How to Read Faces for Sexual Attraction | Body Language

By | August 14, 2019

So essentially the face is like the epicenter
of communication so when you’re sitting down having a conversation with somebody you’re
not looking at their arms or leg most of the time. Most of the time you’re paying direct
attention to the face and for the most part there’s a lot of different signs of attraction
in the face. One of the most useful things without a doubt
is going to be smiles, so smiles and laughter. You tend to see that when someone’s attracted
to somebody you tend to see a significant amount of smiles. Like when you’re on a date
and no one smiles once, not a good date. The more smiles the better and typically you
want genuine smiles. Genuine smiles are indicated by the crows feet to the left and right to
the eyes and wrinkles below the eyelids. Those are the indications of a genuine smile. Essentially there are five points to a smile.
One is the upward turning of the lips creating that smile face. The second is the raising
of the cheeks. The third is the opening of the mouth. Most people can make that fake
kind of smile. Most people can activate the fourth and fifth criteria for a genuine smile
or an zygotic smile or a smile which essentially is the crows feet. So there’s wrinkles to
the left and right of the eyes and there’s slight wrinkles below the eye. So most people when they can just nail that
and look at you and give you that genuine smile it’s an indication that they really
like you so it’s something that you’re looking for. You’re looking for smiles, you’re also looking
for laughter. So laughter is definitely correlated with date success. You’ll look for blushing,
that helps. What’s really cool, is you’ll look for the
maintenance or preparation of the face. One of the things people tend to do is if they
like you they want to look good. Right? So you’ll tend to see that during the date for
example, they may constantly fix something or constantly gesture something about their
face or constantly change some sort of aspect of their face to make themselves essentially
look better. So one of the things you’ll see before people
kiss is that they lick their lips a lot or apply lip gloss. So what you can do is sit
there across from somebody and they haven’t applied lip gloss once and then all of a sudden
in the last 10 to 15 minutes of the date you tend to see them apply lip gloss like three
times. Why? Why are you applying lip gloss? The reason is because you intend to be kissed. People check their breath, people will lick
their lips a lot. I see it all. I’ve observed so many people do this. It makes sense. We’re
about to kiss somebody we want our lips to be prepared. It’s one of those things we tend
to do to attracted somebody.

98 thoughts on “How to Read Faces for Sexual Attraction | Body Language

  1. Darlene Sterling Post author

    I prepare my lips way before the date…you just never know. AND if the date isn't going well, I will be the 1st to not show any type of face that shows sexual attraction lol

  2. Doormandude Post author

    yes, thank you for teaching me what smiles look like

  3. TheNeonCatSpaceInvader Post author

    Is it just me who can actually create crows feet when I fake smile, aswell as the other 4 things? Xd

  4. Bill Cipher Post author

    Hopefully they don't want to be like those Hentai chicks

  5. George Massey Post author

    This video is awful. Guys – if a girl starts playing with her hair, if she tilts her head to expose her neck (A vulnerable area, indicating trust) if she holds eye contact for long periods of time, if she EVER touches you, playfully or whatever. If she laughs at stuff you say that isn't even funny. If you're standing with her and she stands with her legs crossed (Unless it happens to be cold) it indicates that she isn't looking to leave because she likes being with you. If she puts her face close to yours, it indicates a strong level of comfort. If you catch her looking at your lips, she's probably thinking about kissing you (Although 99% of the time, girls wait to be kissed. Don't wait for her to kiss you.) If you say a little bit, and she talks a lot, then she's doing most of the investing. If she's willing to invest in you by talking more than you talk, it can indicate that she likes you. All of those.

  6. KellySmith555 Post author

    Let me save 2:44 seconds of your life:

    This video says:

    If someone smiles at you genuinely, they like you.
    If someone blushes and smiles around you, they like you.
    If someone looks you in the face when you talk, they like you.
    If someone adjusts the way their face looks as they are talking to you, they like you because they want to be more attractive to you.

    That's it. The rest of this video is just this annoying man, bumbling over the same words again and again.

  7. Daniel Drason Post author

    This is all fine… but know the traits of type 1 sociopaths. They will know you more than you know yourself and play you. They will sweep you off your feet, hook into your psyche, then start scooping out your self-worth and perhaps money. Good to know the traits. When women say "All men cheat," and men say, "Women are all gold diggers," most likely the men/women they are talking about are type 1 sociopaths. You probably have one in your life now.  This is an interesting video. Just remember- a sociopath will know all of this to hook ya. Good to know the traits.

  8. Rap Mon day! Post author

    Kiss your hand 10 times and then say the name of ur crush 15
    Comment this somewhere else ur crush will ask u out tomorrow

  9. thecobaltroom Post author

    This guy should get the award for 'most annoying'. Literally couldn't watch because of him … He is probably a nice guy but buddy you are not cut for this kind of job …

  10. chan tastic Post author

    Meh. Some girls are flirty, smile/laugh alot with everyone.

  11. aqueenwaits Post author

    This is sooooooooooo fantastic and true!This video made me smile the whole time I watched it because I did exactly what he said when I found myself attracted to a contractor.

