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By | December 7, 2019

every person every woman is unique you
know every goddess is unique so inner goddess paintings is something
that’s a bit of a new venture for me which I’m really excited about because
really what my goal is to do is to work one-on-one with women and sort of find
that part of themselves where they feel the most strong the most beautiful the
most confident and put it into a piece of Art whatever is beautiful and means
strength and like what they see themselves as in their very best light
is what I’m trying to capture and create and put into a painting so I think it’s
really fun because I think women in particular we tend to you know be taking
care of everybody else and make sure that everybody else is okay and we don’t
always see ourselves in the best possible light and having a painting to
sort of remind you like girl you are a goddess you are amazing and wonderful
and beautiful and you deserve it you know you really do deserve to treat
yourself and get a painting like this it’s 100% of collaboration some people
are kind of curious as to whether or not like I said down and just like make a
goddess painting for you and then like send it off and like we never
communicate that’s not how it happens at all it is it’s so much about us
communicating like what specifically is goddess to you you know like a gladiator
or like a Renaissance Queen like it’s it’s so individualized and that’s what’s
so fun about it if you have like an animal that you identify with as sort of
like a spirit animal or a totem animal I’ll 100% put that in there just let me
know then I can do it I kind of made one for myself a few years ago and didn’t
really tell anyone about it I just kind of like put it away and like was like
okay like that’s me and nobody knows and it’s my own little secret and then I
have this roommate now who saw this painting and fell in love with it she
was like this is beautiful I actually had it hanging in our
bathroom and I took it down and she like came up to me was like that painting go
I want to see that painting I loved looking at her I felt it made me feel so
strong and empowered and confident to see her hanging in our bathroom and
she’s gone she loved it so much that she actually commissioned me to paint one
for her and it was her it was very individualized to how she viewed herself
and how she wanted to be perceived in the world and it was a great experience
for me to kind of figure that out with her and
see her journey and then see the completion of the painting and how it
affected her and how happy I made her to see herself in this light like she
actually started crying and she hugged me and it was one of the most amazing
artistic experiences I’ve had in my life so it was just a great honor for me to
be able to contribute to her journey in that way
every painting is different and people say that but it’s so true
every painting is 100% different sometimes I can sit down and paint for
four hours straight and then just power through a big chunk of it and sometimes
it takes a while you know sometimes the painting needs to kind of evolve
naturally over time and I have to look at it and let it sort of become what it
needs to be because I want to give really quality work and I want it to be
the best work I can possibly give and it’s really an intuitive process so
generally the time range that I give is around a month if you want the painting
to resemble you as much as possible I can do my best as an artist and try and
get this amazing artistic representation of you and then sometimes clients are
more flexible you know the idea of themselves as an inner goddess is more
of a concept than really a physical identification so it just depends on
what you’re looking for every painting is their unique like I said before every
process is super unique but I try and do as much research as absolutely humanly
possible because I want this painting to be as fantastic and wonderful as the
people that contact me so a lot of research goes into it but also I was
quite a bit of an intuitive work that I do as well I’m kind of meditate
beforehand I’ll light a candle like some incense I sit with a canvas and let it
sort of tell me what it needs to be and I give it the space to sort of breathe
and and become whatever it needs to be there’s a really unique kind of magical
quality to all the paintings that you’ve created I’ve been doing spirit guide paintings
for about five years now okay professionally yeah professionally
before then it was more of something I sort of did on the side and kind of kept
low-key and I think spiritually being able to connect with other people it’s
something I’ve always wanted to do in a way um but primarily artistically it’s
such an opportunity for me to continue to work on my craft and to continue
painting and sharing my art with people so that’s something that I’ve been doing
for a long time so spirit guide paintings are a little bit different
than goddess paintings both of them I am using a lot of intuition as far as the
creation goes spirit guide paintings are a little bit different in the sense
where I’m actually connecting with energies that are around you instead of
trying to recreate an energy that’s already within you so that begins with a
reading that can be around an hour long I try and keep it within an hour and
then afterwards I paint what I see so I paint your spirit guides that’s
something I’ve been able to do for a long time is sort of sense and feel
energies that are around other people it’s always really positive light filled
and AB lifting experiences that people have during the readings and then they
get to remember it with an amazing painting of their diet they can connect
with later on and they both send me pictures too they’re like I framed that
like I got it framed and um and then they show it hanging on a wall somewhere
and it just like it every single time I’m always like my heart is warm because
