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By | August 14, 2019

La energía…¿No es importante para despertar? ¿La energía? – La energía ¿Qué clase de despertar? ¿Despertar físico? No, hablamos de la Kundalini Oh, Kundalini… De acuerdo, sigue… La energía que sientes en el cuerpo ¿Es importante esto? No ¿No? No No es importante De otro modo tendríamos 300 personas esperando que despertase la Kundalini Y la serpiente durmiendo… Despierta tú Deja en paz a la Kundalini Cuando la Kundalini asciende, algo sabe que la Kundalini está ascendiendo La Kundalini se eleva hasta…y entonces Algo observa que esto tiene lugar ¿Qué es eso que observa a la Kundalini? Quizá te estás imaginando más de lo que es estás esperando una gran apertura o algo respecto a esto Tú ya eres lo que estás intentando conseguir Pero quieres pasar por la mente que tiene tantas habitaciones que enseñarte y cada habitación es un nuevo programa Quieres que suceda algo Piensas: “no lo he conseguido” “no lo he conseguido” Dices: “no lo he conseguido” Pero eso que no has conseguido es la proyección de la mente El pensamiento: “no lo he conseguido” está surgiendo en eso que es lo cuál tú, que eres, estás buscando

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  1. maxxx3210 Post author

    I once read something about Ramana saying kundalini is nothing more than the Self or Absolute, or something like that. It seems we humans take a word and build a whole prison of concepts around it.

  2. Roger Hornaday Post author

    In so many "spiritual" enterprises, Mooji is very bad for business.

  3. Roger Hornaday Post author

    @at28179 Sorry, but I don't think you got my little joke.

  4. Utpal Pande Post author

    An honest seeker and a gentle master… I'm grateful to you both.

  5. Tim Foley Post author

    @OneOracle Kundalini can (and most often does) awaken without there being a true spiritual awakening, and one can have a true spiritual awakening without that much of an energetic shift. And after the energetic shift, it just becomes a memory anyway. Anyway, one doesn't "cause" the other, anymore than a cat's head "causes" its tail.

  6. Slicc7 Post author

    I feel like mooji just summarized everything you need to know about "spirituality" in 2 minutes.

  7. G Rucker Post author

    Every step that brings you from complete ignorance to complete awareness is necessary, or it wouldn't happen. For some people, who would not be open to the idea of "full realization now," will have to approach it through certain expedients, like Kundalini Yoga, which brings the body into the process of healing so necessary for enlightenment.

  8. G Rucker Post author

    Every one of you, including Mooji, arrived to this place after engaging various concepts, each of which has been valuable in your discovery of who you are as well as who you are not. For example, I would not be here if I hadn't, at an earlier time in life, thought the cross was of immense importance, but now I feel differently. It served it's purpose. Don't be quick to discount anyone's path. Mooji wasn't calling them useless. He was speaking from the standpoint of a being who sees the truth

  9. ulispointofview Post author

    kundalini is the equivalent of the mitochondria which animates every cell in your body.

  10. Jojo Abdul Post author

    what is that that watches kundalini … <3

  11. Alain Chiesa Post author

    ALGUIEN PUEDE TRADUCIR AL ESPAÑOL ESTOS VIDEOS? sería de gran aporte para la comunidad. gracias.

  12. Margaret Dempsey Post author

    I really love Mooji but what he is saying about Kundalini does not hold true in my experience. In 1999 I experienced the rising of the Kundalini when I was on a Vippasana meditation retreat. The rising of the energy awakened areas in my brain which were dormant and gave me a spiritual awakening. Without it there is no spiritual awakening only the minds chatter

  13. Margaret Dempsey Post author

    All I am saying based entirely on my own experience is that the realization of 'I AM' is a function of Kundalini. Before the Kundalini rose in me all I had was 'focus' but without any experience which is why I understand the frustration of so many who sit at his feet, I was one of them (not at Mooji's feet). Until Kundalini rises the mind is in control, after Kundalini the mind is servant and there are no effects just an awakened state of consciousness, awakened to the 'I AM'

  14. Johan K Post author

    @dempseym1 Kundalini is also an idea, concept, it can take you further along the way but it can also distract you, because it is not the truth. Truth is when you establish yourself as awareness which sees the kundalini rising. Kundalini is still the mind, though it can be very beautiful. You can watch kundalini but if you leave it there you won't awaken fully. Partial awakening is not real awakening. But kundalini is still awesome:P

  15. MathinusG Post author

    Kundalini is not an idea or a concept. It is real and has a powerful effect. An effect which can destabilize a lot of people. It's full of phenomena. We don't need phenomena, we need self awareness and God realisation. Don't attach to Kundalini or any other physical energy. That's why Mooji keeps asking who is watching?

