If you have the power to know your tomorrow – Sadhguru about Astrology

By | August 15, 2019

Sadhguru: Now, I won’t go into all of this
astrology.. What is it that you’re trying to do? You’re trying to look at the positions of
the planet and make certain predictions, right ? I Want you to understand, most of the time
people who make Good predictions are people who.. you know,
tell you about the past very clearly Or some people tell you tomorrow what’s going
to happen very clearly. They are not doing it looking at the Planets. They’re doing it looking at you. A certain intuitiveness is there in a certain
person. he says you know instead of teaching this yoga, if
I sit in Chennai and Just predict people’s future, I will tell
you in the next 10 years exactly What will happen in your life. Within three days, I will have a reputaition,
that half the Chennai will be standing in queue. Very easily I can do that. But in the Yoga Center, also there are people
were being into so mach sadhana, They can do such things. if they ever do such things, I will finish
them. We won’t let them go on with that nonsense. we’ll immediately chuck them out of the place, Because by predicting somebody’s future, You
don’t alter the quality of his life in any way. You don’t bring any kind of true well-being
. it is just.. You know, you’re getting him into more and
more ignorance. Isn’t it? Now, if you have the power to know your tomorrow, You will only become more ignorant, more egoistic,
more stupid, more harmful. You go by the normal rules, it’s okay. You don’t have to know what’s tomorrow. You are made like this right now, the quality
of your life And your own way of being is such, if you
know tomorrow today, you will not participate in today. Isn’t it ? yes or no? Suppose I tell you whatever you do you are
not going to die, You will do irresponsible things in the world. Or if I tell you tomorrow morning anyway,
you will die, now you won’t participate in today, isn’t it? So, you should not know the future. It’s not necessary for you to know the future
. Can somebody predict? Yes sometimes. But that’s not hundred-percent. It’s never 100%. Every object has a certain influence on you. See, right now this vessel, Because of its shape and its material it has
a Certain influence, it has a certain vibration
animating from it. If I allow this vessel to influence me, I
keep him next to me, because it’s quite a good friend. I Am NOT keeping a plastic pot, Because I don’t like his, the things that he says. I keep this one, because you know.. saying
pleasant things. I Am always in good company, please see. But now if I allow this vessel to influence
me too much, slowly I will become like a vessel. This will happen to you. Many people have become like vessels , isn’t
it ? Haven’t they? They will let things influence them, so deeply,
they will become like that. now, I won’t let this copper vessel to influence
me, but Being in my company, He is so influenced, You will see, you take another copper vessel,
you give me anything, right now You give me any object.. Just give it to me for 20 seconds, I’ll hold it in my hand and give it back to
you. It will be different. If you’re sensitive, you can feel it is distinctly
different. So, the question is just this.. will you allow
objects to influence you or will you influence the objects? The planets definitely are large objects,
so they have certain vibrations, They have some influences On everything around them. if they are close to this planet ,yes! Do you know on pournami in namasya days, Full moon day and new moon day days, People, who are little mentally disturbed
or imbalanced, become much more imbalanced? Yes? even the ocean is going crazy, Isn’t
it? do you all go crazy? Twice a month? Some of you are not saying anything. Twice a month if you’re going crazy, you would
have observed. anyway, Please ask your family, They will
tell you . Now Compared to that person ,who has an imbalanced
mind, you are much more stable, much more established, Wherever the moon goes, you don’t go crazy. If you are much more established ,wherever
any planet goes, You don’t go crazy. That’s all. The purpose of your life, the destiny of your
life is fixed by you and nothing else but you, yes.. Everything has an influence, but what you
make out of that influence is still yours isn’t it? But if you are going to be pushed around by
inanimate objects, yes, you can be pushed around.. to that extent it is true. I am saying, when the divine is functioning
within you, when the Creator is functioning within you, why are you allowing Inanimate things to influence your life? If you.. If you allow this dimension to flower in you, You will see life happens fantastic. Let the stars go anywhere, let the planets
go anywhere. You will go only where you want to go. You want to go where you want to go? Or you want to be pushed around by inanimate
objects ,you must decide that. Now, They’re writing it in horoscope and giving
it to you, How you are going to live. Please tell me, if there is an intelligent
person in this room, Can you predict what he will do the next moment? He may do something that nobody has ever done. isn’t it? If there is a fool here, if you look at him
you can say okay, this is how you will live. If they have to write it on paper and give
you, that this is the way you will live. what to do? that Means you’re refusing to use your intelligence
isn’t? Sadhguru: Now anything that you want to do, you want to look at the planets and stars, you want to step out of your house, the planets should align themselves properly. Yes? Right time, wrong time. Are you looking at all those things, hmm? Rahukalam, gunakalam, whatever else. If you want to get married, you go and ask the third person “Can I live happily with my wife?” I think it’s obscene. (Laughter) Whatever the kind of fool you marry, why can’t you live well with her or with him? Whatever kind of idiot you are married to, once you have chosen to marry, why don’t you live well with them? Or if they are showing some new kind of madness that you did not predict, why don’t you leave them? Anyway with all the predictions, horoscopes all matching well, still these two people nobody can match, isn’t
it? (Laughter) Any astrologer will match horoscopes for people but can they match these two people? Hmm? To what extent you are being responsible for