I’m like oh my god like not only did they get this painting and they’re so
happy to have it but they took the time to frame it and hang it somewhere it
just makes me feel like just so like thankful that I have the opportunity to
make these for people and then also that it’s like my art like somebody loves my
art enough to have it hanging somewhere where they can see it all the time like
it’s it’s one of the best feelings in the whole world like I’m gonna cry right
now oh my god I love it so much something that I
always say too about spirit guide readings is yes that I am I’m helping
you connect with your spirit guides I kind of see and communicate with them
and tell you about about who they are and where they’re from and how they help
you but the primary purpose is to help you connect directly with them as well
like this is your spirit team these are your people
and like I always kind of joke and say like let my people talk to your people
because that’s really what it is but ultimately that the process is to help
you develop that strong connection and that’s what the painting is for are you
being able to see that spirit guide that you have reminds you like these are my
people like I can also I get with them they can talk to me in
dreams you know they could talk to me they’re giving me signs in daily life if
you’re more of an intuitive individual perhaps you’ve already communicated with
them but the painting I think is really necessary for that very purpose because
it helps just kind of strengthen that bond in that connection that you already
have and then I’m sort of a facilitator between that we’re never alone we have
so many more spirit helpers and so many more energies that are that are just
loving us and guiding us consistently throughout our lives so I think we don’t
always realize so it’s good to sort of have that reading as a reminder like you
are not alone you’ve got so many people behind you and I it’s almost funny
because when I connect with reading sometimes I’m laughing to myself because
that’s something I say frequently I’m always like you’ve got so many people
around you oh my god because it’s true every individual has a huge team we are
not alone we are surrounded by amazing loving energies all the time and I think
that that’s wonderful I definitely incorporate my spirituality
into all of my artwork and I think sometimes people are shocked to see what
my personal artwork is I think if you’re coming from a place of you know the
spirit guide paintings and seeing how beautiful and light-filled and uplifting
these are and then seeing more of my personal artworks and it can be a little
bit darker and more edgy and they’re they’re kind of put off by it because
you’re like oh my god this isn’t like light work like what is this like
there’s a lady that looks like a winter like a zombie woman or whatever it is
there’s like I think a lot of skulls on my spare time so people tend to see that
as dark maybe it’s not the most light filled work but I always kind of like to
remind people that we are living a human experience as well and sometimes
exploring parts of ourselves shadow parts of ourselves whether it’s
artistically or in life and knowing the deeper parts of ourselves knowing
ourselves wholly and completely whether it is through life experience or through
art I think is extremely important I’ve personally have always been drawn to
that sort of style and found a lot of interest in it like my mom has been a
ghost hunter ever since I was a small kid so I definitely grew up around you
know like witchy things and ghosty things and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is
my favorite show growing up like I was like I think eight and I was like every
like Tuesday night or Wednesday night I get like sitting down in front of this
like TV like watching The CW like waiting for Buffy don’t be freaked out
don’t be surprised yeah it’s just different versions of the same type of
energy I guess are different energies but it’s all spiritual and it’s all
connected I think life is complicated and rich and ignoring certain parts
would be very limiting so I want to paint life as a whole I’ve been thinking about it for a long
time I love art and all forms and I think body art is something that is it’s
like I’ve actually designed a few tattoos for a few friends of mine the
past few years and they’ve gotten them tattooed on their bodies and it’s one of
the most like heartwarming experiences that like I’ve ever had because not only
are they getting my art to keep forever but it’s on their body for the rest of
our lives and I didn’t know at the time that was something I wanted to do and
recently I’ve made the decision to start pursuing that so I don’t have an
apprenticeship yet but I’m looking currently the body of work that you have
if people are interested in your artwork are your spirit guide paintings your
inner goddess paintings you do commissioned artwork for loved ones pets
you also have a track record of painting full wall murals and you have another
product it’s a few years old now at this point
at the time it was a collaboration with my mom and I who is a published author
she writes for Llewellyn and she’s fabulous and wonderful an extremely
talented me if they don’t know who she is he should definitely check out her
work and buy her books because they are rad but we actually collaborated on a
project together where I started a card deck a spiritual Anatomy card deck kind
of like divination cards so you pick a card that tells you a meaning about the
day or you can do past present future whatever works for you and then she
wrote these really really beautiful descriptions for every card and they are
so anytime that I’ve used them are friends of mine had used them people are
just like blown away by how much they resonate and this was purely just work
for the love of it we just wanted to make something and put it out to the
