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By | August 10, 2019

My name is Lawrence Grecco. I live in New York City, and I’m a Life Coach
and an Astrologer. I’ve been practicing Astrology for over 20
years. You can check out my website at I’m here to talk to you today about Horoscopes. Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, so if
you were born between August 21st and September 20th that makes you a Virgo. So Virgo is symbolized by the virgin which
is usually depicted carrying a sheaf of wisdom or even an ear of corn sometimes and that
represents the harvesting of late summer. So above all Virgo is very concerned with
issues of health and hygiene. Um Virgos very much need to feel productive
and industrious they want to feel like something that contributes someway in a very practical
way. So, like the image of the virgin, Virgo people
have this discriminating and almost impenetrable nature. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the messenger of
the Gods. So above all, Virgo people are very hard working,
analytical, industrious. They like repetitive work so they’re very
detail oriented. They can notice things that most people would
miss because they have a very good, precise and concise way of looking at things and people
and information. So Virgos have a reputation for being perfectionists
because they are. They will stick to something and work on it
until they feel like it’s totally perfect and they won’t be satisfied until it is. On the down side, sometimes Virgo can be a
little bit too caught up in the detail so they might be a little fussy, a little critical
um and sometimes so bogged down on the details that they lose sight of the bigger picture
and can get held back. Some famous Virgos include Cameron Diaz, Keanu
Reeves, Richard Gere and Charlie Sheen

100 thoughts on “How to Understand Virgo Horoscope Sign | Zodiac Signs

  1. 8luvbug Post author

    I don't get it?I thought Virgos are suppose to be introverted,like me.My birthday is on september 8th,and my dad is a day after mines on the 9th.But he's very outgoing?I know quite a alot of other Virgos,and this applies to some of them too.I'am very sensitve and withdrawn.

  2. Maya Howell Post author

    I'm a Libra but my moon is Virgo. .
    I'm October 6. The moon signs are confusing but it's cool. I read I Have Scorpio too. .?

  3. lovelle spice Post author

    virgos aren't prudish.. just discriminating.. we are physically passionate given the right partner 🙂

  4. ahsan moin Post author

    charlie sheen is a virgo ,we aint that health conscious afterall….

  5. jay perez Post author

    Virgos.. Motivate Direct and inspire and love women

  6. Traci's Tube Post author

    Please someone tell me why he says Virgo end on sept 20th I'm a Virgo and my birthday is on sept 21

  7. IcantFeel itanymore Post author

    According to All the astrology Books ive read, August 23-September 22 Is The Virgo, And thats only about five different books, there Many more out there 🙂 But who wants to listen to a 10 year old? v.v

  8. ablurida Post author

    You called me discriminating, you bald douche?
    hahahaha I kid, I kid :p

  9. Daniel ilyabayev Post author

    You missed the most important virgo
    Michael Jackson

  10. Bonedust Post author

    He forgot stress and anxiety 24/7. Fucking hate my sign

  11. Widad Babiker Omer Post author

    Point of correction Dr.I am a Virgo too,Virgo starts from August 23 not August 21,You might also be right if you  claim, Virgo  starts from 22 of August,but never in the history of zodiac sign ,did  Virgo start from August 21.Thank you.

  12. Ciprian Amarandei Post author

    I am Virgo…I criticize all my friends so they become a better version of themselves..they hate it…but is so much fun for me :)) I am an evil Virgo

  13. SABRINA TILLMAN Post author

    I'm confused. All this time I was under the impression that ppl born on September 22nd are Virgos. I'm conflicted in my spirit now because I've been dating a man I believed was a Virgo. ?

  14. Bbra39 92 Post author

    health and higiene ? dude i smoke 2 packs of cigs a day. I smoke weed i drink alchool. I think im a fake virgo?

  15. mindswagg88 Post author

    Why are the sheafs of wheat she carry meant to imply domain over health, and hygiene alone? What about reaping the benefit all that mental energy she's collected from the harvest (work put in by the prior 5 zodiac signs) to help humanity with their intellect?

    Also, I learned that Virgins (back in the day) were free to select who they loved, and weren't possessed by anyone…why now are Virgo's considered to preoccupied with detail to realize they can actually be doing something of importance with that freedom of choice and thought? lol I reserve the RIGHT to challenge this information all in good fun! 🙂

    Back to the hygiene thing though….Now, we've ALL gotta wash…why does ONE sign rule that? RIP I know every other sign washes and takes care of their hygiene, but none of them rule washing, cleaning, scrubbing…ugh I like being clean I'm sure like EVERY other zodiac sign likes being clean, I don't know why that trait gets so blown out of proportion I'd like some elaboration on that. I HATE repetitive work: I'm happiest when I can change systems and thoughts with my ideas, and get people excited about how good it is to be alive.

    The takeaway here is that, these descriptions of Virgo make us sound like we suffer from high functioning autism…this might work for some people, but not for me. It's more of an embarrassment than a compliment.

  16. gaby. riela Post author

    I often become a commitee of events on campus, and I understand very well about being "detailed", too detailed that sometimes I loose the picture. ? I don't know about being perfectionist, since I realized that many things I had done was not perfect at all, even though I've tried my best. ?

  17. Mandy Simmons Post author

    I am a sensitive non pushover Cancerian and I tried I really tried to be friends with a virgo for 2 years…but she was a bossy little chit quite a few years younger than me and she thought she was always right and she hardly ever was…I don't take marriage advice ( I am married to a hard headed Scorpio lol ) from a divorced woman and I don't ask for tips from someone who's not been on the planet as long as I have…I had no idea they have virtually ( virgally LOL ) no compassion or empathy…she just wanted to boss me around and I was not up for that and she got really really mad at me when I would not do what  she of course we're not friends now.