the other only to that extent your marriage works. Is it so? How responsibly you handle the other person, only to that extent, it is working. Is that so? No? Personal development I am talking. (Laughter) Hmm? Questioner: I am not talking with reference
to that. I am not talking about as a predictive science. Sadhguru: I understand; I am talking about
developing your life. Questioner: Like for example you say that
on certain period of moon like Amavasya or Pournami certain energies are more pre… are predominant. Sadhguru: Yes, I will come to that. Now, see every shape, every form has a certain
impact upon you. Now this vessel is sitting next to me; it is emanating its own kind of vibrations. Every object is doing it but now it’s up to me whether I allow this vessel to influence me or I influence this vessel. That’s left to me. Which way should it be? Which way should it be? This vessel should influence my life or I should influence its existence? Human nature should do that, isn’t it? Now all these stars and planets, they are inanimate things, aren’t they? Hmm? Rock and stone, isn’t it? Rock and mud. Isn’t it so? Inanimate. Now should inanimate things rule the destiny
of your life or human nature should rule the destiny of
inanimate things? Which way should it be? Participant: Human nature… Sadhguru: Human nature should, if you have realized the potential of what
it means to be this, otherwise inanimate things will rule you. Now Pournami comes, full moon day. Do you know during full moon days and new
moon days, people who are little mentally disturbed go
hyper on those days? Are you aware of this? Do you all go crazy on new moon days? (Laughter) Hmm? Do you? No. Compared to them you are little more stable. Because of this wherever the moon goes, you can carry on your normal process of life. But for them it is not like that because they are in a certain level of instability. If the moon comes up, they are going crazy; the moon disappears they are going crazy. So you are little more stable; suddenly moon has no impact upon you. It is pulling up the whole ocean but no impact upon you if you are little stable. Similarly if you stabilize yourself further nothing has an impact upon you but you impact everything. Human nature should decide the course and the destiny of all inanimate things, not the other way round. Isn’t it? If you allow yourself to be influenced, anything and everything is willing to influence
you but that’s not the way you should exist. You must take the course of your destiny into
your hands and you should go through what is needed to
empower yourself that way rather than waiting for the stars and planets
to fall into position. Many of the stars that you are looking at
up in the sky, they don’t even exist, do you know? Many of them have disappeared long ago. Because they are so far away the light is still coming slowly. Yes, light is coming very slowly. That is why for so long you are seeing. Actually the stars have disappeared long ago but you are making your calculations based
on those stars. It is just that every object has an influence; definitely planetary positions have an influence but whether you allow yourself to be influenced
or not that is in your hands. If you have realized your human nature, you should not allow all this planets to decide
your life. Isn’t it? You must decide the quality of your life. Q: Hello this is Sumona Chakravarti. Namaskaram Sadhguru! Sadhguru, I want to know the truth about astrology. I mean, I know it is a science, but you know
when one has to match horoscopes before a wedding, or a manglik girl who is supposed to wed a
tree first, you know before she marries the guy, or the fact that you know one has to wear
particular stones to help with various things in life. So what is the truth about it,
and what is the reality of it all? I mean because it is very confusing to our
generation to understand because either we rebel, or you know, succumbs to parental pressure. So if you could help us understand the truth
about it, it would be wonderful. Thank you so much, pranam. Sadhguru: Namaskaram Sumona! Well, I like this idea of marrying a tree
(Laughs). I am married to trees, you know (Laughs). I think it’s a good idea, very stable partner,
rooted! In today’s life, getting somebody so rooted
is a rare thing. It’s really a great idea. And (Laughs)… See, horoscopes are being matched. What it means is, stars are being matched,
but how do you match these two idiots? It’s not (Laughs) possible,
nobody can match these two idiots. Only if they take responsibility for each
other, if they show some sense of involvement, and invest their lives in each other,
then something wonderful may happen. If you match them (Laughs), doesn’t matter
how you match them, nothing is going to work out. This is why for most people, all love affairs
and marriages are beautiful only for some time, after that it’s one big anxiety or non-stop
friction – simply because people are trying to match
each other. You cannot match people. No two human beings are same,
it will not work that way. It is just that if you hold the other person’s
well-being above your own, then you will find everything works out. If your life is about
extracting happiness from somebody else, you will see it will become bitter over a
period of time. If your life is about sharing the joy that
you are, then everything will work out. It doesn’t matter what the stars say. Anyway, stars can speak what they want, once you’ve come here as human being,
you are supposed to create this life. This is the only creature on the planet
who can structure its own life. If you want to give that up, and allow inanimate
things like planets and stars to decide the future of who you are, it’s a tragic way to exist. So please, you and whoever else is influenced
by you, please tell them to take their lives into their hands. It doesn’t matter… and how silly is it,
that a third person that you do not know, is going to tell you whether you will live
happily or not with your husband or your wife? How vulgar is that! Take up this responsibility in your hand,
it doesn’t matter what kind of fool you marry, you take up the responsibility that you will
live well, and that’s the only way you will live well.

