty of love others will find you more attractive as you relax and express the more affectionate and welcoming side of your personality this is a great time for dating but also for mending any stressful relationships luck and love can be matched with some fortune elsewhere in your life gifts compliments and good offers may be in store Taurus April 20th to May 20th you can certainly choose to tell the truth about how you are feeling if a conflict with a friend comes up this week you may feel like you have been walking on eggshells around this person dear Taurus and you may be good and tired of it the desire to shout out your complaints may come to you naturally but before you say what you are feeling without sugarcoating it make sure you are okay with the possible outcome this could be a healthy thing to do but you do need to be prepared for the consequence this week will be considerably more upbeat by mid-week when social opportunities you have been hoping for pop up if you start to wrap each task up as soon as possible early in the week you will have plenty of time to engage in socializing so plan ahead later in the week you may choose to revisit a moment in time that holds a special memory for you doing this can help you get back in touch with the inspiration that came from that moment and it could reignite a plan that has been dormant for a long while from Monday to Thursday an increased need for love and affection could see you experiencing companionship at a deeper more intense level you will be wielding greater power to attract friends and lovers you can have a magnetic attractiveness that falls people had a subconscious level that may lead to intense sexual experiences instant attraction could lead to a profound and karmic relationship from Friday to Sunday you’re feeling and intuitive side is balanced with your rational thought processes to give a cute perceptive skills you can read others easily and quickly assess any situation you will be in touch with your own feelings to give sound judgment and decision-making skills you can connect at a more intimate level which bodes well for making friends and taking new relationships to the next level Gemini May 21st to June 20th this is a great week for you to shine with all the right people there in your corner waiting and watching for you to dazzle put your best foot forward and don’t leave anything out because there could be someone there to assist you with making a splash in the way you envisioned this could lead to something big before the end of this year a task you put off for a long time may wait no longer and this week you will have to get down to it you may be worried about this Gemini because it seems like too big a task for just yourself however if you think positively you can attract someone to help you be grateful for any assistance you receive and be sure to pay it forward the next time you have the chance if you find yourself in a negotiation later in the week try to be as flexible as possible a compromise might seem too much to deal with but think about what you could be getting back in return if you look at it that way you should see the wisdom in giving in just a bit even if you are dealing with someone who is very demanding a compromise could ultimately get you what is most important monday to wednesday brings emotional sensitivity and psychic perception you will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions someone is likely to move you deeply and have a strong influence on your life intense emotional connections may result in new relationships there would be a strong karmic pole between you and any destiny encounter Thursday to Sunday brings love money harmony and happiness without having to strive struggle or work hard this is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work beautiful things are attracted to you this is an excellent time for dating as your increased physical and inner beauty make you more popular in social settings cancer June 21st to July 22nd if you can get past a challenging issue early in the week you can have a tremendously productive and successful week moonchild however this challenge could involve another person and you may feel as though you are reliant on this person’s cooperation to get this done but if all else fails this is certainly something that you can take on and accomplish on your own so don’t stand on ceremony even though that may not be the ideal way to proceed it could work out quite well if you are willing to try you may find yourself in a standoff with someone in a position of authority this week although this person might not rank you in some way if you speak the truth you have nothing to lose in fact doing so would be quite noble because you would be standing up not only for yourself but for others who may not be able to say anything teaming up with the right person this week could help you get ahead by leaps and bounds on a mission aimed at making money together you could combine your individual talents to come up with a very interesting and exciting presentation from Monday to Thursday companionship becomes more important as you feel a longing to share the love with someone special if single you may become obsessed with someone and not be able to get them out of your mind any new romance now would be a whirlwind experience and greatly change your life deeper feelings of love in an existing relationship can evolve it to a more profound or spiritual level from Friday to Sunday you can draw on patience and emotional strength to handle sensitive or difficult relationship issues others may come to you for advice on a personal issue or just for a shoulder to cry on you can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home family and relationships seek advice from an elder or wise woman Leo July 20 30 August 22nd a daydream a vision or simply a creative idea could keep teasing you this weekend tempting you to take it to the next level when you become passionate about something like this you need to take the time to explore it fully Leo there could be a reason connected to your purpose or your destiny here and you owe it to yourself to formulate a plan you could make some great progress if you begin this week having a long overdue conversation you have avoided could be cathartic for you this week although you may have to dredge up some uncomfortable thoughts and fears shedding light on these will help you feel more accepting and understanding of a certain situation this could make you feel lighter and more carefree almost instantly someone may expect you to forgive and forget a transgression that has really bothered you but without an actual apology however you deserve both an explanation and an apology and you should not settle for Less learning what is behind this experience will help you feel better about moving forward from Monday and Tuesday the moon in Leo puts the focus on your private life home and family you will feel more emotional and sensitive than usual this is a great time to talk about relationship issues because you will be in touch with your feelings intercom and balance give you the confidence to break the ice and make new friends but