Learn 48 adjectives in English to describe people with Chinese astrology

By | August 15, 2019

Hi, everyone. In today’s lesson we’re going to look at Chinese
astrology, and I’m going to teach you adjectives that you can use to
describe a personality. Now, to do this lesson, you don’t have to
believe in astrology and you don’t have to be that much interested
in astrology either. If you do like astrology like I do, then it’s
even better because you’ll learn something about astrology and also some really
useful vocabulary for you to use. The way this lesson is organized is that the
animals in Chinese astrology are like the signs in Western astrology, and people
have different animals to represent them. So, in Chinese astrology, what they do is
put the animals into different groups, and there are five groups. We start here with the earth signs, then the
wood signs, the fire signs, and later we have the water signs, and
the metal signs. And what you can do now is check: Which
animal represents you in Chinese astrology? So you just check the year that you were born,
and that will show you what animal describes your personality. First of all, we’ll
start with the ox. The ox is my sign in
Chinese astrology. And we don’t have any oxes here in England, but
the closest thing to an ox would be, like, a big cow or a bull, but we
don’t have them over here. So, what would describe the ox’s personality is
to say somebody who is reliable, hardworking, strong, and stubborn. If you think about a… If you… If you imagine the picture of an ox in your
head, they have a big, strong body, so they’re physically strong, they’re reliable, you can
trust them to do the work that you need them to do. Even if an ox is tired in the field from working,
the ox is so strong that it will continue working. And an ox is also stubborn. It will not… If it’s decided what it wants to
do, it will not change its mind. And one of my mom’s dogs is
very, very stubborn for a dog. If I take him for a walk, he decides where
he wants to go, and he always want to go to the same park so he can
play with his ball. If I try to take him somewhere else, he just
stands there and he’s so heavy to move, he won’t move. He’s really, really stubborn. He wants to go to the
park, and that’s it. He’ll just stand like that
until I take him to the park. Next animal is the dragon. The dragon is… Well, it’s not a real
animal, or is it? I don’t know. It’s not a real animal, but it’s confident,
imaginative, dazzling, and fiery. So, dragon personalities, dragon people have so
much charisma and energy in their personality. Other people look at the dragon as someone
that’s amazing and unusual in lots of ways. And I heard once, but I don’t know if it’s true-let
me know if it is true in the comments-that in China the years that are the dragon years,
many parents want to have a child born in a dragon year, so I heard that there are
small baby booms every dragon year. Let me know if you
know if that’s true. So, a confident person is the opposite of
shy, they know what they want, they can go for what they want. An imaginative person, they have many ideas and
they think of things first before other people. They’re dazzling. Usually we say lights are
dazzling when they… They’re bright, but they move a bit in your
eye, we say: “Oh, it’s dazzling”, and the dragon dazzles us because
it’s so amazing. And also the dragon is fiery. Obviously a dragon can breathe fire on us, and
in that way the dragon is fiery, but people who are fiery, they have
quite a strong temper. You don’t want to… You don’t want that dragon to be angry
with you because you might get scared. Next we have the sheep. People who are born in the Year of the Sheep,
we could call them innocent, patient, humble, and conformist people. So, if you think in
your head, imagine… Imagine a scene with some sheep in the countryside
on the farm with the shepherd, their lives are very innocent in the field. We look at them, they look like
fluffy clouds, they always… You never see a sheep looking angry or in a
different mood; they always look the same. And especially if we think about young sheep,
which are called lambs, lambs are often in religious stories and lambs
are a symbol of innocence. And lambs are sometimes a
symbol for Jesus as well. So, when the lamb gets older into the sheep,
it’s not so innocent, but it has a lot of the gentleness of the sheep. A sheep is also patient, it’s just in the
field, it has nowhere to go and not really a lot to do, so it can wait a long
time for the things that it wants. It’s humble. The best way to describe “humble”
is to describe the opposite. The opposite of humble is someone who has a
lot of pride and they think that they’re so important, and they think that they’re the
