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hi this is the weekly horoscope for Leo
for the week up october third 2016 Hello my kitty cat if you like reading with
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also i will not be accepting any readings on Sunday October second
through the fourth because I will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah okay . samayal
ooh well so excited it’s my third year at the Kabbalah Centre celebrating
my 3rd year at the kaballah center but it’s my third year in rosh hashanah
celebrating it so I’m excited so I think I’ve been in the kabbalah centre now for
four years 2012 yeah so I’m pretty excited this is so
much fun I swear when I I when i’m in a when i’m
in the Russian Shauna for some reason I don’t know what it does to me but it
turns me into Teresa Caputo and I know your boyfriend’s name i know your mama’s
name is like wow if I continue talking to you i’m going to start charging you
150 it’s like wow love it I love it I’m so excited so
anyways on with your reading so this week you have neptune inconjunction
with the ascendant this is the only i swear this my kitty cats are the only
people that I like can just be like hey wuz up,you know everybody else I got uh huh
ok yeah i don’t know so we’re so anyways Neptune is inconjunction with the
ascendant in the 1st and 8th house I’m careful with your emotional dumping
on others with this energy I feel like this time people in your life offer
practical solution and advice but I feel that you may want to just communicate
your feelings you just want a bitch for the sake of bitching and everybody wants
to fix you ok so that’s the problem alright you
just want and you’re not really saying I just want a bitch for the sake of bitchy
don’t try to fix my life okay but you’re not saying now so
there’s a lot of miscommunication and people thinking that you’re just being
stubborn so i would try to communicate that as soon as you say i want a bitch
for bitching it’s like go ahead and they just let you it’s a beautiful thing i do
it all time all right mars bi- quintile the ascendant
in the first six house you may be more about work for some of you some new
projects coming for opportunities to grow at work may have you more focused
towards career for others of us a time of getting organized you really get your
way with others when you’re more flexible I’m Jupiter sextiling the ascendant in
the first and third house keep it positive because as above so below
thoughts can really become things for better or for worse with this energy you
have an opportunity to help others grow I deal with this energy for some of you
have ideas for for change or things you want to do but they may be more up in
the air and so you may have to take initiative and make it happen this sun is sextiling the ascendant in
the first and third house the focus is going to be on
get-togethers this could be trips weekend getaways that are coming up I
feel for some of you you can be a bit flexible bowl you can be a bit more flexible with
this energy so you’re more in a place of yes I feel also you’re playing around
with ideas but you might be more interested in learning new things or
taking up new ideas you’re very creative with this energy
but at this time everything is up in the air with you the first kind of come up
with the Sun card this is popularity recognition and fame
for some of you this is just a better mindset you’re much more happier you’re
in a better headspace things are going your way so you’re really gonna like this energy
this week the three of cups this is a great energy for socializing
for some of you may socialize with others of us when we like kind of
getting a cat out of the added some box you know it’s kind of like it’s gonna be
like dragging the judgment card major decisions are going to be coming up
again things are up in the air this could be that people want you to come
out and play and come out and see them and you’re like yeah you might still be
that sad and energy in your fifth house is making you really a debbie downer alright so you might be more wanting to
stay home then to socialize with others the magician card with the judgment card
you know you’re more in control of your destiny than you realize alright so as above so below with this
energy the seven of cops beautiful energy time here so really keep it
positive ok this is a very beautiful thing things
are going to start to go your way with the judgment cards a magician card in
the seminar tops i feel also again you have you want there is something that
you want to do but it’s more up in the air than a reality and you might not
even do it ok you might get turned off by it or you
might put it off and you might miss the opportunity the Justice card definitely
up in the air something is definitely up in the air
but I feel at the same time as above so below and I feel like the world works in
a way to make your your idea or your thoughts become a reality ok so the world has its way of working
in your favor this week with the center the Empress card with the three of cups
shows that you’re going to be nurturing your relationships or you might be
thinking about nurturing certain relationships in your life but you’re
not sure maybe you don’t want to get close or you know maybe you’re not sure
what the other person’s boundary is but you’re definitely thinking about getting
closer to certain people in your life but at the same time you’re kind of like
no you know that kind of thing back and forth teeter-tottering I feel also with
this energy that your family you know even though you may control your head
the family controls the neck and tells you where to go ok the high priest this card with this
energy i feel that this is going to be an energy where you’re going your own
way and you may receive signs at this time to go your own way with this energy
the six of wands this is going to be on a great time for career I feel for some
of you this is going to be a time that your way of working or your way of doing
things is going to be like the standard of what they expect ok the Ace of coins i feel with this
energy you are going to get a better grip on your money situation your money
situation for some of you is going to turn around I feel with this energy here
that you’re going to master your business or you’re going to have a
mastering over your career with this energy I see recognition at this time i see
you getting a pat on the back for all that you do and being appreciated for
all that you do I feel also with this energy you have luck with money at this
time play lotto when I dollar ticket i feel
also with this energy that this is going to be a time where things dealing with
the legal system for dealing with banks is going to be in your favor you might
be getting money back at this time with this energy also for some of you job
opportunities are going to become available for you so definitely thoughts of future future
future I feel with the seven of cups in the Sun card new beginnings are going to
be coming up with this energy as well d seven of wands i feel that this energy
that this is going to be a time where you want to kind of speak out more of
all the good that is happening to you but the problem is I feel like some
people are listening to you but others are not giving you that moment in the
spotlight that you want the two of Wands deals with recognition with this energy
and also you’re being very ambitious at this time as well I feel also that with
the seven of wands that this is going to be a time where you’re fighting for a
righteous cause I feel with this energy you’re trying to convince people to come
on Team Leo as well on the king of coins i feel this energy that for some of you
again trying to convince people to come on Team Leo and ideal for others of you
this is going to be a time where you’re more focusing on your career and your
creative projects i love you my kitty cats please make sure to like subscribe
and share kisses ma


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