By | September 11, 2019

Thanks for accepting my request. Can you tell me anything about my fate line? I cant seem to find it. Thanks so much !! Kat Anders: Ok, you have a very active Fate line. It starts out from the outer edge of the palm, meaning very sociable (Red arrow). The Blue arrow indicates a big change in career or lifestyle at around age 39-40. The Green arrow shows a duel line at around age 45 to 70. This indicates duel responsibility, like taking care of someone or an additional job. The Yellow arrow shows a ‘Fame Line’ at about age 53 (under the index finger). The Yellow arrow (under the ring finger) shows a ‘Creative Achievement’. So you’ll be recognized for something creative, like possibly a book or something artistic. You also have two big X’s (Orange Arrows) under the ring finger, that show creative achievement. Your Fate Line go’s up to the Business (middle) finger, indicating that you will live to about age 80. Thnx, Kat Cool, thanks again
Kat Anders Your Welcome !

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