  16. rdy4change Post author

    (Part 1/3)
    Think about it this way: in ancient times the brain was also an object of mystery and conjecture, much like Kundalini is today. If you had asked Aristotle, one of the greatest minds of antiquity, if the brain was important to the process of thinking, he would have answered "No, it is just for cooling the blood." Now, fast forward 2,346 years into the future. We now know that the brain is central to human thinking, and a huge number of other processes.

  17. rdy4change Post author

    (Part 2/3)
    For example, we now know that the pituitary gland within the brain has a regulating effect on the entire endocrine the system and countless other processes of the body. Our new understanding of the brain has also allowed modern medicine to treat once incurable diseases and traumas to the brain, saving countless lives and sparing multitudes of people from a life of suffering.

  18. Miriam Pia Post author

    Awareness does not require kundalini, neither does maturation [see Christian teachings for example] but kundalini can cause increased states of bliss and paranormal phenomenon. There are yogis who emphasize it but even the best of those who have it point out that its not the purpose but something which can occur which helps some.

  19. Ralph Latham Post author

    Kundalini, what ever it is, may not be neccessary for "äwakening" and is probably a hinderence of atachment when actively sought – but is seems clear this charactor has not experienced it as no one who had would ever dismiss it so flippantly.

  20. Ralph Latham Post author

    His alegories are beautful in their simplicity and clarity and he speaks the "unfrilled"truth as near as any can get to it by words… but you will be truely "blessed"when you hear your own voice.

  21. toadymc722 Post author

    I think what Mooji is tryig to convey is to not be distracted by Kundalini. This may be in the form of desire or distracted by symptoms themselves which can cause identification with the body. I my self am currently experiencing Kundalini which has involved violent jerking of the body,the body becoming extremely hot as well as extreme fatigue at times. I however try not be absorbed by it and just let it be as it is so i can can remain the detached awareness,

  22. BrianK Wilcox Post author

    In response to the replier who calls Mooji a "character" and if he knew of kundalini he would not treat it "flippantly": he does for he knows the difference between a copper coin and multi-faceted diamond. If one kisses the Sun, why dally with the rays? Too many "spiritual persons" are after ego enjoyment-what Trungpa Rinpoche called 'spiritual materialism': including kundalini. When resting in Awareness as Awareness, kundalini is nothing to desire, and not visions, voices, past lives or …

  23. Trackkilla Beats Post author

    he experienced it as well, but he is trying to point out the essential, and not the effects that one expects. He knows the experience of Kundalini awakening very well, but he also tries to keep the questioner away from identifying with it, which is healthy

  24. Trackkilla Beats Post author

    🙂 here you go: /watch?v=zLHyK33Vvjk&list=UUnOrCyMvilHIUW9iC7Uo5Og&index=44&feature=plcp

  25. Trackkilla Beats Post author

    it is important on a level, that which is not important is waiting for some effects, Kundalini awakening will happen, but you don't have to identify with it, just like the mind, it is a tool too, you are not that.

  26. DieTheDeath Post author

    sorry, you are not an expert, not an authority, and you don't know

  27. Blickey Post author

    well said my man I totally agree.

    Are you familiar with George Kavassalis?

  28. Satish Kumar Post author

    Kundalini is pure illusive movement…
    It is the cause of this whole creation…
    When Kundalini Moves up, only than one can realise Shiva within, not otherwise…
    Saying it is not important is ignorance of it…
    Though its Yogic way of realization…
    Mooji is preaching Jnana Yoga, wherein kundalini is ignored and it does its job unknowingly…
    Be happy andKeep smiling…

  29. Chris Donohue Post author

    As the passive observer of Kundalini, the Jnani sees no importance in focusing upon "illusive movement".

  30. KD Meditation Post author

    Very nice video.
    If you would like to learn meditation step by step visit my channel.
    Get rid of non wanted stress.

  31. DieTheDeath Post author

    the role of the guru is not to be nice and answer questions, but to shatter ego. the best thing you can do is stop believing that what you think is actually true.

  32. DieTheDeath Post author

    i've seen that video and mooji's response seemed perfect to me, that girl was quite arrogant. btw, comments are disabled on all new moojiji videos, probably because they tend to be distractive.

