July 2018 Energy Update – Lee Harris

By | August 17, 2019

Hi, everybody welcome to the July Energy Update. I’m Lee I’m an intuitive and for six years now, I’ve been creating these monthly messages where I take the energetic pulse of what’s going on on the planet and speak about how they might be affecting you in a human way, a spiritual way or just your sensitivity and your emotions, so in the June Energy Update, I spoke about power and vulnerability and how they were going to show up in force in June and certainly the intensity of the last few years shows no signs of slowing down. The difference is we’re getting a little more accustomed to how we navigate these intense times on Earth because we’re going through a shake down, both in the collective and what we see going on outside us. But that has a very direct effect on who we are internally. It shakes up our pattern’s, it wakes us up, it moves us very quickly through shifts, patterns, thoughts, emotions, that perhaps 10 or 20 years ago, we would have done at a much slower speed and many of you, myself included, can attest that even four, five years ago, things did not fail this fast so if you feel a little bit like June was the wild wild west for you internally and you’re looking for a slow down, that’s not gonna come from the outside world. This is a time where we have to cultivate what we need internally and if you’re watching this you’re going to be a sensitive soul cuz that’s pretty much the people I speak to and that’s how I experience the world too. So, an interesting thing that came through for me this morning when I was tuning in on this update, was there is going to be a reverse polarity at work this month, so this will show up in two different ways.It will either be that you are doing things in your life that seem the opposite to who you normally are. So for example, perhaps you argue a lot with your sister and you usually lose those arguments. You might suddenly find your power in that argument and shift that whole dynamic and change years of programming between you and your sister and stand up to some of the conflict energy that’s coming your way and that will completely change not just your identity but also her identity around the pattern, so you might find yourself behaving in opposite ways to your norm and this is very good because we’re in the phase of the balance of power, so we seeing gross power imbalances play out in the outside world, of course, that will come up for us many people are reporting very intense dreams of late which you know is path for the course, with so led people our dreams and what takes place at night is often there to re balance us. I remember channeling money ago my guides were talking about how at night, there are things that we can play out and play through so that we don’t have to play them out in the day and I think there’s been a lot that has been deeply intense around the heart on the earth in the last month or so, just the last month or so, that’s raising to the surface for you power imbalances and where there might be power imbalances showing up in your own life and it’s your opportunity to take care of them, but it might mean you behave In a very different way to how you normally do so, reversing your normal pattern. The other side of this reverse polarity sentence that came to me this morning is youre going to find the opposite speed is going to be beneficial for some of you so, for example, if you’re very fast person you might find it at the moment, you are being stopped left right and center with your speed. The universe and your soul do not want you to keep going fast, because that’s not how you’re going to receive more of yourself, be able to center yourself, give more out to the world. This is a time of real nervous energy on the planet, the message that came through a channeled message and a sound healing session at our latest retreat last week, which is this month’s recording, is called Birthing a New Earth, it talked about the nervous energy on the planet that’s everywhere right now and it’s in everyone and it’s because so much is happening so fast, but when there is that level of fear and anxiety just in the air, how does it directly affect you, so some of you who used to going really fast or the way that you’ve previously moved energy in your life or balance your energy is to go running or to do lots of things or to help lots of people you’ll find that those things might be asking you to go in reverse right now. You might be being invited to be still, to be quiet, perhaps circumstances are making you do that. You know you’re trying all these things that normally work, but all the doors are closing. Trust what’s going on for you there’s always a higher reason for the things that we go through in life even though I’m with you it’s not always comfortable for us as human beings when we’re right in the heart of something that can be pushing us into places of discomfort or out of our comfort zone, but if you just wait a few days or a few weeks you’ll be able to look back and go, oh I see why that whole thing fell apart because if it hadn’t falling apart, it would have given me the opportunity to go over here, but at the time I thought it was the worst thing there’s a lot of that going on right now, because the way the universe is working and the speed of things, if you aren’t in alignment with the person or a project or thing it’s going to scream at you loud and clear and it’s nobody’s fault it’s not the fault of that person is not the fault of that opportunity, It’s just all of us are being asked to look at the balance of power right now, so equally, those of you who, like to be slow and quiet and meditative you might find you’re being asked to speed up a little bit at the moment. This reverse polarity thing is going to affect us through our patents or our behaviors or through our speed of living so for those of you who used to being slower you might find you have now cultivated such a balance through that slowness and meditative way of being, that you can now speed things up a little bit and you’ll be surprised how much you can manifest, arrange and, offer of yourself to the world in that phase, so I’m here in one of my favorite places in the world, it’s magical Santa fe. They know all about pace and presence here so I hope you can feel some of that coming through the lens. Those of you who are looking for a little bit of slowness and a little bit of stillness. It leads me to the last two aspects of this month’s themes for July, so drives around oneness and humanity are going to be showing up for more and more of us, it’s going to continue. The more that we see the polarity playing out around non compassion, non humanity, we are going to feel more compelled over the coming years to lend our voices, our hearts and our actions to standing for oneness, non separation and the fact that we are all one, we all may be very different people with very different life experiences, but if you put 20 people in the room and ask them to tell you what’s going on inside them, you would be amazed, the intimacy that would be created in those 20 people because the story might be different to you, but when people really talk about what’s going on deep down inside, internally for them when they speak about feeling lonely on Earth, or feeling lonely within their family, even though they know they’re loved, or feeling like a failure, even though that the most successful person in their community supposedly, that’s when things get real and that’s when things get authentic, so expression and communication with