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By | January 4, 2020

Hi Leos this is Reverend Renee I’m here with
your Celtic cross reading for March 2019 got special numbers for you of course add a special
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now for your special numbers we’ve got , 12, 16, 45 and special days and times March 9th
11:08 a.m. eastern March 12th 9:52 a.m. eastern standard time so we can spend a little time
Aaliyah I don’t think we did one of these Celtic Cross reading for you before we’re
going to do one today and Celtic Cross always say is one of the oldest ritualistic spreads
in the tarot and according to the law of universal ritual any time that anyone does this ritual
it adds power to the ritual that done after it so usually when I do this a lot of things
are revealed and we just want to know what the energies have for you what the what the
oracles want to say to you for the month of March to help you to get to the best conclusion
and next level that you can get to as I put these out I’m going to give you some information
that I picked up in the stars look like there’s some Sparks of newness in the air as your
planetary ruler the sun heads through the watery sign of Pisces and makes positive aspects
to Vesta guardian of the Home and hearth and you have a dream about how you want things
to be and how you want them to go and you’re not going to let anyone take that away from
you I don’t blame you go for what you know so we’re putting out some future information
some of the past information where you are where you headed yeah these are always very
interesting readings these Celtic Crosses and Leo you’ve had you’ve had a hard way to
go and some regard but let’s just see where you are right now who got some good stuff
coming up for you that’s for sure oh Lord and some lessons here I right so what is the
current situation that we have The current and Central issue is Judgement the judgement
card now I am going to clarify this card because what judgment are you making let me sit that
right there for just a second get my deck out here and we’re going to talk about what
judgment is going on with Leo right now the judgement of what to do with regard to family
so I’m going to take these cards and put them on top of each other cuz this the central
issue what what you’re doing or what you’re going to decide to do about the family situation
now what is crossing you what is the situation that’s causing there to be an issue Ace of
Wands this could have to do with business this could also have to do with someone who
cannot keep it together with regard to their own ~ needs this also has to do with believe
it or not this could be infidelity this has to do with temper there’s a lot of stuff going
on but at the end of the day what it has to do with is can you guys get along and come
to come and ground with regard to what you want to do in your relationship now underneath
all of it is an underlying issue and this is the eight of Pentacles I’m going to go
out on a limb and say that this is an old situation that you’ve been working on for
a while, in some regard this could be that somebody is not able to maintain a level of
employment that sustains the family let me do another clarification card on that the
reason why I’m using the same cards for my clarification is that if I use a different
deck for whatever reason I just get the same over and over again and I don’t want to clarify
a card with the same card I could use an archetype deck or an oracle deck but let me just see
what comes up Wheel of Fortune yeah it’s time for you guys to get some of the financial
prosperity that is due to you that you are supposed to have now what’s in the past in
the past perhaps somebody was ill and because you were sick you were not able to earn income
that you needed to earn I’m you needed someone to care for you somebody could have been locked
up and of course believe it or not this is one thing that people don’t realize is that
if somebody is incarcerated you are not able to earn income for your family in fact that
you’re coming to them for income let’s see what else is in the past that is got you to
this point are you really need to get your finances together in order to make things
work out okay so yeah you were in a situation where you were battling something you may
have even made it have some legal situation some legal fees that are due but you do there
also is a situation with somebody left a job because it was too difficult to deal with
it was too stressful so you had to make a choice and in some cases a choice was made
for you and you are not able to do and be what you want to be with regard to your family
so what are the possibilities we have the high priestess now this is an interesting
what lies above you’ve got a woman in your life that’s going to help you to get some
things going you are a woman that is about to take matters into your own hands from an
ethereal spiritual standpoint to make some things happen and change this around you’re
not going to wait for the resumes to go through in the application to go through and the people
called for the interviews you’re going to make some things happen on your own and it
happens because of the power of love and yes the Power of Love You Got a Woman there is
a Leo woman who loves her man who loves her family who wants to be by your side and even
though you may have if you just got out of jail or just got out of prison and now you’re
trying to make it your way and you feel like this world is not for you and it’s difficult
you got you got somebody on your side so yeah according to the general standard of things
is hard but when you got a little bit of spark and spunk in the spiritual realm working for
you you don’t have to worry about that…so where are you and I kind of feel like I’m
