How to Link Your Nyrius Aries Home & Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

By | September 11, 2019

Hello, and thank you for choosing Nyrius Aries
Home Series to fulfill your Wireless High Definition needs! Your Aries Home HDMI transmitter receiver
system will arrive paired. In the event the transmitter and receiver
do not communicate with one another; manual pairing may be required. The steps contained in this video are applicable
to both the NAVS500 and NAVS502 models. The maximum range of the Aries Home and Home
plus is 100 feet of open space with clear line of sight. For best results, reduce the obstacles between
the transmitter and receiver. Walls and Floors may reduce the overall maximum
range. Do not position the receiver behind your television.Before
starting the pairing process, check the HDMI and power connections from the receiver to
the Television, and the HDMI and USB power connections from the transmitter to the audio
video source. Now you’re ready to pair your transmitter
and receiver. To manually pair your Aries Home or Home+,
please follow these steps Disconnect power from both the transmitter
and receiver. While holding the power button on the receiver
reconnect the power adapter. Release the power button once the Power Button
LED starts to blink slowly. “Please Activate Registration on Transmitter
Unit” will be displayed on the Television. While holding the power button on the transmitter
reconnect the power adapter. Once you’ve connected the power, release
the power button. The power LEDs on both the transmitter and
receiver will stop flashing once they have connected and your video will display on screen. Now you’re ready to stream full HD video
with complete wireless freedom! For more support information and videos, visit

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