you may need more emotional reassurance from familiar objects people and places Wednesday to Sunday is excellent for partying and making love you should feel warm happy sociable and generous good luck may come in the form of gifts money or compliments increased popularity charisma and charm make this a good time for dating making friends come easy and new partnerships will be genuine and mutually beneficial good luck also applies to education business and legal matters virgo August 20 30 September 22nd this could be a week of misunderstandings virgo but don’t let that bother you even if it sounds alarming that’s because misunderstandings can eventually lead to a clearer understanding and better communication if you address whatever is wrong if you do try to clarify a complex situation this week you will be met with all the help you need for fear of getting too deeply involved in a friends or a family members drama this week you may choose to hide in the shadows rather than speak your mind but if you think about it you can add some very wise and insightful guidance to the situation and speaking out might not be such a bad idea deep emotions you may have been suppressing could resurface this week although getting through thoughts about a hurtful time in your past could be challenging you’re advised to work through this and to find clarity doing so will lift away from your shoulders and allow you to start fresh someone has been less than honest in a transaction that may have involved a profit you can probably sense this but you may be afraid to speak up for fear of being wrong but you can certainly check this out below the radar before you choose to say anything it would be a wise way to protect yourself Monday to Thursday brings intensity and passion for relationships and those things which bring you joy and satisfaction you should feel more deeply about loved ones in general but especially your partner this is a good time for intimate relations do to your increased desire for love and affection a mysterious type of sexual attractiveness with a strong karmic pull is ideal for dating from Friday to Sunday you should be feeling loving and affectionate so this is a good time to relax and enjoy quality time with friends lovers and family increased personal charm and beauty brings social popularity and successive dating your openness and honesty and sharing your feelings support true friendship and genuine love new friends can be made or a significant new romance may begin Libra September 2013 / 22nd if you do your best to make the most of a situation that is not ideal and not as you envisioned it to be but has potential you should see an improvement almost immediately once you just accept that you are not in charge of how things turn out Libra things will play out naturally and you should be quite happy with the outcome you may have words with someone this week / a conflicted point of view but if you allow it to escalate it will only get worse instead try to see the other party’s side of it and you may wind up agreeing more than you thought with their perspective if you find yourself dealing with a disagreeable person later in the week try to respond with patience and kindness this may come as a surprise to the individual since most people would probably become defensive but you can handle this best with a gentle touch romance could come calling for you this week as well and it will be a most welcome feeling a moment of romance and mystery could awaken feelings in you that were long forgotten and stir up passions that have remained dormant for some time savor the experience from Monday to wednesday positive energy and clarity make you feel more comfortable and confident being yourself if you have to work you will be able to focus on the job with ambitious energy and do it well if you want to relax you will be able to without feeling you should be doing something else relationships in your private social and professional life should be pleasant and relatively stress-free Thursday to Sunday brings good cheer optimism and plenty of love others will find you more attractive as you relax and express the more affectionate and welcoming side of your personality this is a great time for dating but also for mending any stressful relationships luck and love can be matched with some fortune elsewhere in your life gifts compliments and good offers may be in store Scorpio October 2013 November 21st a gentle flow of easy communication and a bright outlook on the future will offer you a week of peaceful exchanges enlightening encounters and warm and loving conversations with your favorite people this time of clarity and ease in expressing yourself makes this an excellent week for negotiating deals and aligning partners to help you manifest a big project allow the tranquil tone of the week to infect you with inner grace and peace Scorpio and everything you do will be blessed with laughter joy and some very bright hopes you may feel especially inspired this week because you could receive messages inadvertently that encouraged you to move forward with your dreams messages that will help you believe your dreams are possible and are within reach this is also a great week to spend some time indulging in your favorite hobbies when you are feeling relaxed the wisdom found in a good book or the creative expression you can get from enjoying artwork are magnified take some time to do whatever it is this week that appeals to you most especially with creative self-expression from Monday to Thursday you should be feeling happy optimistic generous and content good luck comes as opportunities for personal professional and spiritual growth you may be the beneficiary of compliments gifts or money this is an excellent time to begin new studies or long distance travel new relationships investments or the beginning of any new projects are favored Friday to Sunday brings the courage and initiative to make the first move and take the lead you will intuitively know what you want and how to get it especially in relationships this is the right time to ask someone out on a date and to act on your instincts you can be direct and assertive without looking bossy or rude and will actually be admired for your honesty and sincerity Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st this week Sagittarius it might done on you that someone in your life is not and has not been for you in the way they had always been in the past this realisation may come as a shock to your system and might bring on a bout of melancholy but it may not be that your perception is real you may find if you quietly seek out information that there is something distracting your loved one that has nothing at all to do with you be patient and things should return to normal very soon a challenge with a money matter could come up for you this week but with a bit of financial creativity you can figure out a way to rise above the situation and you will do just fine you may find yourself feeling skeptical of the compliments or flattery you received from someone this week but why would you doubt that someone holds you in such high esteem you are an admirable person with many