31 thoughts on “If you have the power to know your tomorrow – Sadhguru about Astrology

  1. Superluminary Post author

    Who really expects astrology gurus can predict everything? that would be like viewing said astrologer as a god. few educated about astrology assume their astrologer is infallible, if they did they wouldn't want to learn what others have said about the subject, no, if they think they've found a god they will want to silent the truth because they want someone to tell them how they will live.

  2. Ultra Glam Post author

    Thank you Sadhguru for this timely message. Best wishes 🤗🌻🙏🌻🤗

  3. Ashokkumar Bhattacharya Post author

    Astrology is a part of our vedic science astrologer can be wrong or weak before the birth of gautm Buddha when queen was pregnant they predicted about the child so many stories are there we all know I have seen doctor scientists professor police officers visits to astrologer at some point of time in their life it's like a laughter challenge comedy show everybody is laughing continuously nothing and nobody is 100% in this world there is so many things witch you can't explain but they work so don't laugh like a fool think of it om shanti

  4. Jyotirmaya Mohanty Post author

    No offense intended but Astrology has been true to some extent , Sadhguruji Maharaj.

  5. Alejandro Perales Post author

    The plant will balance Universe purpose love for you and his people around the world milky way galaxy. It's simple just lesson and be humble to mankind nature is good and bad but evil it will end it's selfish.☀️🌏🌛☀️🌎🌜☀️🌏🌛🙏😇😍😘🙌👿👹

  6. Chitra Ma. Post author

    Om Sadguruji. I'm very surprised by this satsang, to me it doesn't suit your knowledge at all. I know you know enough about astrology to speak properly about it, and that's why I'm very surprised by how you did in this satsang. It might have a purpose behind that I can't figure out due to my little understanding… but I can't recognise the Sadguruji I know in these words and view points. Namaste guruji.

