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Hi, leo, welcome back you with AMIRA CELON Mediumship Academy and this is your 20/20 reading per month using the Tarot if you would like your own personal reading for 20/20 you will get a spread of Tarot For each month and also the mirrors love oracle cards per month as well and sent you on mp3 Audio download plus two photos of the spreads for only $49. So go to my website book under the section where it says reading for $49 and you’ll get your 20/20 reading Okay, so let’s have a look everybody at Leo Sun Moon rising and Venus and See what comes up What energy for 2020 do we have for you? Okay, starting off with January the night of Rods very nice moving in new directions Feeling like you have something to accomplish something to oversee. You could be going on a journey or a trip in January some of you who are going for immigration could be going for immigration residency and getting it or Filing something to do with immigration and residency February you’ve got the three of swords so if you are filing for a residency in January or filing for something there could be a delay around the Process of that coming about in February so you might not hear back from something So quickly so February is delays heartbreak something That you might not like the look of you might be just sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place That type of thing leo You could feel like mm you Really want to do something. You really want to be be in love with somebody and that person is not here around you they might be very distant or busy or Unavailable or they might have gone somewhere else or you could be healing your heart from something that’s happened Overall, I feel like there’s something to do with delays So delays are up in the air there that the year starts off with momentum and then you’ve got a delay In February potentially, but you can always try to flip that around in some way manifest a different reality then March you have the two of Pentacles, so that’s about balancing finances juggling Feeling like you’ve got your money sort of in an in a balanced state You might be looking at your taxes your tax return Doing your taxes before the time comes to do them Before the cutoff date if you’re in the end or if you’re in North America or America And I’m also getting that ship jump out at me as well on that card sailing the seven seas is also coming up too So some of you might be wanting to go on a cruise you might be wanting to go on a winter cruise That could be something to do in February if you’re waiting for something to happen Some of you might be wanting to go on a winter cruise or setting your sights on something long distance far away working out finances to do with that as well and Then we have the high priestess in April. So that’s about your intuition. It’s about feeling Highly aligned with spirit you might be doing more ceremonies religious ceremonies ceremonies to do with anything spiritual You might be going into some sort of a retreat you could be having think more things to do with synagogues churches temples Going and doing some sort of ritual or Visiting somebody there as well. You could be going to a christening or a baptism or Something like that in April But overall it could be that you’re just feeling very connected spirit. You’ve got your guides working with you You might want to do You know be part of my mediumship Academy and come on board and and be part of the group and learn more There’s a lot of learning here for you, Leo So you’ve definitely got the scroll there in your hand and you’re learning the tricks of the trade Whatever that may be, so if you are doing anything in the esoteric arts or spiritualism, you will be learning things so if you’re going to be doing spells or Mediumship or astrology or Tarot? Then you will be learning things very deeply Then in May we have the queen of cups somebody offering you their cup feeling like you have a love offer You could be offering somebody your cup or having somebody coming around you who is a cancer Scorpio Pisces? female but symbolically the queen of cups could be just for you leo of Feeling a heartfelt connection receiving an offer from somebody or offering somebody’s you know something important love interest I Feel it’s more of a love interest, but it could also be receiving an offer that is close to your heart So if it is a career matter Then it is close to your heart Jun the knight of swords. So putting your you know your sword into action Feeling like you are Going forward with something. You’re going forward The tower is burning. It’s sort of like, okay. We’re on fire. We’re moving ahead We’re looking forward to the summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere So there could also be a Gemini Libra Aquarius person around you you’d be focusing on that person if they are already with you or there could be a Sun or somebody a Child of yours, son or daughter actually a child that you could be focusing your energy on in June But new ideas and new things coming forward like you feel that the momentum is gonna something happen is going to happen very quickly so if there’s been sort of like a feeling of delays a feeling of kind of things and kind of Not moving as fast as you’d like them to move leo, then you’ve got momentum happening in June/july, you’ve got the king of Pentacles. Very nice this can be symbolic for you of Finances feeling more financial feeling like you have more abundance around you. You’re more grounded you have potentially a man Coming in around you if you’re looking for a man or a man in your life who is a Taurus Virgo Capricorn? but overall feeling like you have more Financial abundance you