  12. runandblogthat Post author

    How To Read Body Language From a Man Who's Devoid of All Human Emotion

  13. kyouki109 Post author

    this dudes stooooned. smiles n she smiles with smiling and if it smiles smiling can be a yeaaaaaaaa SMILE like a donut for me baby

  14. • SunniDayz • Post author

    i wouldn't want to date him cause he knows to much… like he's reading your mind or something

  15. Aivottaja Post author

    A pretty suave guy who is surely experienced in the art of lovemaking. I bet his friends call him Beastman.

  16. DangerZone Post author

    Lol how drunk is this guy? Slurring everything like he just fell out of bed after an absynth bender

  17. Bill Soon Post author

    If girls coddle me and talk to me like a baby, and stare at me funny, and randomly laugh at me a lot, does that mean they like me?

  18. Nathanael Winters Post author

    A good cheat trick about faking a genuine smile is to think about something that makes you genuinely happy. (At least I think that works. Personally I just flip on the 'happy' feeling switch in my head, and it works. Hrm… No, I can't really explain how it works, I turn my emotions on and off like the flip of a switch. lol)

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  20. Kelly B Post author

    Every time I see this boy at my school I smile, not on purpose, it just happens, I don't control it, is it love?

  21. Cyann Taylor Post author

    1:12 At first I thought he said "psychotic smile"

  22. KINGatLIFE Post author

    "I observe so many people doing this" does he just sit at a restraint creepily watching people on dates and Mae notes.

  23. __ Post author

    Its Just Natural i guess… You représent what You are Inside with You body. If your dog dies, dont date at the same Day.

  24. Elena :3 Post author

    omg who is a vhope shipper ? the last one remind me of rookie King when v and jhope kissed ?so thats why he licked his lips so much omg????

  25. Sacharias summer Post author

    If you couch a girl licking her lips when she ses you she want  the .D.Not a kiss

  26. Maria Uribe Post author

    I feel like his eyes are staring into my soul…

  27. Peter Anderson Post author

    "If you go on a date and no one smiled, it wasn't a good date" thanks for the sage advice

  28. ramserenity Post author

    You should do a video on how to pronounce my words and explain myself properly

  29. Dirty Harry Post author

    who allowed this incoherent bafoon appear in a video

  30. xltoday Post author

    well could u stand the torture and could u stand the pain? Could u put ur faith in Jesus when ur burning in the flames?

  31. noot Post author

    Despite being attracted to you or not, I'm still going to smile a lot just to be nice.

  32. Esau Sello Post author


  33. Odette X Post author

    I can't help but smile whenever I'm in a serious situation, like when hearing about bad news, especially deaths

  34. Wise Words of wisdom Post author

    he looks like that guy from buzzfeed lol

  35. Douglas Proce Post author

    Best way to read if someone is attracted to you? They jam their tongue in your mouth.
    Hope that helps you all out.

  36. Enrique Jr Post author

    They should do a video explaining why I always trust that their videos will be resourceful when they never are -_-

  37. The Colossal Wang Post author

    You're a cool person but it's hard to look at you.

  38. Justin Pinello Post author

    Whyd they choose a guy who gets no squirrel? I couldn't watch past the 30 second point

  39. شبکه آموزشی - س ک س درمانی SEX Therapy Post author

  40. Namita R Post author

    This man has had a bad history with lip gloss

  41. Richard Hillier Post author

    He doesn't mention the PSYCHOTIC SMILE

  42. THE GIVEAWAY CHANNEL Post author

    if this guy was in any mafia movie, he would've died in the first 60seconds.

  43. helen chrisanthou Post author

    this is ok . but your eyes irresistible .

  44. News 7 Hindi Post author

    we also noticed this sign while making videos for our channel

  45. Janah Post author

    What i cant stand , are people who LAUGH at you with a FAKE SMILE , anyone understand what im talking about? they hide their false emotions of mocking you with a fake smile , its the worst of all smiles , the mocking smile..

  46. Senka H Post author

    We all the same,
    All …some show's out ,some don't …all from different reason's

  47. Billionaire Ange Arthur LIMA Post author

    I dont get it. The content is completely different of the title.

  48. Tino _1025 Post author

    I have had all these signs thrown at me, then literally next day they I relationship with someone else. these "signs" of attraction are complete BULSHIT!!!!!

  49. ed schankereli Post author

    if they turn me down for a dinner date, I know a blowjob is out of the question.

  50. Micaelah B Post author

    He talks like hes bored so it makes this whole video so dull

  51. SwaggyD Post author

    I know this guy gets a lot of hate ,but he know wat he's talking about.have a nice day 🙂

  52. 2kMedia News Post author

    No offence but why do you look like an escaped Ukrainian serial killer?

  53. luke dawson Post author

    How did this ugly little fellow get into this science of attraction thing? I don't think he can be speaking from personal experience.

  54. Kristine Virtudazo Post author

    Why does my crush keeps biting his lower lips every time we talk. Can someone tell me.why? I'm confused.

  55. peguyjean2011 Post author

    Just make sure at the dinner date, you don't order corn, bacon and onion if you're planning to kiss me.
    Otherwise there won't be a second date.

  56. Cintra Habbo gaming Post author

    This toltaly bulshit i tried once we travel time and young lady scratch on her lips often and i thought may she likes me and didnt realized the she had a allergi on men

  57. D J Post author

    when you have to write a minimum of words on an essay so you just find other ways of saying the same thing for the word count

  58. Justin X. Post author

    GOD! these comments are killing me?????? Awesome people here

  59. Bashi Ali Post author

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