Instagram Zodiac Sign Clothing Quiz -Part 3!

By | October 12, 2019

it’s time for the Instagram zodiac sign
clothing quiz part three! Last time I played for Leos and this time we’re
gonna be playing for libras. But I thought why would I play as myself when
I can compete with a real Libra! I’ll show you the graphics that we’re
guessing from so you can play along too! Let’s just jump into it shall we?
So go ahead and guess sweatshirts. I’m gonna say the white and black “x” shirt. NOPE! Virgo that’s a little
early little early. Apparently all libras are Jake Paulers (ew.)
So what’s the next one? It’s scrunchies! Oh scrunchies! Do I like get a phone a friend where I ask your opinion? No!
I’m gonna go with the denim one with stars on the top row Oh no! Cancer. That’s fine tho because there are
a lot of you cancers out there in the last video that were very vocal about
how you felt about these quizzes. Sneakers! I like the yellow shoe because
I just recently bought some shoes. Okay. Nope! Sagittarius. I was all wrong, I
kind of knew it was that red one and I was like I hate that. But I also hate myself
so it makes sense maybe just get the things that I hate. Okay so we’ve got
like long-sleeve shirts. Okay I’m gonna go with the shirt that
says “yawn” cuz I feel like you feel that on a spiritual level and I residually
feel that on a spiritual level. Oh haha! So I guess one that was for Gemini. Where’s the
Libra one? The shiny one? Whacha got? I’m bringing it up! You got the signs as fake plants
signs of fake plants. Pick your succulent. I’m gonna pick that second, the
second one on the top row okay. Nope! That’s Taurus. Yeah that’s the Libra
one. You guessed for Taurus so no points for you.
It’s nails! which ones are the most boring…(Shade) Which ones are the
most practical because I feel like libras in general are not like the most
extra over the top like attention-seeking type people. Feel
free to prove me wrong in the comments and hey while you’re there subscribe! I’m
gonna go with the ones with the white ones with the daisies. Aries! oh wait okay
hold on though! Just give me myself maybe like a half point maybe a half point
because my reasoning was sound if you look at the Libra one that one has
all the qualities that I said about it. Except it does have some gems on it. Take the half point away it doesnt count. And just a disclaimer for all you libras
out there we’re not making fun of things that you would wear and we’re not trying
to tell you what you should wear. Tt’s just Instagram, we don’t make the rules
okay? Don’t blame us, blame Instagram. It’s the signs as hoodies. Does that say “Grooming”? Yeah totally 100% that
grooming one yeah! The libra one is that one down there. You really need to learn how to dress according to your
sign because Instagram said so! So since at this point in the quiz
neither one of us have amassed any points, what are we gonna do?
Pick three. Now your number one choice is gonna be worth three points, number two
choice is gonna be worth two points, three choice is gonna be worth one point.
And the rest there were zero. One of us is gonna get a point by the end of this
game goddamnit! What sweaters for Libra? Well Instagram
likes to say that you dress boring. My number one choice is going to be this
navy one with the stripes. alright my number two choice is going to
be that burgundy one, and my number three choice
is going to be this gray one with the roses and the stripes. Did you pick the
burgundy one because I’m wearing burgundy? It was an influence I wont deny it. Y our number one choice was it
was a navy stripe on stripe thats an Aries. yeah next one was a burgundy. close, its a virgo. the rose one thats a leo! How could I not guess right, this quiz is
foolproof! you better get a point in this game
otherwise everyone will label you as a fake libra. The signs as green shirts! my first pick worth three points is the
middle one, second one is going to be 90’s, and the last one is the first one. number one choice is Virgo. So close! You number 2 choice is capricorn. number three choice…is gemini. Which one is libra? This camo one. Yeah that
was not fair, how could you have seen that one if it’s camo right? It’s the
signs as black bralettes! Ooo gettin’ a little spicy. My number one choice is
this third one in the last row, number two choice is Calvin Klein, number three
choice is the very first one in the top row. Am I right? did I do good? Your number one choice was a
scorpio. okay. you’re number two choice was…a capricorn. number three choice that was the very
first one… was gemini. Damn it! We’re literally guessing a third of
these and we still can’t get a Libra yep Speaking of libras wearing camo, our
next quiz is the signs as camo tops! How about this, I will give you four choices.
All of the choices are worth just one point to win. Whip it out Libra! Whip it
out! Nope. I’m gonna go with the second row third, we’re gonna pick the one all
the way at the bottom, and then we’re also gonna pick the third one on the top row I would pick the third one in the second row. not even one? not even one? the third one in
the top row is a Gemini, the second one in the bottom row is a capricorn, the fourth one in
the bottom row is a pisces Libra we did it guys and the third one in the second row… is a Libra! We did it guys! Woohoo! congratulations Andrew you have
officially proved that you are a Real Libra. 1-point Libra! That was the first one I picked it
was literally the first one I thought it was the first one I picked! so I am in
fact a Libra, my birthday is correct.
Congratulations. Im so proud of you. Thanks! Andrew’s the winner of this round but I want to know how you
guys did! Libras out there, did you align with your sign or did you line with a
different sign? Let me know in the comment section down below. hope you guys
liked part three of this Instagram zodiac sign clothing quiz, if there’s
another sign you want me to do let me know in the comments and hey
while you’re there subscribe for more astrological videos like this! Hope you
guys had fun, I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Instagram Zodiac Sign Clothing Quiz -Part 3!

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    LIBRAS! How did you do on this quiz? Which sign should I do next?
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    Who's a Libra
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    I really want her to do Taurus…

    Thanks for liking my comment!

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    No I got everything Libra but 1 and I'm a Libra

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    0:37 all of the clothes were Jake Paul. Lol

  6. Kayleigh Morales Post author

    I,m a cancer and that would mean so much to me plz!!? oh and love you vids!!❤❤?

  7. idot Post author

    There is one problem
    Though, everyone thinks cancers love pink and like bright colors.. I’m a cancer and pink is actually my least favorite color and black is my favorite so yAy ;^;

  8. ‘AshleysLegend ‘ Post author

    I got 4 Libra points. So my sign is correct, I am a Libra ♎️♎️

  9. Maddie Nicole Post author

    I’m a Libra ♎️ and I got all the outfits right I love ur channel ps I’m not a person who wears crazy outfits lol ?

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    *Pisses of a Scorpio*

    Im in danger

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    I personally don't think this is libra style (chill I am one) I just think it's too girly and pink , just saying

  12. Puppy Girl 3 Post author


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    Are there any other Capricorn’s out there?!?

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    For me this is not a accurate test

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    Did anyone else notice that for most of these questions the zodiac signs were in THE ORDER THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN??????

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    I’m guessing for Gemini cuz I am one

    1. The smiley one
    2.the yellow ….ah I don’t like mine
    3. 3rd row last one… Yes
    4. Yawn shirt. YES
    5.the one in the 1st row on the 3rd
    6. The rainbow ?… dang it
    7.the yellow one 2nd row and the 2nd one
    8.the rose one (white) bottom row DANG
    9. The 2nd one on the top row dannnnnng it
    10. 1st one on the bottom row…..really
    11.3rd one on the top row………………………………………………………………………..YES

  26. Hoseok's Sprite Post author

    Mkay, here are my answers (I'm a Leo btw)

    1. Aquarius
    2. Cancer
    3. Capricorn
    4. Gemini
    5. Leo
    6. Virgo
    7. Leo
    8. Cancer
    9. Pisces
    10. Aries
    11. Virgo

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    When she said what shoes,I have a whole collection,so I chose vans,and I was correct? (I'm a Capricorn)


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