might have gotten your finances on track You could feel like you have Things growing around you things becoming more flowing and abundant The grapes are falling off the tree. You’re feeling like you’re reaping crops. You’re Bringing in the harvest. So that’s a good time to do that Leo Then you have in August There could be a slight feeling of a loss of some description August September 5 of cups, so sort of like feeling like what have I done now? Have I lost that person have I lost that you know job have I lost that? situation that I wanted to get I feel like it was something that you might have been going for but you didn’t ever Really have it. And if you look behind you, there’s two cups still there, so it’s about counting your blessings and looking at what is is there and not lofty ideas about what could have been so if you didn’t get something or Someone if you missed out on something or someone it was a destined thing so you will get over it leo it’s not the end of the world and it will be something that Will be replaced by something better So it feels like a very contrasted type of year But it does have good things here as well. So it’s got momentum. It’s got money It’s got partnership coming up – so looking at September We have the five of swords similar to the five of cups in some ways but you could be trying to sort of scratch together what you have and make you know make Kind of making you start making you start of something Take things into your own hands making taking you start there could have been some sort of disappointment with people around you Support and that is a good thing because sometimes you don’t need these people anymore. It’s about You know turning the other cheek is what I’m getting and moving on to sunnier climates and bigger and better horizons Then we have October and this is where the money comes back in again so you’ve got you know, good money here in in July and October seven of Seven of Pentacles. This is where you’re really going to get back something that you’ve invested in or that you’ve Put money into even if it’s into a college education You’re going to see that money start to come back to you now, or you’re going to help, you know Pay off your loans or you’re going to feel like you’re reaping the hard work and the energy and the effort that you’ve put in or you could come into a very Flush state of abundance as well in October then. We’ve got November big changes Cutting out the dead wood. It’s almost like I feel in some capacity here if you have had people leeching off you or Hanging off you if you’ve been in some sort of a codependent relationship Or been with people who are not worthy of you leo. You have a very high self esteem So if people are not up to your level and they don’t honor that Level of integrity and and heart that you have you will be cutting them out of your life So you might want to do that sooner than later You know looking at February because if you don’t you could get quite disappointed by you know The end of summer around your birthday if you hang on to people that are no longer serving your people places and things So the death card comes up and it’s about culling It could be also that somebody does get divorced from you around you you do see a death in the family or Somebody close to you or somebody who’s around you somewhere You might feel like if you have put all your eggs into one basket with your career or with your job then you might have just had enough and you might leave or For some some reason the the position might dissolve So this is really following your intuition Leo keeping your eye on really the reality of what’s going on and not putting yourself any in any sort of delusion of What could be or looking at the best in people always? just look at the reality of what it is that is actually there and take your Take your chances with it because you’re ending up on a beautiful note at the end of the year December the two of cups So beautiful Union partnership. This can also be a very healthy business partnership It can be coming together with this person to exchange cups and you’ve got a mention of this here in May There’s a cup so somebody really offering you their love offering you their cup Exchanging with you everything that you’ve wanted to share with somebody else. So ending ending the year on a great note leo Exchange of cups is is what the main message is here for the year and also the balance in You know giving out what you get so not over giving and if you’re not getting what you want find some other You know energy source that is going to give you what you what investment you put into it Don’t you know waste the pretty on? The people places and things that are no longer serving you are not on to your level not up to your level Don’t meet your your level of integrity and self esteem So lots of blessings Sileo have a beautiful 2020 moody moving forward If you’d like a personal session, all the links are here below to connect with me ciao for now. Thanks for watching


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    Oh ill be sraying single it hurts to much im done opening my heart im done

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    It was fake fo r 5years lliveing with that person im done ive giot my own money my bills are payed for im in good health ive got my own family i dont need his money money aint everything and im not lettjngbhim use my money so no more i will never take him him back no wayhe only gives me his 200 hundread buck s uts not his cup hes not giving me nuthing i kicked him out for reason ❤❤❤ hes in depts not my probbblem he he thats what he gets for treating me like crap


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