each other at this time in history, more than ever is vital. So find the people you can share your thoughts and maybe your fears, maybe your desires with, but find the people that you can actually bring expression into your community energy with them because that’s gonna be really important and we are seeing more and more the communities relationships are springing up and forging and some people will come into your life for awhile some people will come in for many, many years, but at the moment there’s a lot of new energy in people’s identities, people’s relationships, friendships, lover relationships that’s really on high at the moment, so to go back to what I just said about drives around wanting to help humanity and oneness with others that’s there, but be mindful of this, a message came to me around ambition and an old idea of ambition when the mind starts to feel what the heart desires and goes too fast, and I don’t know about you I’ve done that many times in my life over the years, it’s when you feel something feels really good and you start to either over plan it or move too fast toward it, that’s gonna be a really important lesson for those of you who feel driven to help the world, help your community you’re going to, if you pay attention really feel the truth of where the energy is welcome and where you are invited and learn to trust your body’s senses around that and learn to trust when someone tells you no, or pushes you back or says no, and don’t want that and don’t let your mind run the show when your heart is feeling the sense of oneness or wanting to help the community for more and more of us are learning how much more the universe is in charge on an experiential level not just thinking about it, reading about it in a book, thinking, it sounds lovely when you see it in the quote, actually day-to-day going on my God, I’m really not in charge here now I really understand I’m not in charge and there is a growth trajectory that we are all on as a collective and there was a growth trajectory that I’m on as an individual so if you’re getting too sucked in to what’s going on in the outside world and using it only to depress you or bring you into despair, you might want to consider okay what can I do to help or if it’s overwhelming to you and your sensitivity is too high, which can happen to all of us from time to time, then you step back and you go okay I’m gonna I’m gonna be quiet for a day or two I’m gonna reset my nervous system so I am of used to the whole, so drives around helping humanity and oneness, but be mindful of old sense of ambition or trying to push things too hard too quickly. This is not the time for forcing anything, this is the time for flowing and listening with things because things are moving very, very fast. Last but not least, tender heartedness, many of us are experiencing whether it’s through things that we’re seeing that we feel empathy or compassion for or whether it’s, in our own personal lives, we are getting in touch with our hearts more and more and that’s definitely coming because there are other aspects of society that we’re looking at and seeing that heart is not in operation but again don’t get sucked into that, we’re here to be the change, we’re here to be the solutions and we’re here to here to build what we want to see on the planet, but be mindful, you are not here to save anybody. You are here to contribute as much as you can, as much as you feel on any given day, otherwise it gets too much and the sense of responsibility that people can feel can drive them to pretty devastating actions which we’ve been seeing recently with the loss of a few, you know very revered people in the public eye, but that’s happening on a day-to-day basis. People are struggling at this time on Earth with the nervous energy, that’s going around and how much their sensitivity is being hit, so those of you who are teachers of sensitivity or help your community with their sensitivity, that’s a huge thing that you’re doing so keep it up, don’t be shy about doing it the world need you to help right now with your skill and if your skill is holding space for people or helping them process stuff that’s of high value right now, because people really need it, so offer it however you can. Okay guys that’s everything for the July Energy Update. Thank you so much for tuning in. I do these every month so if you’re watching this on YouTube hit subscribe and you’ll never miss the video. I also release lots of other standalone videos on topics, ways of life, so hit subscribe on YouTube. If you’re watching this on Facebook, then you may have found your way back to my Facebook page Lee Harris where we share all kinds of clips and quotes and videos, but for those of you who want to go deeper with my work the best way to do that is The Portal. It’s my online members community and every single month I do a live video broadcast called the monthly energy tune-up. It’s where I essentially do this, but for the members of my community and I go deeper with the themes that are coming up that month, energetically and how to deal with some of it and then I answer as many of your questions as I can get through in the 90 minute broadcast. If you miss the live broadcast, they are all archived for the year so you can go back and watch as many of them as you want and we also give you my latest monthly recording, this month that’s called Birthing the New Earth and we’ll play you a short clip of that at the end of this video and if you aren’t in The Portal and you don’t want to be in The Portal, you can buy that in the store, but if you’re Portal member you get that free, we have so much more in The Portal so do go to the Portal page and check it out. We have monthly exclusive qigong, we have a community forum and online discount, it’s an incredible value, a one stop shop for so many aspects of my work and other work that can help you right now, so hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out. Last but not least, I have two live events remaining this year. One is at the Omega Center in Rhinebeck New York, it is an Energy Mastery three day weekend and if you’re at Omega doing someone else’s workshop that weekend we’re doing a sound healing concert on the Saturday night for the whole campus, so we’d love to see you there if you’re at Omega on the weekend, of, its around the August the tenth to the twelfth, I believe. Last but not least, our big annual transformation event is Soul Magic and this year we are again holding that in magical Blue Spirit Center in Costa Rica, which is off the charts, as a place, so if you can join us to set up your 2019 and style for one week of all kinds of different transformational activities with me and my team, we’d love to have you, that’s October the twenty seventh for a week in Costa Rica, so all details are at my website, thank you for tuning in guys, but for now here’s that short clip of Birthing a New Earth, big love.

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    I know its gonna be ok. But now it sucks. I have to keep focus and take care of ME now. And take off my mask (to allways act like the happy woman who helps everybody els but almost only get shit in return).
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    Love you, Lee! Thank you for spreading the wisdom we all need and crave 🙂

  70. Leah selkie Post author

    I love watching your energy updates again at the end of the month to recap, it always makes more sense to me. Thank you Lee ? hope your July was a good one lightworker ✨


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