How to Relieve Back Pain | Reflexology

By | August 14, 2019

So if you want to use reflexology for back
pain you’re gonna want to focus on spinal reflexes. So we’ll start there; so you actually don’t
have to move the other foot up but just for our purposes you could see this medial aspect;
usually the person can sit with both their feet in front of you. So the spinal reflex is just from here all
the way down this side of the foot. So we are gonna start at the base and we’re
gonna work our way all the way up. Depending on where the pain is in the back
you might wanna stop and give a little more attention to either where you’re feeling a
little change in that tissue texture or if they’ve indicated they have lot of pain around
their cervical area or their mid back or their lower back. And you’ll just either stay there a little
longer or you can work that area from different vantage points. So here we’re just doing thumb walking, taking
little bites, all the way up this medial aspect of the foot, right up here getting into the
cervical spine reflex and actually go all the way up; I’ll go past the very top and
into what are brain reflexes just on the great toe. If you really want to give a lot of focus
to that area, you could start at the top and go back down again; there is certainly no
reason why you can’t do that a couple of times. And if you also want to, like I was saying
if someone’s having mid-back pain you can give a little more attention to the mid-area,
you could actually, using your thumb or your fingers, you could do a little walking across
the reflex point, you go there and then maybe move down and go across again. You’ll wanna do that bilaterally, so you’ll
wanna do both feet, you do the other side. You can also give some attention to the legs
and the lower legs and so it’ll be right, this is the fifth metatarsal here and this
is the base, this is the calcaneous, that heel bone and right in between there is the
knee and hip reflex. It actually goes back here to some of the
hip reflexes; it can be really intense; you wanna check in with your person; if they start
to pull away, definitely ease up. We could do a little bit of finger walking
in there. And then the last point will just be a solar
plexus hold. So with your thumbs at the diaphragm line
we’ll come across through here, find the point; you just lean forward into there and that’s
it; that’ll be the protocol if someone is experiencing some sort of back pain anywhere
along their spine.

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    of course, coz it looks like the curvature of the spine. Amazing how the body designed itself like that….to have reflex points on the foot. And the spine is the part on the foot that has curvature. Amazing

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