  33. 5D HeArt TV - Christos Avatar X Post author

    thanks now i know this guy is a poser with nothing to offer but sweet words

  34. 5D HeArt TV - Christos Avatar X Post author

    not surprising that he didnt answer and thus the answer is obvioulsy no or he wudnt speak as he does… consciousness uses energy in all manifestations and to say its not important is the highest of ignorance… well mooji i guess u can just go back to the void and hang out being nothing forever LOL

  35. toadymc722 Post author

    I wouldn't say he's a poser, i feel he's just trying to help the student. Many true teachers speak of the psychic abilities or power but warn not to get caught in them,that they are not us. They are a result of the energy field one has risen to. To associate with them and things like kundalini is not bad but prevents one from advancing because people believe it to be part of them when it's actually a byproduct of the field.

  36. 5D HeArt TV - Christos Avatar X Post author

    true that… just that energy development is indeed important for its how a soul walks in and experiences creation

  37. Ostin K Post author

    Thats a bit harsh) If he means that you can fous on your true self and develop that awareness, the energy will awake, I can relate, although further energy development is needed. Focusing on the energy work while one lost in ego doesn't work all that well.

    I love your work, I was starting your cource, but it didnt quite work for me. Now I'm coming back to it from another angle. I've worked on my consciousness and the energy awareness came in naturally. Now Im exploring this energies.

  38. 5D HeArt TV - Christos Avatar X Post author

    " If he means that you can fous on your true self and develop that awareness, the energy will awake, I can relate" – It could be that he did indeed mean it that way and if so is a genuine soul. But if he did not mean it that way it means that he has not mastered his own energy and was defending his ego by saying it is not necessary.

  39. Buddi Baba Post author

    I noticed that when the nice man sincerely asked about Kundalini the people in your audience arrogantly laughed as if you all were a group of elitist know it all's. I think you better reconsider what you're method is actually accomplishing. Because I & the spiritual people I associate with live in a genuine state of true Self awareness we would never treat someone with a sincere question with such disrespect. Ghandi said, "My life is my message." Walk your talk.!!

  40. Buddi Baba Post author

    What you said was not harsh at all but quite astute. There's definitely a big EGO there, otherwise why would he feel the need to push other time tested and proven spiritual paths like Kundalini yoga, chakras etc. down, in order it would seem, to further his own technique, which I may add, does not always work that well on everybody.

  41. Buddi Baba Post author

    Either you've never experienced a genuine Kundalini awakening or you've been brainwashed by MooJi. Anyone who's experienced true Kundalini awakening knows one thing; once Shakti is fully awakened it stops for nothing! It continues purifying and ascending until complete Self Recognition occurs. There's absolutely nothing that could stop it from advancing once Shaktipat has occurred even if you tried. The only thing that may slow it down is the wrong understanding that you've just expressed.

  42. Buddi Baba Post author

    I Love what you've said here. My own experience with Kundalini was when it awakened there was No Thing at all that could stop it's progress, even if I had tried, until the purification and ascension was complete. As Kabir put it, "A salt doll took a dip in the ocean," Now I know what Kabir meant, you just don't disappear, you dissolve until the you is no more. On the whole teachers like Moo are causing more harm than good by spreading such misunderstanding about such a sacred spiritual force.

  43. Buddi Baba Post author

    Yes, but the awakened Kundalini leads you to the true experience of Self or what I call Self Recognition. Nothing can stop it even if you tried. It's an intelligent force, much more so than you, me or MooJi will ever be. I'm sad that people are starting to think of Kundalini as some semi-unconscious force. It's awareness is so far beyond our comprehension that our brains would explode if we tried to comprehend it's nature! Here's one true warning disrespect Kundalini & she'll disrespect you.

  44. Buddi Baba Post author

    Well then why do you arrogant Jani's keep crapping on about it all the time? Just shut up and piss off into the void where you don't irritate everybody else.

  45. Buddi Baba Post author

    No point in trying to understand what Kundalini force is as it's super consciousness. So superior to what our minds are capable of comprehending that our minds would explode if we tried to understand it – that includes you me and MooJi. It's like a first grader trying to comprehend string theory or quantum physics. As Ramana said It's the pure manifestation of Self or Atman therefore it is that Atman. That's why when MooJi or some other so called expert tries to tell me about it, I just laugh.

  46. Buddi Baba Post author

    There's a saying in spiritual circles, "Every Upaya (religions methods philosophies practices etc.) are places where you can grow and learn and every Upaya is a place in which you can become stuck". So the trick is to use these 'traps,' as Mooji calls them, to grow and learn yet be conscious enough not caught in them. As Ram Dass said, "The game is, you've got to use these methods knowing there's the danger of entrapment because for at least some time Upayas can be very useful. In other words, you have to risk being entrapped and hope that at the end of the process the whole thing self destructs, otherwise a greater danger is, you stagnate and never evolve at all." So if Mooji claims Kundalini's a trap then certainly he must also be aware, if he can step outside his ego long enough, that his own little cult and teachings is quite a trap as well! But we don't really see him doing that though do we. I wonder why?  