world because we believed in it we thought it’d be really fun to
collaborate together and artistically we are very similarly minded we have very
different ideas but when we come together were able to create some
awesome awesome projects so this took a long time for me personally because I
had to paint each individual card my mom is very much of a Capricorn
and the sense where she likes her like her notebooks and her deadlines and her
post-it notes and I am very much of an Aquarius for I’m all like ideas and then
like I sit down to paint and I’m like I like the idea for this card but this
idea and this is a few years ago before I really like streamlined my process I
have a lot better now I promise but a few years ago I hadn’t quite mastered
this is before I did professional painting so before I did spirit guide
paintings so when I was very very first starting out it took me a while to wrap
my mind around it but it was a great stepping stone and people that have the
cards they say they’re magical they’re accurate they always reach their heart
they’re very deeply felt and they’re very Integris with what they’re going
through in their life absolutely so it’s really wonderful to be able to reach
people in that way and to give them the guidance that they need on a deeper
level in a way that they probably haven’t thought of it before oh for sure
especially when they’re working through a healing crisis or a big change in
their life it’s like my earliest body of work I think this is what really got me
into spirit guide paintings initially which is really funny because I wasn’t
doing them prior to painting this deck and it really got me back
the painting again when I started creating these and it made me fall back
in love with painting and wanting to connect with other people spiritually
and the fact that it’s a spiritual deck as well as is very it’s just very cool
there’s a card that’s called inner child which I love I think there’s like
unicorns and fairies in it there’s these cute little kids riding this unicorn
into this beautiful like mystical land there’s also because it’s an Anatomy
deck there’s also cards that represent the heart or the skeletal system the
liver things like that that kind of connects you with things that may be
happening in your body or energies that are being held within certain regions of
your body that we want to make sure that they clear and every region of your body
also connects to a point in your life that needs to be healed I think the
biggest takeaway from the cards for sure is acknowledging that everything is
connected whether it’s something happening within your body or within
your life or just spiritually it’s sort of a reminder that no matter what region
of energy is taking place in it’s all gonna be sort of tied together I was
still a teenager I’d like just gotten out of high school so it’s basically a
collector item at this in the last year they’ve been getting sold to different
countries they’re going all over which is it’s amazing for me I’m extremely
flattered because like you know it’s my art but again I can’t say enough how
beautiful the writing is and how much like I love the art but I would also get
it for the writing because the writing is what resonates it’s what tells you
what the card means and how it connects in your life and like I said before how
it loops everything together mind body spirit that’s really what it is
spiritual anatomy is so much more than just your body it’s it’s everything
combined but we do sell them for $99 per deck and yeah yeah they are available
online you know goddess paintings I say it’s
about embracing your inner strength that you already have and it’s a reminder
that you are beautiful and strong and gorgeous I think with spirit guide
paintings it’s a reminder to let you know that you’re not alone that you are
loved so much more than you realize and then I think with my meet personal
artwork it’s about knowing yourself and all sides of yourself the good the bad
the complicated the weird the dark the scary the beautiful the
the life the death all of it so I really think it depends in which body of work
you’re exploring but all of them definitely have a purpose and they all
serve a bigger a bigger purpose I’m on Instagram I am also on YouTube and that’s how you contact me that’s
important email to actually all your contacts below yes
I did a commissioned artwork as well so if you have requests if you want me I
try to keep it within this sort of spiritual arena yeah if you want
Commission to artworks of pets or you know loved ones who have passed away
things like that I would be open to exploring that with you as well well
thank you thank you and thank you at my house I my roommates call me the
raccoon they say that I’m a raccoon because basically I eat everybody’s
leftovers and there’s a character which actually is not a raccoon and funny
enough it’s a rat which I kind of hate because I am I’m like I am NOT a rat my
roommates tell me that I’m this character from Charlotte’s Web called
Templeton which is this rat that runs around and eats all the fair food and
then like he starts off singing about like shmulik his blood well I guess
blood and like eats all this food and it turned into this big old fat rat with
like wobbly hands and like rolls around at the end of it that’s what I am
because I eat everyone’s leftovers it’s not a cute compliment but it makes me
laugh and I roll with it I think it’s it’s very funny out of love for sure and
I do eat everyone’s leftovers I love food a lot I love I love food I’ll put
all the links below like good links bye thanks for watching

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    I love how you explain how all your art helps people to connect spiritually to their inner goddess or their spirit guide team and that we are never alone. Great job Loni! Plus, I'm a huge fan of your work!


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