best at everything, whereas humble is… A humble person would be somebody who lives a
simple life, they don’t think that they’re really special and really important, much
like the sheep, but you can also say that sheep are very conformist. They all do the same
thing as each other. “What’s that sheep doing? I better do it, too. That sheep’s going over there,
I’ll go over there, too.” So the sheep follow each other. They don’t like to be
different from the group. Or we could say about the sheep, they
don’t like to think different things. They want to all be thinking the
same thing as the other sheep. Next we have the
Year of the Dog. Someone born in the Year of the Dog is a loyal
person, they are protective, they’re friendly, and hierarchical. So we say in English, talking about
dogs, that they’re man’s best friend. They’re so loyal. Sometimes when a… When an owner has had a very, very close bond
with their dog, but the owner dies because they’re elderly, for example, sometimes the
dog is so loyal that the dog will go to sit on the grave of their
owner who died. Okay, it doesn’t happen
every day, but it has… It has happened that some dogs are so loyal
that they remember forever their owner who has died. They’re protective, we know that because dogs
guard our houses, they stop burglars coming in, and they bark
loudly if somebody… Somebody comes in your house
who shouldn’t be there. They’re friendly, you know,
dogs always wag their… Wag their tails, don’t they? And they’re hierarchical, which means I’m
top dog, I’m the boss, and then the other dogs in the pack, they will
be at different levels. I saw some… I saw some stray… A saw a community of stray dogs from my house
when I was living in Turkey, and it was really interesting to watch them because they would have
food there, people would tuck food in this… Well, what was it? It was a piece of unused land where the dogs
had gone in under the fence and they had taken over. It was dog city there, but
they did have some food. And when I would watch them I found out that
the top dog, the boss of the dogs, that dog was the only dog that ate the food,
and what he would leave would be… The dog underneath him could… After he was gone, the dog underneath him
could come and eat something, but all the other dogs, and there were probably about
20 of them, could only watch them eat. And they were always
shaking and scared. So, in the dog society,
only one dog got to eat. And it made me think about the way humans
live as well, as I reflected on dog society. Okay, so now let’s look
at the wood signs. The tiger, and people born in the
Year of the Tiger, are fierce people. They are wild, they are
regal, and aggressive. So a lot of these words, they
make us think about how… We think about the tiger attacking, because
the tiger is probably the most scary of all animals you could find in a jungle, because
you’d probably become the lunch of the tiger. It’s so fierce. It has big claws that it can kill its prey with or kill
you with, if you’re in the wrong place. It’s wild. A tiger is very different to the domestic
cat, which we can stroke and we can… Not all of them, but many of them, we can
get close to the domesticated cat; whereas a tiger, we must always
be afraid of the tiger. Not many… Not many people in zoos can touch the
tigers because they’re the most… One of the most fierce
animals in the zoo. Tigers are also regal,
that has to do with… Something to do
with being royal. Because they’re so, so special, really, there’s
not many of them in the world, and I think it could be because the tiger moves with
so much elegance and also a tiger has… The patterns on the tiger’s… The stripes. The stripes or the zig-zags on the tiger’s
skin, they are so beautiful for the whole animal kingdom, it’s as
special as an amazing… An amazing outfit that a king or queen is
wearing, so in that way a tiger is regal. It’s not… It’s so special. It’s not like an
everyday animal. Also aggressive. The tiger can pounce
on you and attack you. People born in the Year of the Rabbit
are sweet, caring, modest, and anxious. If we think about rabbits, we think about the
Easter Bunny, obviously that’s very sweet, we see the rabbits holding a basket of eggs maybe,
with its nice ears and a little smiley face. It’s very sweet. They’re cute animals. We like to… We think they’re adorable,
we like to look at them. Rabbits are caring
in the sense that… Well, I don’t really… I don’t really know if rabbits are caring,
but people who are born in the Year of the Rabbit are caring people; they
like to look after other people. They’re modest. “Modest” means, similar to shy and similar
to not making yourself really important and really big. So, a rabbit… If a rabbit did something really special and
amazing, the rabbit is modest, so it wouldn’t tell everybody about it. They wouldn’t say: “Oh,