  7. Daida Clements Post author

    Dear Sadh Guru, I don't agree with you on Jyotish……it only depends on the consciousness of the jyotishee and yourself if you can use jyotish extremely well…..the planets are not outer material things, their influence is in your own body and there are organs which represent the planets, Surya Thalamus etc. you can use the stars and not be overshadowed…..but it can be very useful in f.e. getting a good time to travel, Planets are Gods…..astrology or jyotish used improperly is like using medicine improperly and also to avoid the danger that has not yet come, you can do yagyas….what you say, pardon me, is superficial

  8. sindhuri kolukula Post author

    Astrology, Numerology, etc are very significant sciences. Brilliantly developed and crafted. Basically to know different timings, combinations, influences, etc. Only used by people who've established themselves in a certain way and who have some mastery over their life so that they can use these timings in their advantage or in the advantage of the people at large. One can know the happenings in their own life as well. But whether one knows it or does not know it, things/events supposed to happen will anyway happen, as long as you're living with karmic substance, you cannot change anything, so by knowing or not knowing what will happen in one's life, we are really making no difference. Infact by knowing, if a person is ignorant, they'll become completely disinterested in life. Unless you gain some mastery over your life, you cannot use these influences or play with them in your advantage. But today the study of it, is being polluted, maybe for easy money. Many people are taking advantage of people's ignorance in the name of stars, planets, God's, etc. But in reality, astrology or related studies and their effects and everything else is true, if observed and known with required awareness. Keeping in mind the current misuse of these sciences and the ignorance of most people regarding this, I think Sadhguru spoke like that…

  9. Ashu Pandey Post author

    You are wrong Mr. Sadguru
    Through astrology an Astrologer can tell about a person even without meeting him or seeing him just by seeing his or her horoscope.
    Because Astrology is a science
    Which is given by the RISIS and Saints to help human beings .

  10. Aditya Vikram Post author

    I don't think astrology predicts future. It's all about predicting human behaviour and based on our behaviour, they try to infere peace, prosperity and all other things in life.
    And no one can exactly pinpoint future.

  11. English for Mothers Post author

    Arvind Chowdhary
    Stars might be influencing our lives for good or bad. But what counts most is human endeavor– our good karma in the present
    – which is capable of reducing, even cancelling out the stars' negative influence. This seems to me to be the net import of Sadguru's message. 'Let us invest in good karma'– is, ultimately, Sadguru's clarion call, and it is timely.

  12. Sudeep Kumar Guru Post author

    You are spot on Sadhguruji. Things like astrology and Vastu are nothing but business tricks by a section of people by inducing fear on the minds of people.

  13. sobhanadri jonnalagadda Post author

    Astronomy was us inheritance, astrology came to us from the Greek's, the frail.

  14. Omkarjyoti Jyotishalayam Post author

    This jaggi Basudev is not entitled to perform the role of a SadhGuru.
    He is misleading people regarding the things what he does not know.
    Simply telling rubbish.

  15. Omkarjyoti Jyotishalayam Post author

    I am saying when the divine and the Creater is functioning within you Mr. Jaggi Basudev, then why you are depending on your copper vessel. Because you are getting pleasure to keep that besides you. Don't you? I am asking.

  16. Omkarjyoti Jyotishalayam Post author

    You are a quite confusing person.

  17. Omkarjyoti Jyotishalayam Post author

    The fact is that, you don't know anything regarding Astrology.

  18. Omkarjyoti Jyotishalayam Post author

    Your advice is almost half correct.

  19. Suresh Kumar Post author

    Namaskaram Sadhguru 🙏🌹🍃🌺🌱🌸🌱🌼🍃🙏
    So very convincing 🙏🍃🌹

  20. Gopa Kumar Post author

    This is not crrect…. If you say astrology is correct but astrologers should not be consulted then u should advise people not to visit clinical laboratories and listen to weather forecast……whoever say what people will flock to astrologers though unfortunately today most are frauds… if your claim that there are many great practitioners in your ashram, as a resposnsible guru what you should do is to make available to people enough good, non greedy, astrologers…… at the same time make people understand that its like weather forecast or test result and their future success depends upon the actions they take on it… like the one who is on borderline diabetes start controlling food and doing exercise if astrology predicts indebtedness then one can be very careful in his financial dealings

  21. kris pryo Post author

    Wrong … Serious astrology is not about making predictions.
    Sadhguru should stick to talking about that which he knows because now he's straying and pronouncing on subject matter about which he appears to only have a superficial understanding.
    This is disappointing. I urge Sadhguru to expound only on that which he has intimate direct experience … and I too will refrain from pontificating about Shiva.


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