If Therapists Were Honest

By | October 10, 2019

welcome to therapy le tell me what’s on your mind okay um I just you like sometimes the world is against me you know why do you say that I mean for starters I mean my friends never see eye to eye yes there’s a lot of tension there um what do you disagree on everything I just the other day my friend got mad at me because I want to stay home and watch black mirror instead of going out I get is your birthday but there’s new episodes I see yeah and then she starts up on this whole rant about every single thing she’s ever done for me and I personally think that’s petty yeah I don’t do that okay like how many times am I gonna have to hear the story about how she donated me a kidney I get it yeah what about last week when her car broke down on the highway who did she call this was really the bad friend was she at least grateful when you went to pick her up what oh no no no I called her an uber for my bed if there’s new episodes of Black Mirror aren’t you writing this down yeah um okay I’m gonna show you a series of images porn and I want you to tell me what you see a terrible piece of art by a terrible painter who will likely never make it it’s pretty much [Music] kinda looks like my sister when she got dumped that’s a picture of me you know no the legs are a dead giveaway that that’s me that’s me is that me mmm what do you think is wrong with me do I have anxiety from being right all the time or maybe I’m depressed because of other people’s bad choices like wearing Crocs no III think in my professional opinion the issue is that you’re a bad person hmm you’re a mean selfish arrogant self-centered person who needs to work on not being such a terrible human mm-hmm so was there like a pill for that or just a jerk if you liked this video you were to make thumbs up check out my last video right over there it makes you smug because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday here’s a sneak peek of the next one one love superwoman that is a wrap and he thinks I stole her watch okay I don’t think I know

20 thoughts on “If Therapists Were Honest

  1. IISuperwomanII Post author

    That awkward moment when you thought you for sure had daddy issues or some sort of inner turmoil but really you're just a selfish person. LOL! Real talk though, shout outs to everyone who attends therapy and talks about their problems. That's the good stuff! GROWTH OVER ERRRRTHANG! #SuperSixty starts now! I'll be responding to your comments for the next hour x

  2. The Person Post author

    Lol before vid I got an ad about text therapy… lmfao

  3. Autumn The Random Potato Post author

    The therapist probably painted those….maybe… idk

  4. Jasu Dhesi Post author

    There's always a pill for everything in India and it works

  5. Mary M Post author

    Not true! Lol
    This is just what ppl believe their therapist is thinking.

  6. MrVee24 Matabudul Post author

    Im Asian I don't believe in therapy.I'm into self help.

  7. Slytherin Elphaba Supporter Post author

    Lol. I wish someone would tell my mom that.

  8. Muhammad Gulzar Post author

    Wasn't those the Pictures from Riverdale in Season 2

  9. Jacqueline Fiedler Post author

    casually does the psychopath test on the first day

  10. Medini Post author

    I honestly think therapists should be this honest

  11. Emily Cool Wolf Post author

    Who else thinks her voice is so calming in the video…?

  12. H L Post author

    I really want refunds for all of my past psychologists who had ignored my story during therapy and never advised me to cut off contacts with psychotic South Koreans who were abusive rather than telling me "just work now" and tried to continue to use me as their cash machine as if they were bribed by THE South Koreans. Chicago's one female therapist started to talk about her weight loss stress when I talked about how my arm was fractured from physical abuse so should I sue her and the school now #lol

  13. Zainab Mukadam Post author

    We are not mean, selfish, arrogant and self-centered. We are just to lazy to socialize and love to find person who are just like us nd be lzy with em

  14. Shohina Mizrobova Post author

    The thing about bad people going to therapy is that they wouldn’t accept that as an answer. They would go nuts if they were told that. But this was hilarious anyways.

  15. Juliette Kokis Post author

    I got a counseling ad at the beginning of this video


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