strengths and talents and you need to start seeing yourself in the same way that others see you work on that this week if you do you may start to see that admiration for the truth it represents Monday and Tuesday can bring disagreement because of parochialism or moodiness your emotional biases might be influencing your thoughts and your intellectual reasoning can influence how you feel about a person or subject the best use of this tense energy is hard mental work you can take a critical look at both sides as you perfect your ideas otherwise this is a good time to tidy up at home Wednesday to Sunday brings love money harmony and happiness without having to strive struggle or work hard this is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work beautiful things are attracted to you this is an excellent time for dating as your increased physical and inner beauty make you more popular in social settings Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th you may find yourself feeling liberated from a relationship that has held you down at the very beginning of the week Capricorn you have felt trapped in this by obligations that you should not have had to carry but something that is said or done this week could set you free once you are free though don’t go out unwittingly seeking the same thing all over again because it’s comforting on some level you are very deserving of something better unexpected good fortune could come to you this week in a serendipitous way you may find that a stroke of luck could hit you out of the blue at a very opportune moment revel in this and don’t question its authenticity you may have to deal with the very mundane monotonous chore this week and you may wish it was already over with but when you do that you are wishing away precious moments of your life instead try to find something to learn and something to enjoy in the experience and you won’t dread it at all you will feel hopeful and enthusiastic about it instead a welcome change could arrive at work or on the home front by the end of the week clearing up something that has been perplexing Monday to Thursday brings optimism good luck and happiness this is an ideal time to start new projects and reach your goals there should be little or no resistance and others will be generous and hospitable toward you this is a time of material and spiritual growth with opportunities to increase your wealth you could also expand your horizons through further education or travel Friday to Sunday brings peace and harmony as you feel more emotional caring and loving this is a great time to relax with loved ones or party with friends this is a great time to socialize because of increased popularity and charisma you should feel more at ease around other people and comfortable in public making friends comes easy and you could easily begin a new love relationship Aquarius January 20th to February 18th just because a new assignment or venture brings you a lot of extra responsibility does not mean that it must also bring a lot of added stress and frustration Aquarius you may be worried about a new obligation but if you enter this week with fear or preconceived ideas you may find that this is something that you actually enjoy and rather than feeling like a lot of extra work it is more like a lot of extra fun be open-minded about it you are an emotionally strong person and you are often a voice and a source of strength for the underdog this week you may have the chance to stand up for someone who is in need of your assistance or you may give hope when it is needed most take pride in this because not just anyone can help out in a unique way that you can a current endeavor may be stalled or in a state of flux this week but don’t worry about that this is not the end or a sign of trouble if you relax and just let it unfold you should find that the pace will pick up again soon and all will be even better than it was before you may feel the need for more support within a close relationship if you voice how you feel this week you should be met with warmth and love you may not have been communicating your needs but once you do you should find the haven you seek from Monday to Thursday you gain a clearer understanding of what you really want in life you will probably be feeling optimistic about your future but also be realistic about your situation and what you can actually do this gives the self confidence and determination to turn your dreams into reality an elder may share with you their spiritual wisdom or a younger person may come to you for spiritual guidance Friday to Sunday is excellent for partying and making love you should feel warm happy sociable and generous good luck may come in the form of gifts money or compliments increased popularity charisma and charm make this a good time for dating making friends come easy and new partnerships will be genuine and mutually beneficial good luck also applies to education business and legal matters pisces February 19th to March 20th though you may have a hard time believing it abundance and good luck are with you in full force this week Pisces you may have faced at least one or two big challenges lately and you may not be expecting anything to change but change is coming and it’s very positive as you go about your week keep this thought in mind and allow it to lighten your mood and give you hope and motivation this is a great week for making risk investments for discussing legal matters and for making substantial purchases whatever you do in these areas will be bolstered by protection and positive energy you may find yourself with a greater sense of initiative this week which will enable you to take on a big project you had put off for a while you should find that resources are more abundant and help is easier to find make the most of this period by covering as much ground as you can with a tedious project you have been working on you may need to keep reminding yourself that you are almost there you have come so far and recognizing just how close you are should motivate you to move even faster from Monday to Friday you should be feeling optimistic and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with everyone opportunities can come in the form of personal spiritual and material growth financial gains are possible which will increase your overall net worth and level of satisfaction and contentment personal and spiritual growth can come through studies and travel anything for broadening your outlook on life Saturday and Sunday brings an increased need for pleasure through love and affection you should feel sociable romantic sensual and sentimental however you may also become careless moody or self indulgent a healthy relationship may undergo some slightly uncomfortable moments but an unsatisfying relationship may suffer from disloyalty or other forms of disrespect always remember these horoscope readings and predictions were presented just to guide you for the day we are still the ones who make our own decisions no matter what fate gives us it is up to us to make our own destiny you make your own destiny [Music] and as always 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