Late Marriage in Vedic Astrology(Jyotish)

By | August 17, 2019

you are into your late twenties 28 29 30
31 and you are still not married this video is for you today we are going to
talk about the late marriage in Vedic Astrology
what are the reasons what are the planetary alignments what are the
planets houses and aspects that leads to the delay in the marriage so keep
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Vedic Astrology today we are going to talk about the very sensitive topic the
late marriage or the delay in marriage in Vedic Astrology
what are the planetary alignments aspects the planets the houses which are
responsible for the delay in marriage in Vedic Astrology
okay let’s get started for marriage we always look for the
seventh house of the horoscope okay but how the seventh house or rather any
house is determined the seventh house or any house is dependent on the first sign
what is the first sign in your horoscope what is the zodiac sign in your
ascendant this very much determines all the houses which kind of sets the
ascendant and all the houses and all the rushes what do I mean by that let’s take
an example of horoscope where it’s Taurus ascendant
okay so Taurus sign is at the east horizon at the time of the birth okay if
we change the timing we will get some other ascendant let’s let’s assume we
got a cancerous in it this will look like this will look something like this
okay so the first house is determined by the ascendant and as the first houses is
determined all other houses are fixed okay that’s why I said it is important
once you know the starting sign of the zodiac the ascendant you know where all
the signs are placed in your horoscope okay it sounds difficult but it is not
that difficult once you’d know that ascendant you know every other silent
house in your horoscope let’s look at the first thing to look at in the delay
of marriage or the late marriage that is the ascendant ascendant are very
important in the determination of the seventh house and we are now
concentrating on the seventh house for the timing of marriage or the delay of
marriage in Vedic Astrology so your first house determines your
seventh house and these houses comes in pair so for each Mars house you will
have the seventh house ruled by Venus for each Venus ascended you will have
seventh house ruled by Mars for each mercury ruled ascendance you will have
Jupiter ruled seven thousand and vice versa that is Jupiter rule assonance
will have the mercury ruled seventh house these are the pairs which
determines your timing of marriage weather the weather you will have a
quick marriage whether you will have early marriage whether you will have a
timely marriage or you will have a delay in marriage so ascendance of Venus Mars
mercury and Jupiter are okay are average or good but the challenging ascendance
the challenging ascendance for marriage are the cancer ascendant and the Lewis
inment cancer is ruled by moon and seventh house comes as the Capricorn
which is ruled by Saturn and for Leo it comes as Aquarius which is also ruled
by the scepter
so for these two houses there can be delay in marriage because it is ruled by
Saturn which is the significant for the delay its delay your Saturn delays the
things the most challenging ascendant is the Leo and Aquarius axis the Leo
ascendant 7,000 acres or Aquarius ascendant seventh house proved by Sun
the cancer ascendant and Leo ascended people should not marry early it is
Saturn’s call for them to show the patience to have the great fruits for
that house if they got married early that relationship won’t end till the end
of the life they will have a divorce or there there will be friction and you
yourself will walk out of that relationship the ascendant is the first
criteria to see the delay in marriage these are the general predictions okay
we have to alter the predictions when we see the all the planets because the
aspect of Jupiter this placement of Sun and Moon will alter this timings and
make it even finer to come to the conclusion but as a ground rule the
cancer ascendant and the Leo ascendant are prone to the delay in marriage due
to the seventh house ruled by the Saturn and it is more relevant for the
Capricorn as a seventh house because it is kind of the negative side of the or
the darker side of the Saturn whereas Aquarius is more of a lighter side of
the Saturn but the challenge with Aquarius is Sun and
Saturn are the enemies Sun and Moon and Saturn are kind of neutral you can say
but Sun and Saturn are the enemies so these two houses so these two assailants
they face challenges in the marriage on the marriage is delayed for these
guys okay second thing to look into the horoscope
for the delay in marriage are the planets situated in the seventh house
seventh house is the house of marriage and long term committed relationships so
if you have the malefics like saturn mars or the sun in the seventh house you
will have a delay in your marriage don’t have to worry about that this is basic
interpretation these gets altered with the aspects and the Lordships and
everything but if you want to check your own horoscope if you are thirty years
old 32 years old and you are still not married you will have one of these
probabilities you don’t have to worry about it okay so we are talking about