  47. Buddi Baba Post author

    If Mooji could bring himself to admit that he and the whole scene around him is also a trap, then I'd respect what he has to say a lot more! But he seems to want to put everything else down to make himself look better.

  48. Buddi Baba Post author

    I empathise with this elderly man who's sincerely asking a legitimate question and being laughed at in the back ground by arrogant people who think they have all the answers' The joke's on them however, they don't know it all. The universe is full of God everywhere you look there's God. In the form of mind & no mind, in the form of light & darkness in the form of  everything & emptiness. Hey even in the form of Kundalini. Why would anyone not want to include all this as an outer expression or play of God? I Love being surrounded by God in everything!!! God is in me I'm in God There is no thing that he/she is not. This teacher cannot take you to that understanding only Kundalini can!

  49. Buddi Baba Post author

    Hello BndMonkeyProd – Your understanding of Kundsalini is insane!
    1 year ago

    Mooji is the MAN!! The Kundalini is a TRAP. They "the ones who are watching" suck the energy from your chakras, and want you to grow a snake out your forehead…. insane

  50. Katherine Dez Post author

    Oh dear – denial.  Mooji don't you remember when you experienced the rise of the kundalini? Any teaching that encourages us to deny or distance ourselves from our true feelings and emotions is dangerous.

  51. Pinky Edwards Post author

    Kundalini is to yoga as Holy roller is to Christianity; demonstative for people who need to receive thru the senses

  52. John Smith Post author

    I respect what Mooji is saying but if Shakti wishes to manifest as Kundalini for a particular seeker at a certain point in the life,then it is quite normal, and helpful, however its should not be forced by powerful breathing techniques.
     I was indroduced to Kundalini which  manifested in my life in a gentle way at a very stressfull time,not of my own choosing,without kundalini I doubt if I could have coped,It seemed natural, no effort, very comforting feeling.
    even thinking of it,I can feel that soothing energy in the spine.
    Most of the time I am not aware of it.
    This initial kundalini rising was some years before I came across Non duality teachings.
    So maybe it was meant for me at the time
    If one is sincere then Grace arranges whatever is needed for the seeker, there are no hard and fast rules because each one  has different needs.
     I much prefer a still mind which is the goal of all practice.

  53. Buddi Baba Post author

    The 'Game of Thrones' or the 'know it all' sitting in front of the naïve seekers is a trap! Even if the one sitting on the throne occasionally speaks the truth it's still a trap! Because the seekers are looking at & depending on him for all the answers, instead of themselves where the answer actually exists. Walking through the door of liberation is achieved by walking through the door of liberation, not by sitting there staring or talking about it!  And the one with the massive Ego sitting on the throne, should know better than to lead these people on!  Any teacher that allows this pretence or con-game to continue on, and on, and on is a narcissistic, self-obsessed, fraud! This is why the Age of the Guru is over. More and more people are finally discovering that the message is entirely attainable without the messenger. Therefore don't get caught in this never ending cycle and do not allow yourself to become the rare case of a rat crawling aboard a sinking ship.    

  54. bigmofodeal Post author

    i dont have kundalini i got it removed and now i feel much better.

  55. toadymc722 Post author

    What he and many gurus are saying is that the spiritual phenomena are just a by product of advancing spirituality. they are not important and just arise and go on their own and are not part of the self but just a reaction of practice. If you were to do exercise, training the muscles is your practice the lactic acid is a by product,that is kundalini.

  56. David Spector Post author

    From 2009. Kundalini is an undeniable phenomenon that can occur in the body, with the aid of mental techniques.

    Mooji points out that awakening only needs recognition of our true nature as the ultimate observer, pure consciousness. This is not something we learn, but something we can experience, for example through abiding in awareness (self-inquiry), consciously, starting with a few minutes twice a day.

    Mooji points out that our suffering is the result of identification with the mind and body. Kundalini is one of those many phenomena that occur in the body. It is not a phenomenon that is necessary for awakening, since it is not characteristic of Being (the observer, pure consciousness), but is characteristic of the body, or the body/mind, the home (along with the material world) of all phenomena that are limited in space or time.

    There is much belief that kundalini is necessary for awakening. But beliefs can hold us back, keep us in ignorance and suffering. Objects and beliefs, in general, are not helpful for rooting out identification with mind and body. Why? Because the very duality of observer/object is created with our identification with the mind and body. Making use of objects, concepts, kundalini, or anything else in the mind/body can only keep us in the home of life, death, emotions, and attachment and identification. We miss out on the peace and joy that are the result of identifying with pure consciousness, our ultimate nature.