  18. Bo Post author

    Im a virgo and everything he said I'm the polar opposite, Im messy, not a perfectionist at all and i never finish my work. :/ damn..

  19. R Villegas Post author

    It doesn't matter if a girl a virgo or not, to them thier always correct

  20. Sheepish Lion Post author

    Is it just me or does this guy not know what Virgos are really like? Exsqueese me but i am not a perfectionist , the only thing he got right was the seeing things that others cant

  21. DumbNice -24 Post author

    I'm Virgo and that basically describes me in some ways

  22. Zinae Williams Post author

    And you forgot one more famous Virgo and her name is zinae

  23. FastPuma Post author

    im a virgo and it seemed like you were discribing me, except you nissed out the good looking part!

  24. Myrakel Post author

    I was born on September 21st…every other horoscope says August 23rd-September 23rd…I'm a Virgo. Why does this say otherwise?

  25. Emily Rose Post author

    and don't forget to mention my baby, Michael Jackson. He's a virgo too and he's really important!

  26. orla flynn-staines Post author

    How could he miss Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Liam Gallagher or Amy wine house? No one cares about the people he mentioned wtf

  27. Joe Piervincenti Post author

    I'm a Virgo myself. I'm particularly interested in the aspect of perception. I see patterns and trends in society and people and then a ask questions about what is happening there. I trained in social work counseling and therefore focus on behavior and actions. The concept of ego is key. My summary of the human condition is that we are not descended from the apes, we are the apes. How arrogant we are to believe that we are intelligent and civilized and then do the things we do as the human race. ?

  28. Soso Drake Post author

    I do not do anything about my healthand hygene and i am definitely not a perfectionist and im a virgo

  29. Claudette Niles Post author

    this is so me my motto is even " perfection is the key to all success " cause in your eyes when you do something, work hard on it even when your done you tell yourself wow thats perfect therefore it is a great success

  30. Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes Post author

    Perfectly said about me being a Virgo Woman!

  31. Shaun Ghishing Post author

    I don't hate Virgos but IDK, they are always in trouble,!

  32. Waheed Ahmed Post author

    You forgot Beyonce lil yatchy and Michael Jackson and me

  33. tHe Negusdrop Post author

    Mf DOOM… I'm doing research for a project

  34. Manuel Romero Post author

    You couldn't of explained my life any better….

  35. Blue Raven Post author

    I thought Virgo sign started from August 23-September 22

  36. Jessica holmes Post author

    I'm not a virgo but I'm still good looking…..

  37. Little Furnts Post author

    I’m a Virgo and most of the stuff you said was true except I’m not the person who goes into great detail I’m simple and sweet but I am very productive I love excercising and once somethings in my mind to do it is to get done

  38. thornton turner Post author

    I am a Virgo myself. Most of the time when i smoke or drink its to help shut down my thinking to much. Over thinking gets on my nerves sometimes.

  39. Carolin Elieh Post author

    I'm born September 22nd I thought I'm a Virgo 7-23 to Sep 22nd is Virgo.

  40. Mikhayla Fairbanks Post author

    Was this guy high or something cause none of that was correct

  41. B.P. DHANA Post author

    Bernie Sanders is a virgo! and he was born in the same date with me : 8th September! Let's #feelthebern!

  42. B.P. DHANA Post author

    As virgo guy, i would say that everything he said is..99% accurate!! Perfectionist, detail-oriented and… of course, fussy and highly critical ..ouch! haha

  43. Purple Lily Post author

    I’m a lie. I thought I was a Virgo :(. Born at September 22

  44. Khouloud Ayari Post author

    All vigos I have met hurt me in a way or another. Really egocentric, no empathy, egoistic..

  45. Jennifer van der Berg Post author

    Im born September the 22nd and some say im a virgo and some say im a libra, what star sign do i follow

  46. Just Peachy Msp Post author

    Actually its August 23rd to September 22nd. I was born on September 22nd and I am definitely a virgo!

  47. The Gacha Life of Kim Post author

    I have a Virgo necklace and wrist band, and my sister has a virgin wrist band.

  48. Deandre Neal Post author

    I thought September 22 because on google it says August 23 – September 22 are Virgos ??

  49. Kunthea Seth Post author

    I'm a Virgo….I am not a movie star or musician. I'm organize, modest, devotion, intent, and goal oriented. I'm success. I'm created perfectly fine, feminine. Many Virgo are looking good and smart…

  50. Mark Torres Post author

    If u disagree with what he is saying, you need to do more research, because there are such things as hybrids… also the year and day combined make a big difference, which planet was the strongest at the time and so forth

  51. Mike Mills Lynn Mass Post author

    Hey Kermit the frog connect me with legal counsel who specializes in civil liberty atrocities and multimillion dollar litigation and I'll pay you 50.00$ and I'll get u a paper bag to put over your ugly mug

  52. rachael-jayne Reeves Post author

    Describes me perfectly. Very picky & self critical and overthinking everything. Perfectionist is just the icing. I was once called a micromanager with OCD .

  53. Stormylicious Princeso Post author

    I'm sorry everyone, who is benyonce or whatever that name is?!!!

  54. Heart-2-Heart TALKS w/ TJ Post author

    You forgot Beyonce (09/04/81)!!!??
    Shoutout to all my Virgos! ♍️ 9️⃣❤️

  55. Pm Post author

    I hate virgos. My sister is a virgo and she is narcissistic, selfish, material and unemotional/numb. If you would die right next to her she wouldn't be bothered…

  56. Kite Hylle Post author

    im born in september 1 prepared to be leader,manneger, for short bosssss hahahaha evil laught


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