the planets in the seventh house if you have these planets Saturn Mars and Sun
you will have a delay in marriage okay so let’s jump into the third aspect
to look for for the delay in marriage and that is the aspects on the seventh
house if you receive if your seventh house you
may not be having the cancer ascendant or leo ascendant but you may have Saturn
Mars or Sun aspecting the seventh house when these
planets can aspect the seventh house when sun is in the first house it will
aspect the seventh house it has no special aspects so when sun is in the
first house it will aspect the seven thousand what is the placement of mars
which will denote the delay in marriage through the aspect whence when Mars is
in the twelfth house seventh house excuse me when this Mars
is in the twelfth house first house and the fourth house it will aspect the
seventh house and it will cause the delay in the marriage it has nothing to
do with you being Malik that is a different story altogether we are
talking here about the aspects of malefics
which caused the delay in marriage we talked about the Sun we talked about the
Mars let’s move on to the Saturn let’s move to the Saturn Saturn is the Karaka
for the delay Karaka what do I mean by carga what is Karaka Karaka is a
significant so saturn is the significant for delay delay in anything if you have
saturn in your 8th house it will delay your death that means you will live
longer okay okay let’s come to the point we were talking about the aspects of the
saturn on to the seventh house what are the positions of saturn which will
aspect the seventh house saturn has a special aspects it has the third aspect
the tenth aspect and the seventh as well so when Saturn is in the first house
Saturn is in the fifth house and Saturn in the tenth house aspects the seventh
house through its shall aspects so when Saturn is in first
fifth or tenth it causes delay in your marriage go check out your video go
check out videos go check out your horoscope and see if you have Saturn in
first house fifth house or tenth house this will cause delay in marriage
because it aspects the seventh house of your horoscope the most important house
for Saturn for delay in marriage is the fifth house if you have Saturn in the
fifth house what it does is it aspects the seventh house with the third aspect
11th house which is the house of the desire with the seventh aspect and the
second house which is the house of family with the tenth aspect if you have
watch the timing of marriage in Vedic Astrology video therein we have
discussed about the important houses to look for for the timing of marriage
through where the astrology so those houses are 2 5 7 and 11 to 7 and 11 okay
so the 5th Saturn the Saturn in the 5th house aspects the seventh house with the
third aspect 11th house with the 7th aspect and 2nd house with the 10th
aspect so the 5th house Saturn delays the marriage for sure this is the third
criteria we discussed about the delay in marriage let’s look at the fourth aspect
for the delay in marriage the fourth aspect to look for is Caracas
Caracas are the significant Caracas are not related to any house or any
rulership the Caracas are the significant for certain thing
they can be placed anywhere still they will signify the same things what do I
mean by that let’s take an example of Saturn Saturn can be placed anywhere in
your horoscope but Saturn signifies the depth okay so it can be placed anywhere
in your horoscope but it means the death whenever you are looking for a death or
delay you have to look for the placement of placement strength dignity of cetera
this this is about the carcass so what is the Karaka for the marriage the
Karaka for the marriage is Venus for male Venus denotes their wife and four
and four women Jupiter denotes their husband but the quality of the marriage
or the probability of the marriage the Karaka for the marriage is Venus for
both man and woman this is important so for the delay in marriage you have to
look for the strength placement dignity of the Venus if Venus is with Saturn
with the Sun or with the Mars it can cause the delay image if the
Jupiter is with Sun Saturn or Mars it can cause the delay in marriage and
if any of these rules the seventh house it will add it to the the delay to it it
will confirm it okay so yes here we completed the four aspects to look for
in your horoscope for the delay in marriage I request you those who have
not yet married or they are looking for marriage
and they are into their thirties go check out there go check out your
horoscope you will have these placements you might have these placements and one
more thing I have observed is if you observe the outer planets the Uranus and
Neptune in the seventh house also affects the marriage okay that that is
also I have observed in many cases okay but this is not the end of it if there
is a aspect from a Jupiter on Venus the Karaka of marriage or the seventh house
or the seventh Lord these things can change
okay so the next thing is the lord of the seventh house the lord of the
seventh house if this lot of the seventh house is with the saturn sun and mars it
can delay the marriage okay yes this was my analysis of the late
marriage or the delay in marriage in your horoscope with the help of vedic
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