    You can't use the limited mind to remove our identification with the limited mind. The illusory mind cannot be the tool to realize the unbounded and eternal consciousness, the ultimate reality. Energy flows in the body can improve the functioning of the body, but cannot touch consciousness, except perhaps temporarily.

    If this were all that Mooji says, his teaching would be as sterile as astrology, kundalini, or anything other belief rooted in the mind, body, or world. But his teaching is not sterile, and awakens people every day, bringing contentment and joy.

    He doesn't just describe what is, but gives us specific pointings to pure consciousness that help us experience our true nature, not only understand it. His pointings are potent. He calls them a direct path, and they are. They work efficiently, more efficiently than techniques like kundalini that stay in the mind and body and never go beyond, to enliven our nature as infinite consciousness.

  57. MamaCoco Fitness Post author

    Every listener is that room is deprogramming though

  58. Buddi Baba Post author

    There's a big difference between talking about the ocean and conceptualizing about what it would be like to swim than actually jumping in and swimming. I just prefer to jump in and swim. OK I get it the observer is God! But everyting that you observe including KUNDALINI is also God as well. We are BOTH the seer and the seen not just one or the other

  59. David Sumeray Post author

    Kundalini awakening adds much to ones experience of life and consciousness but awakening happens with or without that activation. For me the kundalini awakening occurred after the awakening of consciousness. The recognition of I Am That I Am of Oneness with All That Is, the eternal Now, The Peace that passeth understanding happened before kundalini awakening. Perhaps triggered the activation of Kundalini.

  60. krsslim Post author

    For those wanting to learn about ego, this is a fine example.

  61. Beverley McKinley Post author

    https://youtu.be/esrQToExyUE He breaks the Skull. You must be born from above, Spiritual Birth and it is a free gift and when born from above you will leave this earth/wheels within wheels, and be eternal, never Experience death, for one that is Born from Above, can Never die again. Neville Goddard , http://realneville.com/txt/the_seven_eyes_of_god.htm http://realneville.com/pdf/christmas.pdf http://realneville.com/pdf/eschatology_the_doctrine_of_the_end.pdf It is true, for I also have been Born from Above, came out of my Skull, and at the time, I had no idea what it was. I have had a few outer body experiences, but nothing compares to being born Spiritually, pushing out of your skull like a baby, but you are Spirit

  62. Buddi Baba Post author

    If someone has a genuine Kundalini awakening & someone like you tells them, "Just ignore it, it's not important," are you so daft that you cannot see how dangerous that is? You're actually creating more duality, illusion and confusion than before, because by ignoring Kundalini Shakti and just identifying with the observer or witness consciousness instead, as well as teaching him, one phenomenon is 'real and the other not, is certainly not the whole truth either. Why do you think Karl Jung once said, "If you want to make something powerful then just suppress it." If I close my eyes and say this is not real when a 50 foot tidal wave is rushing toward me, what happens? I could've got the hell out of there but I told myself it was not real!!! The answer is; It's all real, it's all consciousness taking one form or another and the observer watching the whole play is real as well. The observer and the observed are ONE!

  63. Jakub Kubacki Post author

    Why it feels like traumatic experience often comes out of lack of understanding and lack of a proper guidance. One of them worthy mentioning adept is Igor Kufayev who openly and publicly speaks about the whole process and helps people to go through it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU2Z1JWoA-E

  64. Ionel Floria Post author

    Mooji is REALLY SMART💝💝💝🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇😇😇 ..THAT IS TOTTALY TRUE 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  65. Chantal Corleone Post author

    Why does he never answer any questions on Kundalini ? Maybe he never experienced it…

  66. Kai Shanti-Angel of Light-Channeling God's Love Post author

    I wish that I would have seen the original awakening of Mooji that he speaks of as "child's play" because only in the true awakening of the Kundalini will someone feel the divine energy as the ecstasy of everything that is, ever was and ever will be. If he hasn't seen the awakening as the truth of his own being, in its pure essence, and its true divine meaning of life and all things, then he can't possibly see what it means to truly be awakened in this state. He is deceived by his own energy of misunderstanding. Unfortunately, he is arriving at this place through a misunderstanding of his own grace. Unfortunately, this allows others to be deceived as well. I wish we could all be deceived only in our own consciousness, and be relieved of this deception by our own grace. Mooji can't save you from this grace because he is not receiving this grace purely and truly within his being. The kundalini is the grace of god's energy and allows us all to awaken and be free! Unfortunately, he's not seeing this in the grace of all things. Be free Mooji, and allow us all to be free in this grace of divine understanding. We are Free!


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