How Intimate Are You According to Your Zodiac?

By | September 16, 2019

Hey there! When was your last intimate relationship? I don’t mean ‘intimate’ as in sexual. There’s more to intimacy than that. When was the last relationship where you and
your partner would sit and share your deepest darkest fears? Your hopes… Your dreams… Okay I know I’m getting a little personal
here, but hey, I’m your Bestie! That’s my job. Did you know that your zodiac sign can have
a profound effect on your level of intimacy? It’s true. Let’s talk about How Intimate You Are According
to Your Zodiac. Are you the centre of attention? Do you enjoy opening up and giving your love
to others? Are you perhaps the more introverted type? We’re talking all of that and more… Cancer We’ll start this list out on a positive
note. Cancers are known to be super affectionate. As a matter of fact, Cancers are known to
be some of the best lovers. Afterall, they are the most emotional of the
zodiac signs. If you are hurting either emotionally or physically,
Cancers will approach your problem with empathy. For example, if you are having family or work
issues, a Cancer will listen, allowing you open up with your thoughts on the matter. They’re almost a vessel for your sadness. Alright, that too dramatic. They are also not afraid to reveal secrets
about themselves. So if something is bothering them, they have
no problem sharing it with you. Born between June 22nd and July 22nd, this
crab-zodiac is extremely protective of their loved ones. They are also incredibly loyal. They treat family and friends as if they were
an extension of themselves and will do anything if one is in trouble. 2. Aries In case you didn’t notice, we’re not going
in order here. It’s all in an effort to keep things interesting. If you’re an Aries, there is a strong chance
you’re the affectionate type, but for the wrong reasons. Born between March 21st and April 19th, an
Aries will often go out of their way to treat their lovers with respect. This is done with the intention of saving
you from your troubles. You see, Aries suffer from a superhero complex,
where they believe they are going to rescue you from your problems. While they do look for affection from people,
an Aries has a strong sense of independence as well. If they have a problem, they will look within
themselves to fix things before going to others. 3. Aquarius Aquarius are those born between January 20th
and February 18th. Believe me when I say they are far from affectionate. An aquarius is known to be among the most
secretive of the zodiacs. Not secretive in the sense that they are devising
a giant scheme to steal all the water out of the oceans and destroy the planet. When I say secretive, I mean in an emotional
sense. While an aquarius is capable of opening up
to their partner, it doesn’t come easy. They have to trust you first, and even then
they may seem evasive. Aquarius are often sceptical of others, and
sometimes require alone time in their own space. This may prove to be a turn off to their partner,
making it a lot harder for an Aquarius to stay in a relationship long term. If they do happen to have companions, the
term “close friend” is one that may not apply to them. 4. Gemini Let’s jump from winter to summer. If only it were that simple. Geminis, born between May 21st and June 20th,
are great communicators. This helps them meet new people and blend
in with a crowd. This also works as a negative at times, as
their adventurous personalities cause them to get bored really quickly. Gemini is the sign of change, which seems
pretty appropriate given the fact they are constantly shifting and moving from place
to place. If you are going to date a Gemini, it’s
good that you have an equal amount of interest in the things they enjoy. Otherwise, they may get tired of you. If the two of you are a match, Gemini’s
are ideal people to go to for advice. If you’ve got a problem that needs fixing,
Geminis are often happy to listen. 5. Taurus Who knew that bulls could be so needy. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying
that needy is necessarily bad. It’s just that when it comes to a Taurus,
they enjoy feeling wanted. It works to your benefit though. If a Taurus chooses you as their lover, expect
loyalty beyond your wildest dreams. Because of their desire to be wanted by others,
Taurians are incredibly reliable and have a tendency to offer advice when asked. Unfortunately, a Taurus at times can be a
little too needy. It actually gets to the point where they seem
insecure. 6. Capricorn Alright, it’s time to get serious. Because at the end of the day, that’s what
a Capricorn is… the urgent one. It can be said that Capricorns are the strongest
of the zodiacs. Born between December 22nd and January 20th,
you’d have to be tough to survive the coldest time of the year. Capricorns are known to keep to themselves. This is frustrating for anybody in a relationship
as it can be hard to get them to show affection and open up. Capricorns also have incredibly high standards. They know what they want. The problem is because their expectations
are sometimes unrealistic, they are easily disappointed. If you set your Capricorn friend up on a blind
date, they will be let down if the person doesn’t match the overall appearance they
are attracted to. 7. Pisces It’s hard to believe the romantic zodiac
sign comes five days after Valentine’s Day. Born between February 19th and March 20th,
Pisces are often regarded as the most pure and tender lovers in the zodiac. In fact, Pisces are so fixated on finding
that perfect someone to be with, that they often drift into fairytale land. This is something they share in common with
Capricorns. A Pisces will often construct a fantasy in
their head where they imagine the perfect relationship. They are extremely sensitive and search for
affection in every romance. It gets to the point where they even seem
desperate for this affection. So desperate in fact they will try their best
to be someone they are not in order to fulfill the desire of someone else. 8. Scorpio The sting of the scorpion is always the strongest. If you were born around October 23rd to November
21st, this applies to you. Scorpios are known as the intense zodiac. They can be blunt, honest and aggressive. This proves to be a difficult obstacle when
they tackle a lover. See? Even the expression for how they tackle approach
relationships is intense. Don’t get us wrong though. While scorpios seem intense on the outside,
they can be passionate sweethearts within. They just often have trouble when it comes
to expressing how they feel, and get uncomfortable when they feel like others are getting too
close to them. 9. Sagittarius To put it simply, a Sagittarius can be afraid
of intimacy. When a person shows affection towards them,
their signals go crazy, causing them to take cover. While a Sag may like to have fun, the idea
of a person displaying too much love towards them might make them feel uncomfortable. Even though they do enjoy having fun and exploring,
a Sagittarius has their limits when it comes to romance. This may be due to the fact that they are
just too accustomed to being free and they don’t want a partner who cramps their style. 10. Virgo These are folks born from August 23rd to September
22nd, and are known to be the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. Virgos are often afraid to reveal themselves
to the world. Everybody has imperfections, but Virgos are
mighty insecure about theirs. Because they fear they may expose an insecurity
— or the imperfection that caused this insecurity — they tend to keep their distance. This often results in Virgos feeling very
lonely overtime. But this is not to say that if you’re a
Virgo, you are surely going to be alone. Just try your best to open up to people. It doesn’t hurt. 11. Libra October babies, make some noise! These are the people born from September 23rd
to October 22nd. Libras have a difficult time figuring out
what exactly they want. They are always weighing out their options
in their head, and it can be a while before they come to a decision. This can get particularly tricky when it comes
to romance. Do I get into a relationship? Or do I not? If you’re dating someone like this, prepare
to be annoyed. Libra’s do not enjoy being alone. They often seek comfort with those around
them. If a romantic relationship is off the table,
they will look for affection elsewhere, usually moving on to friends and family members. If you happen to be friends with a Libra,
you most likely keep your phone on silent while you snooze… Those late night calls and drunk texts can
get pretty frustrating. 12. Leo Leos are born between July 23rd to August
22nd, but in a lot of their heads, everyday of the year is their birthday. If you’ve ever dated a Leo, you may know
that they like to be the centre of attention. They love the idea of control. This urge for power in a relationship often
drives people away, which is a shame since Leos are known to be very loving and warm
people. They just have a different way of expressing
it. They will overwhelm you with compliments,
as long as you return the favour. If a Leo is wearing a nice outfit, or has
recently styled their hair in a fashionable way, be sure to let them know how good it
looks. You may have just made their day. Are you the intimate type? Sound off in the comment section.

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