guess what I did?” Or: “Did you hear what I did?” They’re modest, so
they keep their… They keep their achievements and the good
things about them, they don’t tell everyone. Also, of course, the rabbit and people born
in the Year of the Rabbit are anxious people. If we think about what happens when you surprise
a bunny in the road, the bunny gets so shocked that it can’t move. We say: “Like a rabbit in the headlights,
in the headlights of a car.” So shocked it can’t move. And some people are like that as well, they’re
so anxious that they freeze and they can’t speak. Next we have the fire signs. We have the snake. People born in the Year of the Snake are
philosophical, elegant, and two-faced. If we think about the snake in mythology or
famous stories, what comes to mind to me straight away is the snake in the Garden of Eden, and
the snake was the animal that went to Eve and told her about the
tree of knowledge. So, the snake is… I’ve put philosophical there
because what the snake knows… It isn’t just that the snake’s intelligent,
the snake thinks about things on a level of philosophy or on a level
of religion, a sort of… A sort of higher level of ideas and thinking
than most people use in their everyday life. The snake is also elegant. If we think about handbags and shoes that
are often made from snakeskin, and the way a snake looks very shiny. But I don’t know if you’ve ever touched a
snake, it can really surprise you the way it actually feels, because when you touch a
snake it feels really muscular and strong. It can surprise you because it
looks slimy and wet, but it isn’t. And also the snake person can
be described as two-faced. You can’t really trust the snake, they might say
this to you, but really be thinking something else; or really say something
else to someone else. Like the snake that I mentioned in
the Bible story, that snake was… What the snake said to Eve had very,
very big consequences in the religion. So, some people would
say you couldn’t… You couldn’t trust the
snake in that situation. And this is why we
have sayings, like… We can describe someone who is a traitor,
somebody that we can’t trust, we know we can’t trust, we can call them
a snake in the grass. “A snake in the grass” is they’re there, they
haven’t done anything yet, they haven’t attacked, but they’re just waiting there, and one day
they might do something where they show that they’re a traitor and
you can’t trust them. Just thinking about it now, I would say that
all signs have a good side and a bad side to them. I know that it makes it sound like
the snake is the only bad one. That’s not true; they all have
positive and negative sides to them. So, whatever you think of when you consider
those animals in your mind, when you see a picture of them, those meanings can be true
as well, whether they’re positive meanings or negative meanings. Let’s do the last two signs now. Now we’ve got our final
signs to look at. We have the metal signs
and the water signs. The metal sign animals
are monkey and rooster. I’ll talk you
through monkey now. So, if you were born in the Year of the Monkey,
I could describe you as quick-witted, agile, funny, and cheeky. Quick-witted, we could just remove the word
“witted”, a quick person is like intelligent, someone who thinks very fast. When we say “quick-witted”,
it adds… It adds a little
something to “quick”. Someone who is quick-witted, they would think
of clever jokes to say, maybe word play, and they would have a
clever sense of humour. I think that’s how “witted” is a
little bit different to just “quick”. Agile, if we think about monkeys, they are
climbing and swinging off things all the time. I know a little girl who’s born in the
Year of the Monkey, and she’s always… She climbs on… She climbs on furniture and she’ll climb up on
things, and she’s just a really good climber. She doesn’t have any accidents
when she climbs up on things. She’s very active. She likes doing trampolining, and ice-skating,
or climbing, so she’s constantly moving around, and that… I didn’t know she was born in the Year of the
Monkey at first, but it came up in conversation and I could definitely… I could definitely see it once I knew then;
always climbing around and she does also make funny faces, and play around, and she’s a
little bit cheeky, so that was someone who I know that really describes… Really expresses that
personality of the monkey. And someone who’s cheeky, we have a
phrase where we say: “Cheeky monkey.” If someone’s a cheeky
monkey, it’s they… They’re doing something that’s a little bit
naughty, their behaviour is a little bit bad, but the way they… The way they smile while they’re doing
it makes you like them at the same time. So: “Cheeky monkey” is a little bit naughty,