dealing with some some male energy where are you you’re you’re just fighting your way through
your trying to get through your dealing with the situation as it come they came for you
you’re coming back for them I see that but let’s look at a clarifier and see what else
we’ve got coming the thing is that this is not going to always last sometimes these things
do with her and then they go away and you also may be dealing with someone who is it’s
about the kids it’s about dealing with children for some of you this person that you’re dealing
with our fighting with me being older child for some of you you’re fighting for the family
because remember the central issue where these kids the same kids the same little kids showed
up as the central issue and these same kids show up and is reading as being with your
fighting for a for some of you you’re fighting to keep your family and so your environment
right now is a state of rest you can get ready for a battle and you’re probably not in the
house at this time I wanted to clarify on that what are we clarifying here okay the
princess of swords so you got a young woman who’s not quite happy with the situation so
for you for you men You’re striving against this woman there are some of you who have
a older woman who’s above you and had you and and you know this this high priest is
this queen of Cups could be your mom this could be somebody like a mature woman that
is helping you to get yourself together because you as a younger person are dealing with this
situation all right so what are your hopes and your fears your hopes and your fears is
that you may lose his little princess this little princess’ love your hope…that’s
a fear, but the hope is that this princess will remain with you let’s look at something
all right let’s clarify the princess let’s clarify this young beautiful woman who is
having herself a good time and saying peace my brother I’m not there yet looking for what
I can get… okay I’m sorry I’m so sorry okay but what is the outcome the outcome is that
you learned that even if this particular situation doesn’t work out you know what not to do next
time okay and sometime you know we got to take the lesson sometimes what we get out
of the situation is the lesson let’s see what else the Heirophant has to say to us with
this this situation that has appeared on the board today okay it’s like you’re getting
it it may be a little tough to and fro right now and you getting your coins together you’re
trying to figure out how to make it but take the advice from the Hierophant use the energy
of mom Grandma older sister Auntie whoever this High Priestess is it could be me… use
the information that she provides okay because this is a lot of spiritual energy that you
do have to work with but you can’t work with it if you feel like you’re out there on your
own with nothing now let’s look at your animal totem for the day or for the month
and see okay so I had to that fell but I don’t miss or three of them we have the bull and
The Lion and the owl they just fell out so let’s just deal with her you got three animal
totems first time I’ve ever had to deal with this okay so what is the bull teaching you
renewal fertility growth is time to start over it’s time to get it together you’re still
fertile you still able to recreate to start something new learn from your mistakes and
start over lion courage strength healing protection life-energy you’re not going to let anybody
come in and mess it up again you’re you’re going to protect your house how is he going
to protect your home and your hearth and you’re not going to let anybody come in and fool
with it okay so you heard if you’re dealing with that lioness don’t come with any any
mess do what you’re supposed to do and keep it moving owl Sexual Energy darkness and Liberation
and let’s read one this far removed the owl is a nocturnal bird strongly associated with
the moon and feminine energy Lilith a goddess of the Talmud and early Christian gnosticism
is frequently represented as an owl she was Adam’s first wife before Eve and is known
for having refused to assume a subordinate role in marriage although she was traditionally
been associated with dark Sexual Energy she was a powerful and liberating female symbol
so some female wants to be liberated and some man doesn’t necessarily wanted her to be liberated
but he realizes why she’s being liberated so now there is a an energy that you get need
to figure out what the new family Dynamic will be and this is the animal spirit knowledge
card from Suzanne or Susan Eleanor Boulet… this can help us and our understanding of
what the Earth is morphing into what is spirit morphing into to hell but we’ve got the bull
The Lion and the owl all right lots of lessons hear anything else for Leo cuz I feel like
I kind of scolded you for a minute here let’s see what else we can leave with you any good
news for Leos with regard to energies that they can work with to get to where they need
to be we’re going to pull three cards come on energy…y’all focus with me know time
and distance in spirit just got one Michael Archangel archetype okay that one there is
a wealth of sacral energy Sexual Energy that needs to be transmuted into Creative Energy
take all that sexuality and turn it into a new business turn it into a new Enterprise
turn it into a US patent or a patent for an idea in whatever country you’re in Romance
angels are helping you this means that Archangel Michael despite what sister girl may say may
help to bring your family back together again and this may also represent the high priestess
and queen of cups that was above your reading to give you a new possibility so put that
Faith together and get what you really want okay bye bye

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