How to Replace a Condenser Tumble Dryer Belt (Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda)

By | January 6, 2020

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. in this video of I will be showing you how to change
the belt on a Hotpoint, Creda or indesit condenser tumble dryer. If your machine is making all the right noises but the drum isn’t spinning it likely the belt
has broken and you need to replace it. Safety first: Always unplug an appliance
before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do is to remove the top of
the appliance by undoing these two screws at the back. With the top out of the way I next need to
remove the side panel which is held on by one screw at the top and four at the back. With the side panel removed we can now see
the broken belt, so I’ll just take that off the drum. And to be able to fit the new belt
it either needs to drop in around the front of the drum or round
the back of the drum, Now In order to do that I need to now remove
the second side panel. With the second panel removed I now need to release
the water container housing by undoing these hoses at the back and undoing these two screws. Then I need to release the electrical
connectors from the mains filter and undo these two screws that hold on the top bracket. These electrical connectors are usually held
him by tab so just use your fingernail or your finger to push the tab back and then pull it off I’ve only taking off the connectors
that run down the top bracket here when putting them back make sure that
blue goes next to blue and brown goes next to brown. With those released I can now disconnect
the top bracket by undoing these screws. With the top bracket released you can see
we now have quite a bit of movement in the cabinet. But just to be sure just to make sure we got enough
space for the belt to drop over the front of the drum I’m just going to release a couple of the screws
at the back of the panel here. With those screws at the rear of the appliance
removed and grabbing our new belt we have just enough space at the front of
the appliance to be able to drop the belt around the front of the drum and underneath as well. With the belt now in place you can use
the belt to lift the drum into position but as you can see the front panel isn’t
going back into place and that’s because the ducting behind this panel has dropped down
and is now out of position as well. Easy to deal with, undo these three screws
that hold the lower front panel and ducting in place and then you can give both front panels a little jiggle
to get them back into their correct position. With the front panel now in place
you can refit the screws. To secure the cabinet whilst I refit the belt
I am just going to reconnect the electrical connectors on the mains filter. Remembering to put brown wire next the
brown wire and blue next to blue. And then I can easily re screw the upper bracket. Now I can reconnects the water container housing
by redoing these two screws and also putting the hoses back in place,
and then reconnect this side panel. When replacing the side panels do be careful
of the edges as they can be extremely sharp. The belt needs to be fitted over the motor
spindle which you can see here, to get to the motors been although I need to
remove the condenser fan cover by using a flathead screwdriver to work it very
gently away from the clips. With the condenser fan cover out of the way I next need
to remove the condenser fan itself which is held in place by a spring clip you can see in the centre there. So grab a pair of pliers and pinch the clip
which should help it release off the motor spindle. If the fans a bit stiff you can use a flat head screwdriver just give it a couple of knocks
which should help it release. With the fan out of the way I next need
to get the belt underneath the motor spindle. And to do that pull it nice and tort make sure it’s
spinning quickly because there isn’t much give between the frame underneath and the
spindle itself so just pull it nice and tort nice and quickly at an angle and it
should ease its way through like so. Now we need to get the belt over the
tension pulley here, it’s a stretch belt so give it a good couple of stretches to give it a bit
of give and make sure it’s centrally on the spindle and you can use the mark has been left
behind by the old belt on the drum as well. then you can put the belt by pulling it slightly over
the tention pulley then you can pull the belt down with your other hand to wrap the belt around the pulley. With a belt perfectly in place I can now reattach the
fan spring clip that holds it in place and also the cover. With the fan and the cover in place I can now replace
the side panel and the top and any remaining screws. So there we have it, one new drive belt
fitted to this Hotpoint condenser tumble dryer. Spares and accessories for all appliances can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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