but we forgive them for it and we quite like it at the same time. Next we have the rooster. If you don’t know what rooster
is, this is the male chicken. And he is… He’s a he, he can only be a he. He’s the leader, but yes… The rooster can only be a he, but someone
with the personality of rooster and born in that year can also be a woman. He is a leader, he is energetic,
he is fashionable, and he is vain. If we think about the chickens in the farmyard,
there’s one rooster and he’s got his beautiful feathers, and he has special
colours in his feathers. He has green and red feathers,
and he walks around… He walks around like
this, and he has… It depends how many hens there are,
female chickens, but he could… It could be him and it could be six hens,
could be eight hens, and they’re all his, and they all just follow him around while
he looks beautiful with his green and red feathers. So in that sense we can look at him
as the leader, he’s leading his… His… I don’t know if there’s a word for it, actually,
it doesn’t come to mind, but he’s leading all the other chickens
there in that farmyard. He wakes them up in the morning and he wakes
everybody up with his: “Cock-a-doodle-doo”. Energetic. Well, a rooster isn’t
running around all day. In a way, he takes his time, so I’m
actually not going to say energetic there. I’m going to say he’s busy. He’s busy just walking around, pecking the
piece of something there, and he walks there, and he walks back. He’s busy doing that, and he also has
to wake everybody up in the morning. But he isn’t energetic
because he’s not running. He’s not stressing himself by doing all this
work, so I think energetic is the wrong word to describe him, really. I would say busy instead. I told you about his beautiful red and green
feathers, so in that sense he’s fashionable. Okay, a real rooster is just born that way,
but compared to other animals, it’s an animal that really stands out for its gorgeous
colours that we see when we look at it. Also the rooster is vain. Perhaps when he’s there in the farmyard, he’s
pecking in his feathers to make them all nice so that he looks gorgeous. He wants to look… He wants to look gorgeous for all
of his hens that follow him around. Now let’s look at the boar. If you don’t know what a boar is, a boar
is like a wild pig, and it has the tusks. So it’s… We don’t see this animal a lot of the time,
and there’s not many places in Europe these days, I think, not many countries where
we still get this animal in the wild. But I did hear that because it’s quite fashionable
to eat that kind of meat now, people like to eat wild boar sausages and things like
that, I did hear that some of these animals have escaped from the farms and now
live in the forests in England. I’ve heard that. I don’t know if it’s true. If you know it’s true,
leave a comment. So you have to be careful these days if you
go into the forest because you might run into a wild boar and it
could be scary. So, somebody who’s born in the Year of the Boar
is protective, fearless, alert, and pig-headed. If you remember, we said that the dog is protective
and the dog protects the home, protects his master’s home. The way the boar is protective is a bit different
because the boar is not going to protect the farmer. The boar will… The wild boar protects its family, not being
an expert on this, but I think what happens is the females are the protective ones,
and they protect their wild boar piglets. And if you walked into the forest and the
female wild boar was there with her piglets, then she would want
to attack you. She’s so protective. That would be a scary
situation for you to be in. We can say they’re fearless in the sense
that the boar, when it’s angry, will fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s a farmer with a gun
and he’s got a big dog or something like that. When the… When the wild boar needs to, it will
fight, so in that sense it’s fearless. I am… It doesn’t stop to
think: “This is scary. I could die.” It will react in the moment. The wild boar is
alert because… One of the things about those
animals is they avoid humans. So if they hear you coming, they’re
more likely to hide and you won’t… You won’t often see them. There could be more than we realize
because they avoid humans. They just… They hear that they’re there, and they move
away so that they don’t come into contact. And also, the wild
boar is pig-headed. Pig-headed is like bossy, telling the other
pigs what to do and not listening to them. So, in the… If we imagine the forest, a pig-headed wild
boar might be looking for some mushrooms in the forest, and the other wild boar
says: “There aren’t any mushrooms here. They’re all gone. We looked before. They’re all gone.” But the pig-headed wild boar would say:
“I’m going to keep looking anyway. I’m going to just keep
looking all day long. I’m not listening to you. I’m in charge and I don’t
care what you say.” So someone born in the Year of the Boar is not
going to listen to what other people say, even if other people are right. And that’s because they can’t admit
that they’re wrong about things. And the last one is the rat. People born in the Year of the Rat are
adaptable, quick, crafty, and intelligent. So, if we think about rats, they’re adaptable
because they can live in so many different places. They will change themselves so that they can
live in an environment, so that’s why rats live in the sewers where everything from the
toilet goes, and that’s why rats will live behind garbage bins and
anyplace where they can go. If they find a place where they can live,
they’re happy and they will go there, as long as there’s food around. Rats are quick. They’re quick moving, but also quick in the
sense of intelligent, meaning the same thing. And they’re crafty
in the way that… If you imagine somebody has a problem with
rats in their house, sometimes it’s difficult to remove the rats because
they’re so clever. You might close the hole to stop the rats
coming in, but then they surprise you and come in a different way. So in that way, a rat
has a kind of… A different kind of intelligence where they
think sideways in a way, and they think of it before you do. They’re a bit crafty. And when someone is crafty, they also want
to trick you and they enjoy that they know something that you don’t know. So, now we have all the personalities represented
by the animals, I’ll just talk generally. Do I think it’s true,
from my experience? So, my sign is on the other
side, isn’t up here now. My sign was the ox, and the ox was strong,
hardworking, and stubborn, and reliable. I think it describes me quite well actually,
all of the adjectives that describe the ox. I might not be physically strong, but I’m
strong in other ways that you can’t see. I am hardworking. I think we all have opposites inside us, so
I’m really hardworking sometimes, and then maybe there’s a period of time
where I’m not so hardworking. Am I reliable? Yes, most of the time. And am I stubborn? Yeah, I’m stubborn, but I know people who are
more stubborn than me about certain things. And I think that stubborn,
you need to be… If you’re a hardworking person,
you need to be stubborn… You often need to be stubborn, because
that’s the reason you make time to do stuff. Other people will want you to do things, and
you’ll say: “No, I have to do this now.” You’re stubborn with them and you’re stubborn
with yourself when you’ve got your goals in mind and things like that. So, yeah, it really
does describe me. And in terms of other people I’ve known
over the years, I remember what my… What some of my boyfriends
have been, and I had… One of my boyfriends was a dragon, one was
a rooster, and one was a rat, and yeah, it really, really describes all the
boyfriends as well that I had. In terms of compatibility, the dragon
was so charismatic and dazzling. I don’t think we were that compatible after
a while, because ox is, like, more… The ox is impressed by a dragon at the beginning,
like: “Oh, wow, you’re so dazzling”, but after a while, the ox cares about day-to-day practical
things: “What are we going to do?” and things like that, so dragon and… In my experience, a dragon and
an ox were not very compatible. Rooster, yeah, the thing… The thing… I think it’s like a theme
in a relationship… Relationships of someone who’s an ox is that
nobody else works as hard as the ox, so the ox person can always look at other people,
like: “Mm, I think you should work harder.” It can kind of bother you a bit. So, a rooster is that kind of person who can
be successful without working hard a lot of the time. So, that’s good for them, but the ox only
achieves things by working very hard, so they don’t understand it
in a way as well. And then the rat, it’s not written here, but rat
people are really, really social and definitely clever, clever people. Rat and ox get on quite well as friends, so
yeah, in terms of people I’ve known in my life, I definitely see… I see substance in these Chinese astrology
signs and groups, but I’m someone whose mind works to look for the ways that it’s true:
“Yeah, you’re like that because”, you know, I think about people and I’ll try
to find the reason that it’s true. So for you I don’t know if it
will seem like it’s true for you. You’ll have to think about some people you
know, ask them what year they were born, so you can find out what they are. So, there we are. We’ve… What you can do now is do our
quiz on these personality adjectives. Thank you for watching and
join me again soon. Bye.

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